Graveyard Goblin Hut Deck (Ultimate Guide)

Ultimate guide to a super interesting deck that will surely blow your mind: The Graveyard Goblin Hut Deck!

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Goblin Hut’s been taking the meta by storm and by far, in my opinion, the strongest deck after a while is Graveyard!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the deck with Ice Wizard Tornado and such. However, with it consisting of 4 epic cards, 2 legendaries, it’s hardly what I’d call free to play!

However I’ve had a pretty good record with the deck I am going to show you, which I managed to crack 6000 with fairly early in the season, without the deck being completely maxed.

That being said there are some cards that *must* be high enough of a level due to level dependency. I will highlight those cards+ possible replacements below if they aren’t high enough! So without further ado onto the deck.

graveyard goblin hut deck

Graveyard Goblin Hut Deck

Clash Royale Graveyard


Dun dun duuun the win condition of the deck and honestly, it’s not as strong as it used to be, especially with RNG you could just get super lucky and do a ton of damage or maybe just get fully countered and destroyed in the counter push.

This card while RNG takes away from the skill element is rather skill-based! Especially when it comes to placement/not over-committing/ knowing when to punish/what to save for their own counters etc!

You will need to utilize both skills of keeping track of elixir levels: When you are ahead and such, or when you need to be patient.

Ie- If they play Golem in the back and you only have 8 Elixir and no goblin hut on the field? You can’t punish with Knight Graveyard because that is basically suicide.

That along with keeping track of counters. You have the tools to counter the opponents’ counters but you do have to keep track of them which is key!

Okay so in terms of Graveyard, its role is damage on tower/win-condition along with the occasional defensive card!

Graveyard is indeed level dependent. Ideally, you want it to be at the levels of commons at your trophy level especially vs cards like skeletons and such. Mainly due to higher level skeletons absolutely destroying your Graveyard potential! Always causing you to overspend to take care of them.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 1

Like right here, I didn’t want to use my Knight knowing the Sparky would 2 shot it so Graveyard was more-so to stall it out allowing the Musketeer I placed next to DPS down the Sparky. I was able to tank the sparky hit with my Goblins and Knight took care of the Dark Prince he placed afterwards.

Goblin Hut

Clash Royale Goblin Hut

Ah, Supercell… Supercell. You dun goofed again, but that being said Goblin Hut getting some love was well deserved however maybe just how much love wasn’t made clear because as per-usual gets buffed to the point of meta defining and soon will be nerfed.

This is the defensive crutch for this car, acts as spell bait but is tanky enough that nothing short of a rocket will really counter it fully!

Fireball? Your Spear Goblins if ignored will out damage the fireball damage on your tower. Generally, use it to build elixir lead as you play passive early on.

If the opponent has Earthquake though try to play patient with this! You can usually just defend pushes like Hog Earthquake/Royal Hogs Earthquake with other cards rather than the hut.

Draw out the spell on troops then punish by placing it and slow rolling a Graveyard push.

Here are some placements for the hut and why I put it there.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 2goblin hut graveyard screenshot 3

This is the general ideal placement. However, cards with a range like the Musketeer can snipe it from across the bridge! Generally, you want to place the hut here when you want to pull tower targetting troops from both lanes. However vs Musketeer, if you know the opponent has it I don’t recommend this unless you have bats in rotation!

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 4

This placement, however, cannot be targetted by a troop on the bridge though can be bypassed by an opposite lane push!

*disclaimer this will not aggro air troops that targe your tower!*

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 5

To pull air troops you need a 4×2 plant! (4 tiles from river and 2 from towers you’re defending). Especially vs loon behind the hound.


Clash Royale Musketeer

The main role for her is ranged single target DPS. She’ll be your main defense along with Hut so protect her at all costs.

She’s good on the counter push and always will bait out a reply if she has HP but tends to get the occasional single shot if they ignore that extra bit of hp on her.

She’s great vs current meta cards like Baby Dragon, Ice Wizard, E-wiz, and such.

