Arena 4 Deck: Push to Arena 4 at Level 3

Hello my friends, today I want to show you a stunning Arena 1 Deck from tarjoilija, which successfully helped me push from Arena 1 to Arena 4! Although this is a super easy-to-use Deck but it is also very very powerful. You should give it a try my friends!

Clash Royale Arena 1 Deck

Okay so above is out Deck. I was testing this Deck yesterday and successfully pushed from Arena 1 to Arena 4 (1100+ trophies) as a level 3 player. This Deck is fairly balanced and works pretty well with the current meta game.

tarjoilija’s Arena 4 Deck:

  • Giant: Extremely useful for both attacking and defending, he can sink a lot of damage.
  • Archers: Nice ranged troops with decent damage. You can replace them with Spear Goblins. Just use the higher level card.
  • Skeleton Army: Good to slow down the enemy troops and take down the opponent tankers. If the opponent doesn’t many AoE cards, they are also very helpful in offense.
  • Arrows: Definitely this is one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale, which helps you clear all low HP cards within seconds.
  • Fireball: Can be used to take town priority targets. Sometimes, you can use it to damage the enemy Barbarians.
  • Goblins: You can use these little guys to distract the enemy troops. You can also replace them with Spear Goblins.
  • Musketeer: Good damage! She can deal a lot of damage when gets coupled with the Giant.
  • Baby Dragon: Very useful since he can deal nice AoE damage and has a decent HP


Tap on the image to see the bigger one.

General Strategy:

Okay so this is our general strategy with this Arena 4 Deck guys!

This deck highly relies on the good Elixir efficiency. Just try to defend the enemy high Elixir attacks with your low Elixir cards (positive Elixir trades). After couples of attacks, you will have more Elixir than him and be ready to launch a massive counter attack.

At starting, just wait for the opponent to make a move and start countering his attacks. If your Elixir bar is about to hit 10, drop the Archers or Spear Goblins right on the bridge so they can deal a little damage to the enemy Crown Towers. If you don’t have either of them, place the Musketeer/Giant or Baby Dragon behind your Crown Tower and prepare for the battle. If you want to attack first, you can combine the first troop with other unites once it’s on the bridge. That’s a 15 Elixir push and not easy to counter.

Don’t forget to constantly keep track on your opponent Cards, you will know his weakness. I have been writing a lot about counter attacks, you can read more about them at here.

Okay so that’s that. I hope you guys have found this post useful. Please share it with your friends If you like it. Also, please comment If you need any help. Good luck and Clash on!

Sorry guys! Nothing here! I am just an editor guy with zero knowledge about this awesome game. Want to have your own author box? Contact me once you have more than 5 articles posted!

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