Top 10 Mechanics in Clash Royale – Season 21


What’s going on everyone, it’s VJ here. Welcome back to another Clash Royale Article. In today’s article, we’re going to have a look at the Top 10 Game Mechanics of Clash Royale in Season 20. So let’s get going…

What are Game Mechanics?

Game Mechanics basically are some specific rules in the game, that whenever tried will give the same particular result. These are also termed Interactions. Game Mechanics also mean the tactical and non-magical/non-supernatural abilities in the Game. These abilities are mainly related to science.

10. Multi-Targeting Mechanic

This Mechanic comes in handy mainly during offensive times. In Clash Royale only 1 single card has this ability, and that is the Electro Wizard. Due to this ability of the E-Wiz, when used in the offence can target a unit while at the same time also targeting a Tower and causing a good amount of damage. Whereas in defence this Mechanic of him might be proved the other way around as in defence if he targets 2 different units his damage will split n both of them, therefore, resulting in less damage to each unit and also making it easier for the opponent to distract him.

9. Push Back Mechanic

The Push Back Mechanic of Clash Royale has 2 different types. The first one is where the unit after hitting or shooting at something pushes itself back by a few tiles. We can find this mechanic with the Firecracker and the Sparky of the Clash Royale Arena. This Mechanic is very useful as it makes it difficult for the opponent to counter the cards having this ability because when someone places a unit to counter them it might not target them or we might misplace the unit if at that time they are attacking something; they will push themselves back after shooting.

The second one is where the enemy units are pushed back due to a Spell placed by us. This mechanic is super amazing and useful. The Log and Fireball are the only 2 Spells and Cards in the whole Game that have this type of mechanic. That’s why these 2 spells are quite popular as they cause a good amount of damage to the enemy units and also push them back while at the same time forcing them to reset their target.

8. Charge Mechanic

The Charge Mechanic can be used in offence as well as defence. Prince, Dark Prince, Battle Ram and Ram Rider are the cards that can use this. When attacking these cards can be either played at the back of a tanky unit or can be directly played at the bridge or at the back in the Bridge Spam style. When its time for defence, always try to play these cards a little further so that they have time to walk 3.5 tiles before they start hitting something in order to trigger their dangerous ability. But be careful because even small units like Zap, The Log, Ice Spirit etc. can reset their charge.

7. Jump and Dash Mechanic

These 2 mechanics – Jump and Dash though might be a little different, but have the same basic concept. Only the Bandit has the Dash Mechanic and only Mega Knight has the Jump Mechanic so far in the game.

Firstly talking about Mega knight’s jump, his jump gets triggered at 2 certain situations. Number one, when you place it. Yes, you heard right no matter whenever and wherever we place MK, it spawns with a gigantic jump. And number two, when it sees a ground target within a certain range, it jumps on it. And also to mention, that, MK can be damaged and killed while in mid-jump.mega knight 3

Secondly, when talking about Bandit’s Dash, it’s quite different from MK’s Jump. Bandit only dashes when it sees a target within a particular range. And unlike MK, it cannot be damaged, killed, pushed back etc. while in mid – dash. This is the most unique thing about Bandit.

6. After Death Mechanic
This is one of the few mechanics that a lot of cards in the game have. This mechanic basically means that when a unit dies it leaves something behind such that, it gives a favourable advantage to the Player that played it. Here’s a complete list of all the cards that can trigger this and their abilities:

1. Lumberjack – Rage Spell
2. Giant Skeleton – Death Bomb
3. Bomb Tower – Death Bomb
4. Balloon – Death Bomb
5. Lava Hound – Lava Pups
6. Night Witch – Bats
7. Barbarian Hut – Barbarians
8. Goblin Hut – Spear Goblins
9. Goblin Giant – Spear Goblins
10. Tombstone – Skeletons
11. Canon Cart – Transforms into a smaller Canon
12. Golem – Death damage & Golemites
13. Elixir Golem – Elixir Golemites – Elixir Blobs
14. Ice Golem – Death damage & Slows down units
15. Goblin Cage – Goblin Brawler
16. Battle Ram – Barbarians

We will be covering the rest of the game mechanics in the second part of the article. Till then, enjoy the game and the new season!