Clash Royale Chest Cycle – How The Chests Drop (Updated June 2017)

Every single chest you get after the battle in game is based on the Clash Royale Chest Cycle. Because I have been receiving loads of questions relating to this topic lately, today, I am going to you the whole chest order in Clash Royale.

So many players suggested it was about 1% for Magical Chest, 25% for Gold Chest and 74% for Silver Chest. That’s a good theory but not how the game runs.

Clash Royale Chest Cycle

How do the Chests drop in Clash Royale? They are based on the Chest Cycle!

Basically there is a chest drop order (or chest cycle) in game. Every Chest that you get after the battle is based on this order.

When this cycle goes through, it will restart again.

By digging the game files, Asdamp has found the Clash Royale chest order list.

Small note:

  • You will always get 6 Wooden Chests at the beginning, during the Training Camp.
  • The chest cycle will stop If you don’t have any chest slot available.
  • This is the latest pattern, updated on 19th April 2017.

Click here to see Clash Royale Chest Cycle

OrderNameOpening Time
0Silver3 hrs
1Silver3 hrs
2Silver3 hrs
3Gold8 hrs
4Silver3 hrs
5Silver3 hrs
6Gold8 hrs
7Silver3 hrs
8Silver3 hrs
9Silver3 hrs
10Silver3 hrs
11Magic12 hrs
12Silver3 hrs
13Silver3 hrs
14Gold8 hrs
15Silver3 hrs
16Silver3 hrs
17Silver3 hrs
18Gold8 hrs
19Silver3 hrs
20Silver3 hrs
21Silver3 hrs
22Silver3 hrs
23Gold8 hrs
24Silver3 hrs
25Gold8 hrs
26Silver3 hrs
27Silver3 hrs
28Silver3 hrs
29Silver3 hrs
30Gold8 hrs
31Silver3 hrs
32Silver3 hrs
33Silver3 hrs
34Silver3 hrs
35Gold8 hrs
36Silver3 hrs
37Silver3 hrs
38Gold8 hrs
39Silver3 hrs
40Silver3 hrs
41Silver3 hrs
42Silver3 hrs
43Gold8 hrs
44Silver3 hrs
45Silver3 hrs
46Gold8 hrs
47Silver3 hrs
48Silver3 hrs
49Silver3 hrs
50Silver3 hrs
51Giant12 hrs
52Silver3 hrs
53Silver3 hrs
54Gold8 hrs
55Silver3 hrs
56Silver3 hrs
57Silver3 hrs
58Gold8 hrs
59Silver3 hrs
60Silver3 hrs
61Silver3 hrs
62Silver3 hrs
63Gold8 hrs
64Silver3 hrs
65Gold8 hrs
66Silver3 hrs
67Silver3 hrs
68Silver3 hrs
69Silver3 hrs
70Gold8 hrs
71Silver3 hrs
72Silver3 hrs
73Silver3 hrs
74Silver3 hrs
75Gold8 hrs
76Silver3 hrs
77Silver3 hrs
78Gold8 hrs
79Silver3 hrs
80Silver3 hrs
81Silver3 hrs
82Silver3 hrs
83Magic12 hrs
84Silver3 hrs
85Silver3 hrs
86Gold8 hrs
87Silver3 hrs
88Silver3 hrs
89Silver3 hrs
90Silver3 hrs
91Gold8 hrs
92Silver3 hrs
93Silver3 hrs
94Gold8 hrs
95Silver3 hrs
96Silver3 hrs
97Silver3 hrs
98Gold8 hrs
99Silver3 hrs
100Silver3 hrs
101Silver3 hrs
102Silver3 hrs
103Gold8 hrs
104Silver3 hrs
105Gold8 hrs
106Silver3 hrs
107Silver3 hrs
108Silver3 hrs
109Silver3 hrs
110Gold8 hrs
111Silver3 hrs
112Silver3 hrs
113Silver3 hrs
114Silver3 hrs
115Gold8 hrs
116Silver3 hrs
117Silver3 hrs
118Gold8 hrs
119Silver3 hrs
120Silver3 hrs
121Silver3 hrs
122Silver3 hrs
123Gold8 hrs
124Silver3 hrs
125Silver3 hrs
126Gold8 hrs
127Silver3 hrs
128Silver3 hrs
129Silver3 hrs
130Silver3 hrs
131Magic12 hrs
132Silver3 hrs
133Silver3 hrs
134Gold8 hrs
135Silver3 hrs
136Silver3 hrs
137Silver3 hrs
138Gold8 hrs
139Silver3 hrs
140Silver3 hrs
141Silver3 hrs
142Silver3 hrs
143Gold8 hrs
144Silver3 hrs
145Gold8 hrs
146Silver3 hrs
147Silver3 hrs
148Silver3 hrs
149Silver3 hrs
150Gold8 hrs
151Silver3 hrs
152Silver3 hrs
153Silver3 hrs
154Silver3 hrs
155Gold8 hrs
156Silver3 hrs
157Silver3 hrs
158Giant12 hrs
159Silver3 hrs
160Silver3 hrs
161Silver3 hrs
162Silver3 hrs
163Gold8 hrs
164Silver3 hrs
165Silver3 hrs
166Gold8 hrs
167Silver3 hrs
168Silver3 hrs
169Silver3 hrs
170Silver3 hrs
171Gold8 hrs
172Silver3 hrs
173Silver3 hrs
174Gold8 hrs
175Silver3 hrs
176Silver3 hrs
177Silver3 hrs
178Gold8 hrs
179Silver3 hrs
180Silver3 hrs
181Silver3 hrs
182Silver3 hrs
183Gold8 hrs
184Silver3 hrs
185Gold8 hrs
186Silver3 hrs
187Silver3 hrs
188Silver3 hrs
189Silver3 hrs
190Giant12 hrs
191Silver3 hrs
192Silver3 hrs
193Silver3 hrs
194Silver3 hrs
195Gold8 hrs
196Silver3 hrs
197Silver3 hrs
198Gold8 hrs
199Silver3 hrs
200Silver3 hrs
201Silver3 hrs
202Silver3 hrs
203Magic12 hrs
204Silver3 hrs
205Silver3 hrs
206Gold8 hrs
207Silver3 hrs
208Silver3 hrs
209Silver3 hrs
210Silver3 hrs
211Gold8 hrs
212Silver3 hrs
213Silver3 hrs
214Gold8 hrs
215Silver3 hrs
216Silver3 hrs
217Silver3 hrs
218Gold8 hrs
219Silver3 hrs
220Silver3 hrs
221Silver3 hrs
222Silver3 hrs
223Gold8 hrs
224Silver3 hrs
225Gold8 hrs
226Silver3 hrs
227Silver3 hrs
228Silver3 hrs
229Silver3 hrs
230Giant12 hrs
231Silver3 hrs
232Silver3 hrs
233Silver3 hrs
234Silver3 hrs
235Gold8 hrs
236Silver3 hrs
237Silver3 hrs
238Gold8 hrs
239Silver3 hrs

