How to Get 12 Wins in Bats Draft Challenge

bats draft challenge

As we are going to have a Bats Draft Challenge, I really want to share with you guys some of the best tips for getting 12 wins in this Draft Challenges!

Unlock the Bats and give your deck a fresh change!

bats draft challenge

Bats Draft Challenge

  • The Bats Draft Challenge starts from June 23rd to June 26th.
  • The first entry is free.
  • Pick 4 cards for yourself and 4 cards for your opponent.
  • Only one of you will have to choose to play with or against the Bats.
  • The first one-time rewards unlocked at 3 wins.
  • Bats are unlocked at 8 wins.


Number of Wins Total Prize One-time Rewards
Gold Cards
0 700 10
1 950 15
2 1,250 25
3 1,600 43 2,500 Gold
4 2,000 65
5 2,500 93
6 3,100 125  5,000 Gold
7 3,800 165
8 4,650 210 50 Bats
9 5,750 265
10 7,100 335 Giant Chest based on your Arena
11 8,750 430
12 11,000 550 500 Bats

Thus, by winning the Tournament once, you will be able to upgrade the Bats to level 8.

Best Tips for Draft Challenges

Pick a Win Condition: This is very simply!

Always pick at least one win condition If you have the chance (Giant, Miner, Hog Rider, Graveyard, Goblin Barren, Lava Hound, Golem, 3 Musketeers etc).

The best win conditions in Draft Challenge:

Giant HogBarrelGraveyard

Hog Rider and Giant are always the best viable win conditions. Goblin Barrel and Graveyard require specific cards to be countered.

Pick card that counter the other: Another straight-forward tip!

For example, If you have the Minion Horde & Arrows Draft, go for Arrows.

Pay attention to what you are giving away: A bit more advanced tip!

Sometimes, the better choice is about making your opponent’s deck worse, not making your deck better.

For example, If you get the choice between Spear Goblins and Rage, go with Spear Goblins. Spear Goblins can’t make your deck better but Rage is definitely one of the worst cards in Draft Challenge.

Cards which are bad in the meta could be OP in the Draft Challenge:

For example, the Witch.

In the normal meta games, people can easily counter Witch with meta cards such as Bowler, Executioner, Knight, Lightning, Baby Dragon etc. However, in Draft Challenges, having those cards is not guaranteed.


Try to pick cards which require specific counters:

Here are some of those cards:

best draft challenge cards

For example, Sparky!

If you have Sparky in your hand while the opponent doesn’t have any Zap effect or swarm card, he will find it extremely hard to deal with the Sparky. This is even worse If you have a good Sparky combo such as Giant Sparky.

Don’t forget spell!

Always pick one of these: Rocket, Lightning, Fireball and Poison.

In case you don’t have any win condition, or your win condition gets countered, you still have something to deal damage.

Last but not least, getting positive Elixir trade with spells is not hard!

Ensure your deck makes scene


Although Musketeer can solo kill Baby Dragon, pick Baby Dragon because it is a hard counter to your Graveyard. Also, If you are lucky, you can combo it with Tornado later on.

Best Tips for The Bats

Clash Royale BatsThis card cost 2 elixir and spawns 4 Bats. Each bats at tournament levels has 67 DPS and HP which makes them flying Skeletons.

However, when you consider the use, they seem more like a cross between Skeletons and Minions. They can be used as a cycling card like skeletons as well as a versatile response cards.

Their ability to fly can be considered as a pro as well as a cons, as it disable their ability to distract ground troops.

For e.g. if a Mini P.E.K.K.A. comes towards the tower, Bats can kill it while all 4 survive for counter push. On the other had if the big P.E.K.K.A. is coming towards the tower, you have to use a range troop along with the bats. But the range troop will die and only bats will survive, though you won’t receive damage. On the other hand, if you had Skeletons, the range troop would have survived allowing a strong counter push.

They have a higher DPS than Skeletons which makes up somewhat for their inability to distract.

Since, they are fragile, its recommended to use a mini tank like Knight or Ice Golem to distract troops and then use bats to kill them.

They are not good alone against splash troop like the Skeletons because they won’t be able to surround them. However, they can surround air troops if placed right on top of them.

1 on 1, bats can counter following cards with/without the help of crown towers:


Best Uses of Bats:

  1. Cycling cards
  2. Versatile Response
  3. Miner, Hog, Mortar cycle
  4. Fast paced decks
  5. Good in Spell bait
  6. Good in Lava Hound decks
  7. Good in Beat down in order to cycle, gain elixir advantage as well support
  8. Counter to Inferno

My Opinions:

Bats aren’t that kind of card that can change the meta. But they can replace many cards in the current meta decks. This will eventually result in a new variety of meta deck based around the same old meta combo/core. They have ability to end the reign of skeletons in many decks as well as bring back Zap back into the meta.

Thats all folks! Hope you guys like the guide and get 12 wins in the Bats Draft Challenge!

By Blaze Stone and EBarbsFTW