Clash Royale Tier List

Clash Royale Tier List

The sheer number of cards in Clash Royale and the way that they are incorporated into decks makes it hard to compare them all directly together. The Mortar in weak by itself, but can work well in certain decks. However, the Musketeer works in a much wider variety of decks, but each card has it’s own role. Therefore, this CR tier list will be separated into various categories.

Clash Royale Tier List

Clash Royale Tier List

Instead of too many tiers, this Clash Royale Tier List will be organized into three main categories:

  1. Tier A: Strong cards that are currently dominating the meta or have maintained a strong position for a while and have viability in multiple decks.
  2. Tier B: Cards that either has a powerful role, but only in one deck.
  3. Tier C: Cards that are niche and have limited strength in certain decks.

The cards are not ordered within the categories!

Tier A Cards

21Win-Condition Cards (Giant, Lava Hound, etc)

Clash Royale Hog Rider

Hog Rider

The Hog Rider has had a good position in the game since it starts, and it remains powerful with Tornado Hog decks and Earthquake.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Definitely a high skill card, and has changed roles since when it came out. Graveyard decks have some of the highest win rates in challenges.

Clash Royale GiantGiant

Although seen as a basic card, Giant cycle decks and Giant double Prince have kept him relevant.

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

Although not used by many, Lava Hound has a high win rate and quite a few versions of it to play, including the ever-present Lavaloon and Lava Miner.

20Support Cards

Clash Royale Baby DragonBaby Dragon

The Baby Dragon has had a top spot in a variety of decks for an extremely long time due to its uniqueness as the only air troop that deals splash. It works perfectly in Graveyard decks and Golem especially.

Clash Royale MusketeerMusketeer

The Musketeer is a favorite within legacy decks like Hog 2.6. Its popularity could increase even more after the Magic Archer’s range nerf.

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard

The Ice Wizard is featured alongside Tornado due to his powerful splash attack, and can get huge positive elixir trades along with a mini-tank. He has made his way into X-Bow, Graveyard and Golem.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit

Ice Spirit has remained one of the top cards for an extremely long time. Due to it’s low cost, players can use it many times during a game, making it a challenge to balance. It has found a good spot as a terrific cycle card.

Clash Royale SparkySparky

Once regarded as a complete joke, after Supercell changed her attack to be faster but less damaging, she surged in popularity and can be found in a variety of decks, such as Goblin Giant, Giant, and EGolem.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard

Because of the multiple ways that he can be used, the Electro Wizard has remained a versatile support that can be found in Royal Giant, PEKKA, and bridge spam decks.

Clash Royale Electro DragonElectro Dragon

The Electro Dragon is definitely a very useful card in this meta, being in Golem and Elixir Golem especially, being able to destroy Minions and other support.


The Firecracker is useful as a support card for positive elixir trades, and is seen in Hog Cycle and Balloon Cycle.

19Swarm Cards

Clash Royale BatsBats

Bats have sort of replaced Minions as the king of air units. Their vulnerability is made up for their high damage and fast speed, and is good for positive trades.

Clash Royale SkeletonSkeletons

Skeletons have been a crucial part of the game since it’s release. Most high skill decks use them due their ability to quickly cycle through units. Skilled players can use them to kite, distract, and deal surprising damage.

18Utility Spells

Clash Royale The LogThe Log

When it was released, The Log was incredibly underwhelming, now, it is used in tons of decks and is the premier small spell.

Clash Royale fireballFireball

Due to the prevalence of Magic Archer, Fireball is crucial in many decks. The knockback effect can also be incredibly useful when used correctly.

Clash Royale Barbarian BarrelBarbarian Barrel

Although not as powerful as it was, the Barbarian Barrel is still great for taking out the backline of pushes and can be used as a Log replacement.

Clash Royale ZapZap

By almost all metrics, Zap has some of the highest usage rates in the game for the right reason. Unlike other spells, it can immediately take out cards, which means predictions aren’t necessary to get units like the Hog Rider to the tower.

giant snowballSnowball

Snowball’s slow and knockback allows for Snowball to keep units from hitting the tower is great for skilled players.

17Defensive Buildings

Clash Royale Barbarian HutBarbarian Hut

As a spawner it’s terrible. But after a change that made Barbarians spawn after death, this building has had a massive boost in popularity that warrants a high ranking. It is used in Splashyard and EGolem, mostly.

Clash Royale Goblin HutGoblin Hut

Just like Barbarian Hut, Goblin Hut has received the same treatment where troops spawn after death and it helped immensely.