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This list contains 240 Chests in total, there are 52 Gold Chests, 4 Giant Chests and 4 Magical Chests in the list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chest Cycle

What about the Legendary Chest?

Shared by iMix-

  • You have the chance to get this chest once you hit 2000 trophies.
  • Below Arena 9, you are guaranteed a Legendary Chest in every 2 periods (yes, the drop order/circle above).
  • In Arena 9, you are guaranteed a Legendary Ches in every chest period.

This chest randomly replaces a chest in the Clash Royale Chest Cycle.

If you bounce between Arenas, your Legendary chest drop rate is still one per 2 cycles. You need to stay in Arena 9 during the entire cycle to get one chest every cycle.

Read more about this at here.

How about the Super Magical Chest?

super magical chestOnce the Super Magical Chest (SMC) dropped, it will replace 1 chest in the chest drop cycle above.

The SMC doesn’t drop randomly. You get 1 SMC in every 500-chest drop.

For more details, please take a look at the Super Magical Chest page.

What If I don’t have any open chest slot?

Don’t worry, you won’t miss any chest. The chest drop cycle will pause If your chest slots are full.

This means, you can’t just simply do matches with fulfilled slots in order to get the Magical Chest or Giant Chest. You just can’t bypass the next chest in the cycle. You will always get it no matter what.

Track down the Clash Royale Chest Cycle with Chest Tracker App

I believe that a lot of people here have already heard about this app but I still want to mention this in this page because of how useful it is.

The good side of using this app is it’s a native app. Which means all you need to do is just to open it after installing to track down your Clash Royale chest cycle from scratch.

tracker for chest cycle

If you are new to Clash Rooyale, this is a review for you

Chest and Chest Cycle are not the best part of Clash Royale. There are a ton of more interesting stuffs!

