Journey of Clash Royale Battle


Journey of Clash Royale (Part 1)

What’s up Clashers! Welcome back to the Arena. This game, on which we spend hours trying to get that Tornado right, called Clash Royale has a magnificent history and has witnessed numerous ups and downs. In today’s article we’re gonna have a look at some of the epic moments, amazing updates and all the game changing things that Clash Royale has ever witnessed, right from its Global launch till the present time  (2016 – June 2022).

Birth of Clash Royale Esports

Supercell OGN Esports Clash Royale LeagueThis journey started in 2017 with the first season of the CRL(Clash Royale League) World Championship that took place in London. It was and still is a big hit. Sergio Ramos was crowned as the First Ever Clash Royale World Champion. The CRL formats have been updated from time to time. For example, from 2018 – 2020, the CRL format changed into a Team Event instead of an Individual Event. But now, in 2021, it has been transformed into an Individual Event again. But as time progressed, many such Clash Royale Events took place. Here is a list of major events and their winners.

  1. 400;”>Kings Cup – TMD Yao Yao
  2. 400;”>Kings Cup 2 – Viva La Sparky
  3. CRL World Championship 2017 – Sergio Ramos
  4. YouTube All-Stars Clan War – Royal Sailors
  5. CRL World Championship 2018 – Nova Esports
  6. CRL World Championship 2019 – Team Liquid 
  7. No Tilt League World Championship 2020 – Line
  8. Bren Chong Cup – Samuel Bassotto
  9. CRL World Championship 2020 – Team Queso
  10. 400;”>Clash Royale All-Stars League – Wallace
  11. Bren Chong Cup 2 – Samuel Bassotto

The Legendary Rarity

clash royale legendary card png 2I don’t know how many of you guys are aware of it. Still, in the beginning, when the game was newly launched, there were only 3 rarities of cards, namely, Common, Rare and Epic in Clash Royale. Later on, came the Legendary Rarity, which brought not only new cards in the game but also brought many new exciting mechanics. Yes, you heard right, this is the speciality of the Leggie Rarity. Whenever a new Legendary Card is released, it brings a brand new mechanic in the game. Here is the list of all the Leggies and their mechanics. Remember that there might be other cards with the same mechanic as well. Still, pretty much every completely new mechanic in the game is first released through a Legendary Card. 

  1. The Log – Knock Back 
  2. Miner – (1st and the only Troop) Can be placed anywhere in the arena 
  3. Princess – Siege
  4. 400;”>Royal Ghost – Invisibility
  5. Bandit – Dash
  6. Fisherman – Hook
  7. Lumberjack – After Death (Spell)
  8. 400;”>Electro Wizard – Troop with a spell and Multi – Targeting
  9. 400;”>Inferno Dragon – Inferno (Continuously Increasing damage)
  10. 400;”>Night Witch – Spawning troops Before and After Death
  11. 400;”>Mother Witch – Curse
  12. 400;”>Ram Rider – Snare
  13. Sparky – Push Back after shooting and Charge
  14. 400;”>Lava Hound – Only After Death (Troops)
  15. 400;”>Mega Knight – Jump
  16. Graveyard – Continuously Spawning Troop that can’t be killed altogether unless they complete their spawn
  17. Ice Wizard – Slow Down
  18. 400;”>Magic Archer – Projectile

New Game Modes

Clash RoyaleBefore there were new game modes in Clash Royale, there were only normal battles available to play. But then Supercell might have noticed that only this mode was not enough to keep the players entertained for a long time. Therefore, Blind Deck Challenge was the first-ever new game mode that was available to play in the game. Ever since the start, there have been several modes in Clash Royale available to play, such as special challenges, tournaments, etc. Out of them, most of the modes are still played in CR. Let’s take a look at the history of New Game Modes in Clash Royale:

  1. Deck Modes incl. Blind Deck Challenge, Youtubers’ Deck Challenge, Archetype Challenge etc.
  2. Draft
  3. Triple Draft 
  4. Elixir Modes incl. 2x elixir etc.
  5. Troop Modes like Bandit Dash mode etc.
  6. Rage Troop Mode incl. Ram Rage mode etc.
  7. Dragon Hunt Mode
  8. Elixir Capture Mode
  9. The floor is Healing Mode
  10. 400;”>Mortar Time Mode
  11. 400;”>Mirror Mode
  12. Touchdown and its Variants
  13. 400;”>Mega Deck and its Variants
  14. Mini Collection
  15. Fisherman Hook Mode
  16. The Flood Mode (No ground cards)
  17. Duel Mode

Well, that’s it for today’s Article. Hope you liked it and enjoyed it. But don’t worry as this memorable journey doesn’t end just here. Stay tuned for Part 2 to know more about such fantastic events in Clash Royale history. If you wanna talk with fellow clashers, join our Discord to discuss more about the game and share your moments. Clash On!