Clash Royale Bomb TowerBomb Tower

Another building that has increased dramatically after receiving a death rattle, the bomb tower had a huge buff which makes it very useful in a number of decks and can destroy big groups of support troops.


Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

Mega Knight has now become a lot more popular in a variety of decks. The most popular deck is also quite stable and has been around a while. (MK, Inferno Dragon, Skeleton Barrel, Miner, Bats, Goblin Gang, Spear Goblins, Zap) It is especially popular in mid-ladder due to his ease of use and his huge land and splash damage.

Clash Royale BanditBandit

The favourite of bridge spam players, Bandit has been a solid card for a while now. Smart players can use her dash to avoid ranged attacks giving her a high skill ceiling.

Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AMini PEKKA

After slowing creeping up, Mini PEKKA has finally gotten the respect it deserves. Excels at taking out tanks and supports, and can even take out towers if your opponent isn’t careful. Possibly the most versatile and strong card in the game now!

Clash Royale Dark PrinceDark Prince

This card has excelled for a while due to his powerful splash attack. Its high damage allows for it to function as a swarm killer and support killer with ease.


Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem

Ice Golem combines many positive traits. His low cost allows for him to be quickly cycled, he is great at kiting enemies, and his death damage lets him efficiently take out skeletons.

Tier B Cards

14Win-Condition Cards

Clash Royale Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel

Bait decks have continued to be extremely popular, and the one with Knight and Inferno Tower has been around for around 3 years. However, these decks are pretty fringe at the highest levels of play and Goblin Barrel is only part of these decks.

Clash Royale MinerMiner

Miner is an extremely good card, but his evaluation is based on decks that he is the card that does most of the damage, like Miner Control. These decks aren’t very popular right now due to his damage nerf.

Clash Royale Three MusketeersThree Musketeers

This trio has seen a revival after they were moved back to 9 elixir and their deploy time was changed. The new 3M decks are heavily reliant on Fireball Bait, and now feature Hunter and Royal Hogs.

Clash Royale GolemGolem

The heavyweight of the game has been struggling since it’s glory days of Golem/ Night Witch have ended. Mini PEKKA has given Golem decks more viability, but the popularity of PEKKA has kept them in check.

RGRoyal Giant

The major Royal Giant deck has long been regarded as easy to play, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. It has been struggling a little due to PEKKA’s popularity.

elixir golem

Elixir Golem

Before a pair of nerfs, Elixir Golem was definitely a top tier card. It is much weaker now but remains present due to the strength of it’s supporting cards.

Clash Royale X-BowX-Bow

Although some players dominate with it, X-Bow remains very hard to play for the average player. In Classic Decks, X-Bow 2.9 has the worst win rate, which cements it as inaccessible for lower-skilled players.

Clash Royale Royal HogsRoyal Hogs

Accompanied or not with Three Musketeers, Royal Hogs are featured in Fireball Bait decks but have a hard time in matchups where the opponent has plenty of splash. It is used almost exclusively in a deck with Royal Delivery and Hunter.

Clash Royale wall breakersWallbreakers

The Wallbreakers fell out of favour as a super OP card after the Miner nerf, but still are good in the hands of the right player and Miner WB decks can still be seen in top ladder.

Clash Royale BalloonBalloon

Balloon Miner has been quite popular recently on top ladder, and PEKKA Balloon and Giant Skelly Balloon has popped up in certain off-meta decks. One hit is enough to change the whole game.

13Support Cards

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart

Has started to become more popular after an increase to its damage. Appears in Golem and Graveyard decks. It could also increase in usage if other supports fall. Very underrated and underestimated, heavy damage dealer.

Clash Royale ArchersArchers

The backbone of 2.9 X-Bow, the Archers can’t be found in many other decks apart from certain Balloon decks.

Clash Royale Flying MachineFlying Machine

Very popular in Fireball bait decks and sometimes Lavahound, but its fragility holds it back from really becoming a powerhouse.

Clash Royale Dart GoblinDart Goblin

Rascals Bait and Mortar Bait like to feature Dart Goblin as an additional target for small spells. Lack of inclusivity in other archetypes hold it back.

Clash Royale Night WitchNight Witch

Another card that has benefited from receiving a strong death rattle like Bomb Tower and Barbarian Hut, Night Witch has a powerful melee attack and a swarm of bats partners exceedingly well with tanks. However, she is only viable in Golem decks.

Clash Royale Inferno DragonInferno Dragon

Has gained popularity with Mega Knight and like all other air cards, Lavahound. The nerf that allowed him to be knocked back really makes him struggle against experienced players.

