Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!

Arean 4 Deck DraHo

Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!

Okay guys so we meet each other again because of this new Arena 4 Deck – HoLi, which helped me push my alternative account from 1000 trophies to 2000+ trophies in just 1 day. This deck was shared by zman2100 (Thank you very much dude)!

Arena 4 Deck DraHo Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!
Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!

Arena 4 Deck – HoLi

I tested a similar deck for a few battles before the Tesla nerf. I was using Tesla in stead of Tombstone and Minion Horde instead of Archers but the results were not really great. Yesterday, I saw this deck and decided to give it a try. Everything was perfect! My winrate was about 80% and I successfully pushed to Royale Arena from 1000+ trophies.

This is a control deck. It was built for countering any attack properly and gaining Elixir advantage. I am going to give you a quick review about this deck and some important tips you should know while using it. As I mentioned the ways to use these cards a lot before, you can easily take a look in my previous posts for more details!

    • Archers: They are just solid support units. In this deck, I prefer using them to using Minion Horde because of the Elixir cost and they can survive Arrows (of course it depends on the level of Arrows and Archers). The other reason I love using them is because their attack speed was increased a bit after the March 23 update. When get paired with Spear Goblins, they can deal a decent amount of damage to any tanker.
    • Spear Goblins: Very cheap as it costs only 2 Elixir. They can attack both ground and air units. Their movement speed is awesome. This is definitely one of the most useful cards in game as you can see it in most Clash Royale decks. They are very effective at dealing with Balloon and Hog-Freeze. Sometimes, you can send them behind Barbarians or Baby Dragon on a counter push.
    • Barbarians: Another excellent card that fists well most decks in game. They can take down tanker such as Giant, Giant Skeleton,… Prince, Hog Rider,… quickly and stay alive for the counter push. You may want to mainly use them on defense but sometimes they are very great at soaking damage for counter attacks. If you want to use them to take down Hog Rider, care about the Freeze! If you want to take down Giant Skeleton, drop them behind him so they can survive the bomb.
    • Fireball: In this Clash Royale deck, I prefer using Fireball to using Arrows as it’s incredible strength on offense. You can effectively use Fireball for +1 Elixir trade against Minion Horde, take down Barbarians (let your Tower finish the job), snipe support troops behind tankers,… I usually drop it right on a large push when they are on the bridge. You should also remember the amount of damage your Fireball can deal to enemy Tower as you sometimes want to finish off by using it.





    • I drop

Hog Rider

    immediately If my opponent drops an Elixir Collector at the beginning of the battle and use him again when the opponent is low on Elixir.

  • Tombstone: Since the new update, I have been facing Hog Freeze decks a lot of times. IMO, Tombstone is really the best counter against this combo. Most HoFre users drop the Freeze Spell before the Tombstone gets destroyed, which means he will release 4 Skeletons and they will kill him in seconds. Tombstone is one of my favorite cards to draw fire from Mortars. It’s also extremely useful at dealing with Prince, Balloons, P.E.K.K.A, Golem,…
  • Lightning: This is definitely the most important card in this Arena 4 Deck and you hardly can replace it with anything else. Understanding your Lightning is very crucial at putting yourself ahead. In Clash Royale, sometimes you just can’t defend against a single push with 1-2 defensive troops on your hands. With Lightning, you can easily stop pushes before they even start. Sometimes it costs you negative Elixir trades but it’s just not simple. You can take down the enemy troops while also dealing damage to the Tower nearby. It’s also extremely great at talking Three Musketeer out and get the +3 Elixir trade.
    For instance: Your opponent drops Bomb Tower and it still has full HP. If you drop your Hog Rider, most of the time your opponent won’t really care. But when your Hog attacks the Bomb Tower 1-2 hits, you drop your Lightning to immediately take it down as well as deal a decent amount of damage to Crown Tower nearby, your opponent won’t have enough tome to react. Lightning is also very effective at dealing with Mortar decks and Hut decks as it allows you to damage up to 3 buildings at a time. You may want to remember how much damage your Lightning can deal to the enemy Tower because you will use it to finish off a lot (read more about this at here)!
arena-4-deck-draho-2 Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!
Arena 4 Deck: Push to 2000+ Trophies as a F2P Player!

Okay guys thanks for visiting my blog and reading this! I hope you will like this deck and will get a lot of trophies with it. Pushing to Arena 7 is not hard at all, for sure! You can do it!