Amazing Ice X-Bow Bomb Tower Deck (Anti Meta)


Hey guys its Avesta with my first Clash World deck! Today I will be showing you my Ice X-Bow deck.

Right now the meta is Battle Healer EG, and the only hard counter is Bomb Tower. So, to counter the meta, we use a bomb tower deck! Simple!

This deck is an Ice Bow control deck, so you have to try to control your opponent. The elixir cost is small, only 3.6 elixir.

Ice Bow Bomb Tower Deck

avesta deck

Card Breakdown

Clash Royale Bomb TowerBomb Tower

Bomb Tower is one of the only 2 buildings to do splash damage, the other is Furnace. The reason Bomb Tower is good against the EG is because it can destroy the big boi, then it can hit the medium bois at the same time with its splash damage, then it one-shots 2 small bois, disabling battle healer’s healing.

You have to try to always try to have Bomb Tower down because you never know when they might start a push because of their low elixir cost.

Replacements: Clash Royale Tesla Clash Royale Furnace

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard

Ice Wizard is the backbone of this deck, being a very versatile card.

The Ice Wizard’s slow effect is really useful, and it has splash damage. This means that you can slow a full Royale Recruits and destroy it for +4 elixir.

Its only 2 drawbacks are its hitpoints and hit speed, which is 590 and 1.7 seconds.

Replacements:firecrackerClash Royale Archers

Clash Royale X-BowX-Bow

X-Bow. An extremely underrated card. X-bow is very good, with o.25 hit speed and 26 damage. An X-bow ignored is a tower lost.

If they place a tank at the back, play X-bow on the opposite lane. They usually cannot defend because they are dry, but you can. Place Ice Spirit or Ice Wizard then use Knight to finish him up.

Many might think this is wrong, but it works for me.

Replacements: Nothing.

Clash Royale KnightKnight

Knight is our main tank killer in this deck. It has 1452 health, 167 damage and 1.2 hit speed, and it is 3 elixir. Just 3 ELIXIR. Its also common, which makes him easy to uplevel.

Knight shines in both defence and offence. For defence, use it to kill tanks such as Golem. This is a +5 elixir trade. On offence, use it to attack the tower with Ice Wizard. It will clear out swarms, and also slowing them down.

Replacements: Clash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale Bandit

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit

Ice Spirit is a 1 elixir card which is mainly used to cycle, but it still can have other uses. It has seen many buffs and nerfs, but it still remains one of the top common cards.

Ice Spirit can be used to kite cards, but its freeze effect is just amazing value for 1 elixir, letting knight and the tower finish the tank off.

Replacements: Clash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Spear Goblins

Clash Royale RocketRocket

Rocket is the not the only spell in this deck, so listen up to find its use. You should use Rocket to counter their EG Battle Healer combo, as it usually kills them at most levels.

Use the Rocket to finish up big tanks, and only if you absolutely need to use it on buildings. You can use it to finish up towers, but I use Goblin Barrel usually. Don’t use it on cheap stuff, we have Tornado for that.

Replacements: Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Poison

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelGoblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is our second win condition apart from X-bow. Use it for chip damage, but only on defence against Giants and Royale Giants if you are desperate.

You can also bait out other cards such as Log with it as well.

Replacements: Clash Royale Skeleton Balloon

Clash Royale TornadoTornado

Last of all, Tornado. Just use it to defend against swarms and King Tower activation and you should be fine.



Try to find out what deck your opponent is using. For example, if they place Musketeer and Ice spirit at the back, you know you need to keep that Tornado. If they place 3 Musketeers at the river and a Bandit in one lane and an Ice Golem in the other you know you should try to Rocket their pump. Other than that, try to deal chip damage every time you can so when it gets to double elixir you can make a big push and lose as much hit points as possible. Also, since this is a Control deck, try not to lose so much tower health, about 800 at maximum. Just keep placing those Bomb Towers so they can’t use the EG Battle Healer combo.

1:30-00:00 ( Not OT)

Place X-bow whenever it comes into your cycle. A few hundred tower health might cause the end of the game. Try to place many Ice Wizard Knight combos.


Just defend. Attack with Goblin Barrel only. If they are dry on elixir is the only time you attack. Finish it up then. If it goes to Tiebreaker, hopefully, you placed enough Barrels!

Deck Matchups

Clash Royale GolemGolem NW:

Easy. Just Ice Wizard the NW and X-Bow and Knight against Golem for a neutral elixir trade. if they attack on the other side after, cycle to Knight and Ice Spirit, and also hopefully your Ice Wizard and Knight did a few hundred damage. And keep up with the Barrels and Bomb Towers.

battle healerEG Battle Healer:

Bomb Tower is the key. Try to put as many down. Ideally, when double elixir hits, you want to have a Bomb Tower down, ready for their push. After you defended, attack straight away. Ice Wizard Knight, then place X-bow if it comes in your cycle.

Clash Royale Goblin BarrelSpell Bait:

This is really hard to out cycle them, and the Inferno Tower always attacking your Knight. You have 3 spells, which is good, though. If they place a bunch of troops but you can’t Rocket them, first Tornado the troops then Rocket them. In attack, the only useful one is Goblin Barrel, but if you Goblin Barrel the Inferno Tower then you can freely place the Knight and Ice Wizard. Then you defend.

That’s all people! Avesta out 🙂