Submit Guides

Okay, guys so we have received lots of questions from you guys about “How to submit your own guides” to Clash World (formerly Clash Royale Arena). Earlier we usually received deck guides via the Facebook Fanpage or via the comment section but from today, you don’t need to do that anymore!

Some small notes for you before submitting your own Clash Royale Guide

  • You can submit anything regarding Clash Royale: Guides, Decks, Tips, Interesting trivia etc.
  • Join our Discord and contact @Krux for submitting guides. Recently, the submission method on the site is reported not working
  • Make sure that this is your own guide and you didn’t copy it from anywhere else.
  • Please use the Search button to make sure your guide/topic wasn’t posted on CW before, or make sure it is unique.
  • If you want to attach screenshots into the guide, please upload them to Imgur and paste the links of the images into the guide.
  • At least a 750-word guide is strongly recommended. A too-short guide is not going to be posted.
  • You will receive gift cards or digital payments for the articles you will submit. Just remember to mention your name and email in those guides.
  • Join the CW Discord server from the button on the homepage. It is recommended to join us on Discord. We’ll help you if you haven’t submitted any guide before
Please complete the required fields.

It might take several days to post your article as we need to check it first and fix the typos and grammatical mistakes. Would be better if you revise it and edit. 🙂

Don’t be sad If your guide doesn’t get posted. Maybe it is either not good enough or too short. Please understand this and help us build a better CW!

Thank you very much!