Goblin Cage


Clash Royale Goblin Cage


“When the Goblin Cage is destroyed, a Goblin Brawler is unleashed into the Arena! Goblin Brawler always skips leg day.”

The Goblin Cage is unlocked in Spooky Town and is a building that holds a Goblin Brawler. After taking enough damage or expiring, it releases the Goblin Brawler to start doing work.

Strategies for Goblin Cage

Offensive Strategies

The buff of the Goblin Cage has made it into a viable card once again. It is very effective on counterpushes, for example killing a Giant with the Goblin Cage and other supporting troops, and using the Brawler as a tank for Graveyard or a Balloon. Those two cards are probably the most effectively-synergising win conditions with the Goblin Brawler. Its very fast speed and high DPS makes it more similar to a Lumberjack, without the Rage spell, making it threatening on offense and forcing a response out of the opponent, which could be futile due to you having just defended their push with the Goblin Cage.

Defensive Strategies

DO NOT pre-place the Goblin Cage, as it has a very short lifetime and the Goblin Brawler can be easily countered with even very weak units such as Skeletons or Bats, and you wouldn’t want to waste 5 elixir on something like a Balloon on the bridge without knowing their counters very well. Against units such as Golem, Giant, and Lava Hound, it should be placed in the usual positions.

Against Lava Hound, you can use a high DPS troop like a Musketeer to take out the Hound while the Cage breaks and the Brawler distracts things like Minions or a Mega Minion behind. This is useful knowledge when using the meta deck shown below, which is weak against air-based decks.

It is also an effective counter to the Elixir Golem, because the Elixir Golem’s slow move speed and relatively low damage means the Cage can buy you time with the Brawler then destroying the EGolem and its subsequent transformations.

Countering the Goblin Cage

Often, using an Earthquake against the Goblin Cage is not as effective as using it against a Cannon or a Tesla or other damaging buildings because the Brawler will come out of the damaged Cage unscathed, and will still destroy your Giant or Hog Rider. It’s better to just kill it with supporting troops.

The Brawler itself is very easy to counter, due to its relatively low health. However, when there is a Balloon behind or the opponent plays Graveyard, you need to be careful. Often it is better to try and kill the win condition. Actually, you should be doing this in most cases, anyway!

Best Goblin Cage Decks

Deck #1