Top Tips for Ladder

Advanced Tips for Progressing on Ladder

Achieving the highest leagues in Clash Royale is a major goal for most players. However, moving through the leagues can be a very frustrating and hard process. Here are some tips that will make your progression more consistent and efficient.


Although this results in a much more boring progression, Clash Royale decks are quite complex and require lots of time and experience to master them. Also, it is hard to level multiple decks at the same time. I recommend having one archetype to play on ladder and try out others in challenges.

Consider the Meta

The meta of Clash Royale is constantly changing and it is crucial to understand it at the higher levels. However, don’t get too wrapped up in it if you are below 6000+ trophies, where most players start to play meta decks. Instead, be aware of it, and knowing what deck your opponent is playing will be much easier. Check out TV royale and the leaderboards for the top decks being played.

Eliminate Unnecessary Losses

Everyone hates losing a game due to something out of their control like lag. Although it is easy to get frustrated, do not get discouraged by these losses. Instead, make sure that you are set up to play before you start. At the highest leagues, one loss due to an outside force can impede tons of progress up the ranks once trophy losses become much higher.

Predicting Decks and Rotations

Understanding the most popular decks being played will help you in thinking ahead about their win condition and their counter for yours. As you move up the ladder, understanding matchups is a crucial part of winning games.


Having a close match not go in your favor can be incredibly frustrating. And, as most of us know, one loss can easily lead to a string of losses. Tilting can be a huge issue as it can grow exponentially. Understanding that tilting happens is crucial to growing as a player. Most players play more aggressively, so try to hold back.


Good luck climbing the leagues!



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