The paradox in the mobile gaming platform is that a single blink of eye, and we have a new king defining the gaming industry. Nobody knew from where did flappy bird suddenly took over the entire internet. Sure, we all knew that Crossy road is fun to play and has good graphics, but there wasn’t a single cue of it becoming such a big hit. Who knew that candy crush saga, built on such a simple and age old gaming concept would take the world by storms and be equivalently stipulating to Bejeweled and its akin games.

Yes, Clash of clans was the definitive supreme commander in terms of raiding strategy genre but there still are few parallel gaming universe where you can get a good kick out of strategy based games. But Clash Royale is different. It stands alone and from the very first day of its launch, it was clear that Supercell had hit the bull’s eye this time. They were successful in figuring out some weird trick, some weird psychology link than countless other MOBAs and 1st person shooter game makers could not do. They succeeded in making a real time multiple player platform that was engaging multiple users and could make money without making someone feel unfair. Yes, you will end up spending tons of money on Clash Royale but then you will feel so contended by playing the game that you will have no qualms about spending your money. You will definitely enjoy the game no matter what. As simple as that.

If we dig deeper into this game Clash Royal, we will find that it is all about collecting cards by making some awesome real time strategy and is a MOBA. There is a deck of 8 cards and you have access to 4 cards at once. If you want to summon any other cards on the battlefield, then you need to use elixir, which is a time dependent rechargeable energy unit. Then, you have to move on and deploy your cards in a fashion that can attack the enemy’s crown towers in the best way possible which is arranged in dual lanes with the central king towers. Once you successfully destroy a crown tower, you can smash a king tower and once you successfully smash it completely, you win the game. The trick here is that you have to do all this in a short span of 3 minutes with the last minute giving the opportunity to have double elixir.

In multiplayer scenario, the player who destroys more crown towers gets to be the winner. In case there is a tie between two players in terms of blows to the crown towers, there’s a 1 minute lapse time or kind of overtime where the first person to land a hit and smash the tower- crown or king- wins. Of course, the king tower infers more damage to the battle units and hurt harder. The most clever ting about the game is that it is such a simple thing to learn to play it, and any simpleton or a beginner level player can get into the flow of the game quickly and play it smoothly. You simply drop units, which in turn follow their behaviors. No need of commands. Yes, the placement of troops is definitely important, but what aces the game is your skill to quickly contemplate the position of cards in your deck, the position with respect to your opponent and the elixir. Knowledge about the game seeps in when you feel comfortable in the gaming zone and before you realize, you are already joining a clan, experimenting with the available deck and getting sucked into its gaming universe. All this happens at such a lightening fast speed, that you don’t even know what happened and how did it happen. Plus the game only lasts for about 3-4 minutes, so it feels like so much is going on in such a short span of time and that you’ve achieved so much already. This very concept of short gaming period has given Clash Royale an edge over other battlefield multiplayer games because they just take too long. By limiting the number of cards in your deck, clash Royale has made sure that you are not being overwhelmed with any kind of information and there is no psychological overload or gaming barrier formed inside the heads of the player.

Yes, there are people who are concerned about the monitory aspect of the game where the Pay to win concept works. But I think this is simply overrated. There are multiple instances of real world hobby analogs where some people can spend little while rich people can obviously spend more money on their hobby. Turns out this isn’t considered unfair in our world. So why fuss over the same thing in a virtual world. If someone wants to play for fun and a little competitive feeling, then you can enjoy it and progress accordingly. You get 6 free Clash Royale Silver chests per day by merely logging into the account and claiming it and a free gold chest for claiming 10 crowns in a time period of 24 hours. You can see them all in the chest cycle Clash Royale mentioned above. That sounds pretty fair to me. Though there are timers set before you can actually open up a gold chest but earning more makes you competitive enough up to a certain degree. On top of that, the matchmaking process makes sure that you are set up against people of same levels which ensures a fair competition no matter what the situation be.

Yes you will need to spend more in order to climb up the stairs and win more, but even still the cases of card tweaking are on a high. And there might be hoards of stylish cards out there, but the simple cards still prove to be useful like arrows. Deck buildup and intelligence will still hold importance no matter what the scenario is and no matter how much you pay to reach up.

See? Chest Cycle is not the only thing bringing you happiness!

Hope you have found this small article helpful!

If you have any question about the chest cycle (or chest drop order) in Clash Royale, don’t hesitate to comment!

Sorry guys! Nothing here! I am just an editor guy with zero knowledge about this awesome game. Want to have your own author box? Contact me once you have more than 5 articles posted!

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