Clashmas Season (December 2021)

Clashmas Season

Hey there! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some chilling winter wind and the new Clash Royale season update. The festive season has arrived and it is rightly named ‘Clashmas’ It has brought new rewards and new quality of live changes into the game. Let’s take a look what is in there in the stocking!

Clashmas Season

Clash Royale Clashmas Pass Royale

New rewards have been added to the Pass royale in Clashmas. Also there are changes to the pass tiers. Pass royale holders will get unlimited tries in the special challenges which means more rewards and also a cool golden name. Let’s see what this season offers in the pass.

0 8 screenshot 1Clashmas Tavern Tower Skin

As the name says, this tower skin looks like a lit tavern. There is a big window in the front and a sword in the snow. It has brown wooden texture and green on the edges. The princess tower skins are similarly designed on Clashmas tavern. This skin will be available in the shop. Looks good!

Archer Queen Skin: This is the skin unlocked in the Pass royale tier 20 in Clashmas Season. It is branded on the new champion Archer queen. Check it out on Youtube.

Clashmas Emotes

Heres johnnyHog Rider Hammer

This emote will be unlocked in the Mega deck challenge in this Clashmas Season. The hammer breaks through a wooden door and the hog peeps outside the hole. This spooky hog emote is the one you gotta win.

Menacing QueenArcher Queen Aim

The emote is based on the champion that we all like. Archer looks straight into the player’s eyes and aims her bow. This attacking emote will be unlocked in the Pass royale tier.

Firecracker SantaFirecracker Santa

This one is cute. Firecracker is wearing a santa hat in this one and pops out with gifts from a cracker. Firecracker is really one happy kid in all her emotes. You can buy this emote from the shop in the ongoing Clashmas Season.

Clashmas Free tier reward

Another reason to play till the end of the tiers is the final reward this season. Clashmas 0 21 screenshotSeason will have a legendary book of cards as the final reward in the tier list. It will be won by all the players playing till Tier 35. You can add the number of cards required to upgrade any legendary card with this book. Awesome gift!


Clashmas Season Arena

0 14 screenshotThe arena is covered by snow this Christmas season. There are shops and houses on both sides of the arena. Colorful and jubilant lights decorate the shops and the posters show about the food offered in the shops. Candy canes and gifts are lying around on the sides. All in all, it gives the feel of the festive season and looks really tasty!

Clashmas Season Boosted Cards

0 20 screenshotClashmas Season lasts four weeks, i.e, entire December. There will be a new card boosted every week as it has been for some months now. The boosted cards for this season are Snowball, Hog Rider, Barbarians, and the Inferno Tower. Snowball because it is the time of the snow. Hog rider boosted can increase the number of hog cycle players, though they never reduce anyway. New Barbarians decks can enter the meta for the time being coupled with the building card Inferno Tower.

12 Days of Clashmas 

The happy holidays are here and players will be getting gifts every day in the 12 days to Clashmas starting December 14 and ending on December 25. The list of the free items consists of Giant chest, gold, common cards, epic chests and on Christmas, a lightening chest. Be sure to swipe left to the shop and claim your daily christmas gift.

That’s all for today. I hope you are enjoying the Clashmas Season to the fullest. Keep clashing! Ho Ho Ho!