Golem Golden Knight Deck


Hi there! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with some warm sunny days and a new deck guide. Golem is something we can start with any day but still we don’t. We are going to learn the Golem Golden Knight deck today. We show another heavy deck- Electro giant Archer queen deck a few days ago. Let’s dive in!

Golem Golden Knight Deck

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  • Baby Dragon: Our anti-air troop for defence and subsequently the support in the counter-push.
  • Dark Prince: Defence troop and charging counter-push.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Low-elixir spell to get rid of Princess, Firecracker and buildings placed in the middle.
  • Golden Knight: Major defence to stop mini tanks from getting on our nerves.
  • Golem: Our win condition. We will look for ways to connect the Golem with the enemy tower.
  • Lightning: Pump response and the heavy damage spell. To be used as support with Golem too.
  • Tornado: Tornado is our level-independent defensive spell in this deck.
  • Mega Minion: Our anti-air card and to kill the support in an enemy push

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The Golem Golden Knight deck with an average elixir cost of 4.3 is a new beatdown deck to assert dominance. It has a good attack and a good defence. The free-to-play score is bad for the Golem Golden Knight deck as it is packed with epics and also a champion. But if you have these cards unlocked, have some fun on the arena.Golem Golden Knight deck

Opening: We will wait for the opponent to make the first move because our Golem Golden Knight deck is a heavy one. We don’t want to get slapped in the first minute by placing our Golem. If it gets boring, we will start with the Dark prince at the back of the King tower. We will never bridge spam Golem or Golden Knight. That would be a quick way to lose the match. After the Dark Prince, we will see the enemy’s defence and react accordingly. We can use our Tornado if they play skeleton army. We will place the Baby Dragon or Mini Minion near our Princess tower so that it kills the enemy’s troops when they cross into our side of the arena. Most probably we will have to place the Golden Knight or one anti-air card in the middle to take out a ground troop. It is advisable also because we want our major defence to be alive in case of a strong card like Prince/Valkyrie. After these steps, if the Dark Prince or the Dragon is alive, keep Barbarian Barrel and Tornado to support their attack. If not, we won’t any elixir.Golem GK

In another case of happening, the opponent tries to push on us aggressively using mocking bridge spam or puts a heavy tank like Golem or Lava hound at the back. Then, we need to put pressure on the other lane. We can’t let them build a big push on our tower with the Golem or Lava Hound or even Pekka. We will immediately place our Golden Knight and an air support in the other lane and will be ready to use the spells to clear the way. This will force the opponent to defend in that lane and they won’t be building a push on us. We can take care of the heavy tank using our defences. Another play we can make with our Golem Golden Knight deck is to place Golem at the back when the opponent places theirs. Both of us will be defending and noone would be offensive then.

Mid-game: Most probably, we are still cycling troops after defending the first attacks. We will still try with the same strategy for a while till we get near to the double elixir. Golem tastes best when served in double elixir. When we are near the double elixir, we will place the Golem at the back. When he well ahead of the Princess tower, we will put a Dark Prince or Golen Knight at the back of the king tower. Or vice versa, Golden Knight at the back first and then Golem at the bridge. If we don’t get an attack on the other lane, we will also place our Baby Dragon or Mega Minion as support to kill the defence the opponent puts. If they try to attack the other lane which is very possible, we will let go of one of our defences for it. This way, we are defended on both sides. If there is no action in the other lane, we will wait for the elixir to build up for the Lightning. We will need to clear the way for our Golem. Struck with the Lightning when the enemy places Wizard or Witch and smile. If they use some ranged troop like Musketeer or Firecracker, use the Barbarian Barrel to kill it.golem gk 2

We won’t overcommit after this. We should be in a good position after our Golem connecting on the opponent’s tower. We have to wait for some time now before putting our Golem Golden Knight deck to use again.

Endgame: After successfully defending, it’s time to push on their tower with our army again. We won’t waste our elixir early and wait for the opponent’s defence. With the Golem leading our push, Dark Prince and Baby Dragon trailing behind, we will go again to see the tower crumble. At the same time, we will have Mega Minion, Barbarian Barrel, or Lightning at our hands to defend the other lane or make the push bigger. Two successful pushes should be enough for us to get a crown.

Try the new Golem Golden Knight deck and tell us on our Discord how you liked it. Stay tuned with Clash World for more deck guides, royale news, and other interesting articles. Clash On!