Clash Royale BomberBomber

In the past, Bomber failed to used past Royal Arena. Now that his damage is extremely high, he can be found in Golem decks and throughout low and middle Legendary Arena.

Clash Royale ExecutionerExecutioner

Executioner took a hit after his rework debacle, but came back strong in HogNado.

Clash Royale PrincessPrincess

Although she is exclusively used in Bait decks, Princess has an irreplaceable role within them. Her ability to draw Logs and be protected by skilled players makes her invaluable. However, she does not fit into any other deck besides Log Bait.

12Swarm Cards

Clash Royale GoblinGoblins:

Goblins were the go-to card until the introduction of the Goblin Gang. Now, they are only used in Hog ExeNado, but they have a solid spot in it.

Clash Royale Goblin GangGoblin Gang

Even though there is no longer a third Spear Goblin, the fact that the stab goblins survive Zap and Snowball makes the Goblin Gang very powerful and strong in bait decks, but are rarely seen outside bait decks.

Clash Royale BarbariansBarbarians:

The change to five, but weaker Barbarians have made them great in Fireball bait decks. They can also be split reasonably well.


11Utility Spells

Clash Royale RocketRocket

Rocket sees play in X-Bow and bait, but it’s small area of effect and cost prevent it from being included in other decks.

Clash Royale PoisonPoison

Poison, which is directly in competition with Fireball, has been outclassed due to players favoring the instant damage.

Clash Royale LightningLightning

Since it’s mainly included in beatdown decks, especially Golem or Royal Giant, the downfall of these decks has hurt Lightning.

Clash Royale TornadoTornado

Tornado still remains a high- skill card that relies on combinations with other splash units. Like Poison, this spell is just lacking compared to others right now.

Clash Royale ArrowsArrows

Even after their change to 3 waves, arrows got slightly better but still not great. Zap/Snowball offers more versatility and Fireball can take care of supports.

10Defensive Building

Clash Royale FurnaceFurnace

The only place that Furnace sees play within the meta is with Royal Giant decks. Since he isn’t doing that great,

Clash Royale Inferno TowerInferno Tower: Inferno Tower has been doing alright since it has a solid inclusion in Classic Bait. No other decks play it consistently though.


Clash Royale TeslaTesla: Even after the change to Earthquake, Tesla remains viable in X-Bow and even off-brand versions of decks.


Clash Royale P.E.K.K.APEKKA

The omnipresent PEKKA control decks continue to be a powerhouse within the game and show no signs of slowing down. However, over the last while, she has been overshadowed by the Mini Pekka.

Clash Royale KnightKnight

The “good stats for its cost” king is only hampered for his normalcy. Has a good role in X-Bow, Classic Bait and Graveyard.

Clash Royale LumberjackLumberjack

Although he’s far from his peak, the Lumberjack could see a big resurgence if Mini PEKKA gets nerfed.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

Like Lumberjack, Mega Minions is certainly not in it’s prime. His slow speed keeps him from being able to attack ranged air attackers at all.

Clash Royale HunterHunter

Hunter always seems to appear in the meta for quick bursts, but never stays for long. Some stability could definitely propel him to the higher tier.

Clash Royale MinionsMinions

Unlike Minion Horde, having them taken out by Fireball isn’t the end of the world. This allows them to be played much more freely.

Clash Royale ValkyrieValkyrie

Her stats are very good, but she struggles to find her way into decks. She was briefly included in bait but continues to search for a home. However, she is very popular in mid-ladder.


Clash Royale Battle RamBattle Ram

A solid position in PEKKA bridge spam is all Battle Ram has going for it. It is definitely hard to find another deck that it could fit in.

Tier C Cards

7Win-Condition Cards

Clash Royale MortarMortar

Mortar decks have the same problem as X-Bow decks. Although Mortar bait is somewhat viable, it has started to fall off. A big Royal Delivery buff could certainly help Mortar decks out. Due to its slow hit speed and lack of threat, it is not very powerful nowadays except with one-tricks.

Clash Royale Elite BarbariansElite Barbarians

The favorite of over-leveled players in lower leagues, Elite Barbarians become pathetically weak in higher leagues due to how easy they are to counter.

Clash Royale Ram RiderRam Rider

The Ram Rider is found in a couple of bridge spam decks, but not due to her own strength.

Clash Royale goblin giantGoblin Giant

This card is good for kiting because of the 2 spear goblins’ damage, but only sees play in Sparky Zap Bait decks, and does not have much utility elsewhere. Its medium move speed does not make up much for its pathetically low damage.

