How to Get 12 Wins in Night Witch Draft Challenge

night witch challenge

Guys, the Night Witch Draft Challenge is coming to Clash Royale from May 26th to 29th! Get started with our best tips on getting 12 wins in this challenge, give yourself a chance to unlock this new Legendary card before everyone else!

night witch challenge

Night Witch Draft Challenge

Basic Information:

  • The first entry is free.
  • As this is the Draft Challenge, pick 4 cards for you and 4 cards for your opponent at the starting.
  • Only one of you will have to choose to play with or against the Night Witch.
  • The first one-time rewards unlocked at 2 wins.
  • Night Witch is unlocked at 12 wins.


Number of Wins Total Prize One-time Rewards
Gold Cards
0 700 10
1 950 15
2 1,250 25 Gold Chest
3 1,600 43
4 2,000 65
5 2,500 93 8,000 Gold
6 3,100 125
7 3,800 165
8 4,650 210 Magical Chest
9 5,750 265
10 7,100 335 25,000 Gold
11 8,750 430
12 11,000 550 Night Witch x 1

*Chests are based on your current Arena.
** Once you unlocked the Night Witch, you will have the chance unlocking her from any chest even before the official release.

night witch unlocked

Basic Stats

Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Spawn Speed Range Target Transport
4 1.5 sec Medium (60) 1 sec 5 sec Melee Ground Ground
Level HP Damage DPS Bat Level Bat HP Bat Damage Bat DPS
1 750 285 190 9 67 67 67
2 825 313 208 10 74 74 74
3 907 344 229 11 81 81 81
4 997 379 252 12 89 89 89
5 1,095 416 277 13 98 98 98

Best Tips on Getting 12 Wins in Night Witch Draft Challenge

Pick the Night Witch If possible! No worries If you haven’t played her yet. Nor does your opponent.

Just a heads-up, she is a great support card, she spawns 2 Bats every 5 secs and upon death she spawns 4 more Bats. As she is brand new in the Arena, it is not easy to deal with her at all and getting the positive Elixir trade against her is extremely hard in draft challenge.

You should take a look at here for more details about her.

Pair up your Night Witch with these cards (If possible): Miner, Lava Hound and Giant are probably the best cards to play with the Night Witch I can think of at the moment.

When paired up with Miner, you can use her on defense to deal with ground troops and then transform it into a counterpush with the Miner. If she dies, you will have 6+ Bats, forcing your opponent to use spell or a ‘specific card‘ to deal with them. Countering Bats usually leads to a negative Elixir trade (find out why at here).

With Lava Hound, she helps deal with Electro Wizard/Musketeer on the ground meanwhile her Bats can support the Lava very well. If your opponent doesn’t have a specific card to deal with the Bats hiding behind the Lava, it would be GG.

Don’t forget to pick at least 1 win condition! Sounds obvious but so many players forget doing this during the draft challenges. It will be very  hard to win the game If you do not get yourself a win condition. Using win condition + support cards is a lot easier to take out the tower than using glass cannons.

Pick one of these cards (If possible). All of these cards work extremely well in draft challenge as it’s hard to stop them with the specific counters. For example, it’s hard to stop Goblin Barrel without Zap/Log/Arrows/Electro Wizard/Skeleton Army etc. If you can draft out some spell bait cards, your opponent is done!

best draft challenge cards

Pick a direct damage spell (If possible). What If you can’t get any win condition? Or what If your opponent has a hard-counter to your win condition? Use spell then! Also, using Spells is an easy way to get positive Elixir trades. Using them during the x2 Elixir time to finish off the Tower is also so delicious.

In addition, Lightning is a viable counter to Night Witch. Pick her out with two other cards for positive Elixir trade!

direct damage spells

Keep your deck cheap. Better safe than sorry. If you keep picking 4-5 Elixir cards for yourself and your opponent also gives you some heavy cards, you are very done!

Choose the card which can counter multiple cards! For example, Fire Spirits vs Goblins? Fire Spirits! Fire Spirits are great against swarms and Goblin Barrel. Also, at least Fire Spirits can counter Goblins...

Pick a pocket card! Pocket card is the surprising card which your opponent would never think of. This card gives you the opportunity to get massive value at the right moment. For example, Freeze, Three Musketeers, Graveyard etc are the great pocket cards!

Some other tips:

  • Do not ignore the Night Witch. She can solo kill your Tower!
  • Archers and Ice Golem are probably the best counters to Night Witch at the moment.
  • Zap one-shots Bats.
  • Heavier tank = better. In draft challenge, there are 2 sometimes or even more buildings on the opponent’s side. Using Golem, Lava Hound etc is easier to get to the Tower. Not only that, If somehow you get the Night Witch, he doesn’t work really well with fast card like Hog Rider on offense.
  • Get Executioner, Baby Dragon, Bowler If you have a chance because of their durability of being ranged and surviving heavy spells.
  • Try to avoid cards you don’t like.
  • Always pray before the battles.
  • Updating…

Good luck guys! See you in the Night Witch Draft Challenge!

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