While you should protect her don’t always overdo it! Sometimes might just be better to cycle to another musket. Also, space her out from the hut in order to avoid giving spell value.

Very level dependent on a card but she’s rare. Max out asap.

Possible replacements: Clash Royale Electro Wizard E-wiz, Clash Royale Mega Minion Mega Minion, Clash Royale Archers Archers


Clash Royale Knight

Your main tank for the Graveyard. Honestly could put Valkyrie here but I quite like the quicker cycle he allows you to have.

Generally, you want him to tank for your Musketeer but also try to make sure he has enough hp to counter push.

On occasion, you do want to drop him on the other lane to pressure. ie- When you’re punishing but otherwise he’s honestly just great. For 3 elixir at max gives a good 203 DPS and 2116 hp while Valk for 4 only gives 300 more hp and 11 more DPS.

Only circumstance I’d replace with Valk is if you suffer a lot vs bait/ witch.


giant snowball

This is a bit of a questionable pick.

I only have this over Barb Barrel mainly due to my Barb Barrel being level 11. However, while you will lose a lot more vs decks like X-bow, you will win a lot more vs Balloon decks!

So it’s truthfully not a bad trade! You will be able to get even trades on Bats defending your Gard and such!

However, I would use Barb Barrel here! That being said, it’s debatable what suits your playstyle and such!

Snowball is also a common and far less level-dependent than Barbarian Barrel while being easier to max out.


Clash Royale Poison

Again somewhat level dependent but all the same it’s not so much that using a bit of a lower leveled Poison will make you lose.

That being said this card should be used carefully. Identify if you’re vs a matchup where you have to Poison on offense to get damage? Or if it’s one where just a snowball will suffice and you don’t need to offensive poison but rather save it for defense? Ie- Extreme example is vs Clone.


Clash Royale Goblin

Common card but level dependent.

This is for some quick cheap pressure!

Ideally what you want to do with goblins is to use them on defense/cycle them etc!

A fun play I like to do is if someone does an aggressive heavy investment in the back I would do something like knight goblins other lane! Ie vs a Golem in the back. Or Knight+ Bats. This is generally a great play especially if you catch them with barb barrel etc out of cycle!

Sneaky punish card and if underlevelled you can use skeletons due to their very low-level dependency. Do not run Goblins if zap 1 shots yours. Better to get a +1 vs Zap than neutral trade killing your goblins.


I would say ideally you want bats to be same level as skeletons you face on ladder so they 1 shot them.

These bad boys are your secondary air defense/ cheap cycle which is good when you need to fix it and also good for pressure!

Bats also are good at baiting out cheap spell which might’ve been used to clear out stacked up skeletons off of your opponent’s tower!

Goblin Hut Graveyard Gameplay

So onto the game-play! Now for this, I will divide it into 3 categories!

  1. Early game – Opening point to the double elixir.
  2. Mid game – Double elixir start to overtime.
  3. Overtime → End.

Early Game

So during the first 2 minutes of the game here are the do’s and dont’s with this deck!


  • Set up a Goblin Hut if in your hand first play
  • Otherwise cheap cycles are okay! Bats split in back or Goblins at the bridge are probably the best plays.
  • Wait for opponents’ first move (not too long).
  • Figure out opponents deck hence why you don’t want to wait till 2x for this.
  • Counterpush with graveyard if you get a positive defense off.
  • Try to not give too much value.
  • Identify your opponents counters.
  • Punish aggressive plays (golem in back)- especially if you’re ahead and have a hut.


  • Do not be aggressive.
  • Don’t graveyard poison even if you do get damage especially if you don’t get value!
  • Don’t lose control of the tempo. You want to be the one who dictates where your opponent plays certain cards. (This is Graveyard *Control*)
  • Cycle musket in back first play or just random (never- this can be punished heavily).
  • Knight+graveyard first play (common sense).

So by the end of the early phase, you should have done 3 major things while paying attention to do’s and don’ts. Also, you should ideally be up in damage by a bit or at least even without much damage at all on your towers.