6Support Cards

Clash Royale Magical ArcherMagic Archer

The Magic Archer received a huge hit after he was nerfed in early 2020. The decrease in the range has now resulted in him being one of the worst Legendaries.

Clash Royale Spear GoblinsSpear Goblins

This trio of goblins is outclassed by Goblin Gang and other cheap supports like Dart Goblin.

Clash Royale WitchWitch

Witch was able to find a short revival after another messy rework, but was brought back to her original status as a weak card that could get by in the lower arenas.

Clash Royale WizardWizard

Unlike Executioner or Magic Archer, the Wizard is very easy to play, but has very little potential. His dismal winrate in Grand Challenges highlights this.

Clash Royale Flying ZappiesZappies

For a short period of time, players realized that an insanely strong defense and chip damage was an effectively strategy while Royal Recruits were at their prime. However, this led to extremely dull matches, so Supercell nerfed both of these cards to the ground. A recent buff was big, but still failed to justify Zappies, whose design limited them completely.

Clash Royale Fire SpiritsFire Spirits

On paper, the Fire Spirts seem insane. 534 damage for only 2 elixir! However, their kamikaze attack being unpredictable make them unusable at higher levels.

Clash Royale BowlerBowler

Initially, the Bowler could be found in a variety of decks, especially Graveyard. But now, his vulnerability to air makes him too expensive to be used at all.


Clash Royale GuardsGuards

Although they have great survivability, their slow speed gives them no chance on offense. They sometimes find their way into decks, but never for long.

Clash Royale Skeleton ArmySkeleton Army

Although insanely good at lower levels, few decks use the Skeleton Army on top ladder apart from Golem and Giant Graveyard, the latter of which has fallen out of the meta after being very popular a few months ago.

4Utility Spells

royal deliveryRoyal Delivery

The newest addition to the game is hampered by its long delay and the weakness of the Royal Recruit. Like the other recent cards added, this one is gimmicky. Its only use is in the meta Hogs Hunter deck.

Clash Royale Clone SpellClash Royale FreezeClash Royale mirrorClash Royale RageClone Spell/ Freeze/ Mirror/ Rage

All of these spells suffer from the same problem. They can work extremely well in some scenarios, but often go wasted. Freeze is probably the most useful since it sees some play with Balloon.

3Defensive Buildings

Clash Royale CannonCannon

Cannon fails to see relevancy outside of Hog 2.6.

Clash Royale TombstoneTombstone

Although it has the highest win rate in Legendary Arena, this can be attributed to the fact that the decks that play it have a higher skill cap.

Clash Royale Goblin CageGoblin Cage

Although it used to be a premier building, the nerfs to Goblin Cage hit it hard.

2Tankbusters/ Melee Units

Clash Royale Giant SkeletonGiant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton does not find its way into many decks, but is especially popular in 2v2 and can provide huge value with his death bomb.

Clash Royale PrincePrince

Prince is in a similar situation as Bowler. He is extremely good in certain scenarios, but his vulnerability to air and weakness in certain matchups limits him to play in Rascals Bait and Giant Double Prince, and certain off-meta decks.

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost

Barely sees play in one deck, PEKKA bridge spam. He was OP at first release but has since fallen dramatically.

battle healerBattle Healer

Although she seemed crazy when she came out, the appeal of Battle Healer has worn off. Sees play in Elixir Golem and very rarely Golem.

Clash Royale Minion HordeMinion Horde

The vulnerability of this five elixir card makes it a huge risk to play if you haven’t baited out of their air targeting ones.


Fisherman started out extremely powerful, but a series of nerfs dropped him down a ton. His extremely long charge of time prevents him from being able to deal with that many units. Despite his snare range buff, he is still weak.


Clash Royale Skeleton BalloonSkeleton Barrel

A longtime niche card that has seen play in Mega Knight decks, but is even mediocre in that deck. A similar fate to Royal Delivery. Hopefully, the Season 10 update can improve this card.


Clash Royale elixir collectorElixir Collector

Back in its glory days, the Elixir Collector was necessary in almost all heavy decks. After two devastating nerfs, it’ll take something big for it to see some play again. Rarely included in X-Bow decks.

I hope you enjoyed this Clash Royale Tier List. If you’d like additional information about each card, click on the icons on the homepage. We have some great guides for almost every single card.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the rankings of the tier list, we will try to continuously update this guide after the latest meta changes.