Active CR player and British guide writer on Clash Royale Arena. I love in-depth analysis, meaningful and relatable tips to the game and I apply these to my guides. My motto: The worst mistake you can make is to be afraid of making mistakes. My favorite deck: Hog Mortar. Can't stand Golem or any beatdown deck. Hope you enjoy my content! PB: 5981. In-game name: Nebula. Emails? #hognation
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Crazy Miner Skeleton Barrel Chip Deck

Hey guys! It’s NebulaNoodle back at it again with another deck guide. Here’s a quirky little Miner chip control deck that I want to...

ThunderBow – Sparky Siege Is Back!

Hey guys, it's RohanReigns back at it again after a long time with another guide for you all, this time sharing an amazing X-Bow...