  1. Know what your opponents win con and gameplan is. (don’t let them follow it)
  2. Identify what cards your opponent has to counter graveyard and counter your defense. Ie- If Earthquake. Then feel free to stack muskets etc! Spacing doesn’t matter but if lightning spacing very much does matter etc!
  3. Have a game plan of your own because 2x elixir is where you will have to try to take their tower at least do most of the damage!

Mid Game

Generally, here you don’t want to go aggressive.

The main goal here would be to counter push or punish. Keeping those in mind you will have to follow your game plan!

If you’re facing beatdown counter push is best but also make sure to punish heavy investments in back!

If they Mega Minion in the back so they’d Giant at bridge don’t go heavy opposite lane because they have 7 Elixir to defend.

If they Golem in the back? Yes, Knight Graveyard + whatever you need to destroy the counter!

If Bats? Just Snowball no need for Poison and save it for defense.

Stack Goblin Huts here. They will passively generate so much value for you during this time and bait out their spells!

Bats and Hoblins synergize so well because the death spawn and such will cause your opponent to want to spell the Spear Goblins not your Bats etc! Or if they Zap your small troops Spear Goblins will get value!

So with the mentality to be more liberal but at the same time don’t just knight/ graveyard at the bridge if they drop a golem at the bridge! Play smart!

Late game

Once the overtime starts, this is where you shine!


You just have to out DPSS their tower before they take yours!

Here just go all the way with offense! While obviously not too greedy and letting them take your tower what I mean is focus less on stacking huts etc! Just get the damage you need!

That being said not an excuse for you to play dumb! Know your opponents win-con!

If Hog always has bats in the cycle, Snowball is great at not letting Hog git, Goblin Hut etc! Ideally, if they go the same lane you want to counter push but your main target here is an offense because unlike just overtime this is the first tower down = winner.

Not so much taking tower/ gives opponent chance to take yours!


For this bit, I will go into some relevant match-ups not so much meta defining decks but generally what I think are most common on the relevant range between 5000-6500.

Emphasis on decks that will be 50/50 or a bit tough to beat. I’m not going to so much as list out decks but rather cards in certain decks that will give you trouble.

Mega Knight Decks

While Mega Knight isn’t exactly hard to beat at all! Generally, I like Mega Knight considering how you can just counter push and he hardly damages your knight! But people have a lot of trouble when it comes to him! Here are some key mistakes I do notice some people may do.

Giving value on defense. Ie- If you say have a counter pushing musket and just knight in front it’s generally an okay play! Not vs Mega Knight. Vs Mega Knight always save your knight for defense! ALWAYS.

Sacrificing Goblins and such – just don’t do this ass Mega Knight does splash damage.

Also Bats are really good at helping DPS mega knight down! Goblin hut as well, especially with death spawn, can also tank a few shots! Just don’t let him jump to your tower. One thing you do not want him doing is leaping hitting your troop+ tower.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 6

Here I just defended an Inferno Dragon with my Musketeer and prepared a Hut. While he was up 5 Elixir dropping the mega knight at bridge leaving him -2, I had a full hp Hut on the map. This did mean that it was a bad play as I had plenty to defend.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 7

Knight wasn’t in the cycle so I had to cycle to him! The quickest way while not wasting a card was Goblins but no point dropping them to just get killed so I dropped them in the back perhaps thinking they’d help DPS the mega knight down if I distract with the Knight!

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 8

Here Knight was played and 2 Goblins survived to add to the DPS helping take down the Mega Knight. Valk was taken care of by the other tower as she moved to the hut. While I was down elixir. He did play Minions behind the MK letting me Snowball for +1 and played a Balloon another lane which I killed with just Bats for +3, allowing me to get ahead later in the game.

P.E.K.K.A Decks

Truth be told P.E.K.K.A is maybe a bit harder than Mega Knight when using this deck however having Goblins and Bats in the deck along with Graveyard and Goblin Hut baits out their big spell allowing you to defend rather easily.

