Clan Chest Will Be Removed In The Next Clash Royale Update

clan chest clash royale

clan chest clash royale

In the upcoming April update, Supercell is removing the Clan Chest out of the game…

Hi all,

We just wanted to give you a heads up about our plans for the Clan Chest, so it doesn’t take you by surprise when the update arrives.

As you may have guessed from the title, we’re removing the Clan Chest from Clash Royale in the next update. However, all of the rewards that the Clan Chest gives will be pumped into another feature.

We built the new feature in a way that allows its rewards to grow bigger. Which means you’ll initially see less rewards, but through playing well and actively, you can get a lot more than what the biggest Clan Chest offered.

Before we add more features to the game, we always like to sanity check our current feature list to make sure everything is still as good as it should be. We know we can’t simply keep adding and adding, because the UI alone will become cluttered at some point, so we like to trim back when/where it makes sense to do so, while we add new and better features to replace or improve upon what we’re removing.

With the Clan Chest specifically, we feel like it’s become less cool than it was originally, simply due to it being in the game for a while now and perhaps seeing some “feature fatigue.” We think Clan Chests are completed more passively nowadays, compared to them being more of an actual event, as they were initially.

We know the Clan Chest provides a good way to monitor activity levels within your Clan and see who’s still kicking around. Having this information is really important to running a successful Clan, so we’re making sure this kind of “activity check” is still possible without the Clan Chest – stay tuned for that!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team

Personally I think it’s great to have a new reward system.

It’s like a new game changing feature which prevents players from losing interest.

Also, most players do not really care about the Clan Chest anymore since the rewards are kinda not worth it.

Last but not least, more rewards = more fun.

Is this good news… or bad news? Let’s discuss!