Punish offensive Poisons and if it’s P.E.K.K.A Lightning, you really should not lose this matchup especially since Lightning is a very negative trade vs Goblin Hut.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 9

This screenshot is an example of how to defend. The musket is the priority to protect since she’s the ranged DPS. Goblins were to distract the P.E.K.K.A and Bandit and the Poison was baited out but all the same, musket far enough that he couldn’t hit the hut+ musket at the same time.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 11goblin hut graveyard screenshot 10

Here caught the moment the Bats got Zapped off but the trick is with 2 small spellable troops is to bait it out with one and then use the other in order to DPS down the troop. I used Bats first mainly because I wanted Goblins protecting the Musket otherwise Generally it’s smarter to bait spell with Goblins and then use Bats after since goblins don’t actually die to zap!

Also since goblins do a fair bit of DPSS and take 3 P.E.K.K.A swings to take down the Goblins even without the tower, I was able to kill the P.E.K.K.A and have Musket continue on to get more value.

Lava Hound

I wouldn’t call hound meta currently but this is generally an okay enough matchup!

Especially due to your spell bait element and such! However, with Goblin Hut, you do have the advantage during the early game! Later on, you do have to play a lot smarter especially with not giving spell value!

So Musket should be used to bait their Fireball. If they Zap Musket you, will have stacked Spear Goblins/Bats, etc to clean up after them!

If they have Baby Dragon, use Knight+ Bats to clean him up super fast! Also, you can kite opposite lane with Boblins if they don’t drop him in ther corner!

Also know when to pressure, but I wouldn’t use the Graveyard as the first punish vs Hound in back→ mainly because they could easily use Minions/ Guards, Gang, Barbs, or even Valkyrie! etc to defend and you have a full hp hound coming on the other lane.

goblin hut graveyard screenshot 12goblin hut graveyard screenshot 13goblin hut graveyard screenshot 14

Here used a Goblin + Knight push another lane. I cycled Bats first play which was a bad move but it was fine. I waited to see how he countered knight and learned he had Valk Bats were good because they DPSed down the Valk so I could ignore her and Musket on Hound. If he were to Mega Minion I had Bats next in the cycle so could easily cycle to it but he Fireballed the Musket giving me a free Goblin Gut. Behind the tower, so pups wouldn’t dmg it and allowed me to start taking control of the tempo!

Other Matchups

Anywho other than those 3 match-ups the rest of the possible ones are straightforward.

  • You shouldn’t lose to 2.6. Use your Bats smart! They got no way of killing them, don’t let their ice spirit take them and know when to over defend to get 0 hog hits with a snowball. No hog will get past a goblin hut and with Musketeer, Hut they can’t really use Fireball randomly while their Graveyard defense is sub-par!
  • Bait- same story! Defend barrels smart! Poison princesses. They princess in the back? Just Graveyard and Poison on her! They’ll always over defend it etc! Easy win esp with stacking huts and out chipping them! Better match up with barb barrel but Snowball is still not bad!
  • Skele barrel- Save snowball for bats try to defend efficiently but counter push is key.
  • Mortar- Knight to tank, musket DPS and value poisons for days.
  • EQ decks- Honestly eq is only spell which is a negative trade for Hut! However, you had Graveyard. Just use musket on defense liberally and protect her don’t worry about them using it on her! You should always get dmg with graveyards.

There is one hopeless matchup – X-bow. Unless you got Barb Barrel and use it for Snowball….. Not much hope for this one. They’ll build their elixir lead and eventually just take your tower.

So that is Goblin Hut Graveyard! Good to be back writing!

So if you have any q’s feedback would be much appreciated if you’d ask away! Lolman out.

Hi guys I am lolman but people like calling me lmaoman and roflman, whatever floats your boat. I consider myself an above average CR player and I make guides for Clash.World with cool decks that I find. I'm pretty active on the Clash.World discord. Hmu if you guys need and tips or whatnot.

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