Executioner – The New Clash Royale Card – Basic Information and Tips

Clash Royale Executioner will be released tomorrow guys! Let’s take a quick look at this insane and unique card so you will be ready to play with him once released!

Clash Royale Executioner

Clash Royale Executioner


  • Executioner is unlocked from Arena 9 (Jungle Arena).
  • Executioner is an Epic card, which costs 5 Elixir to deploy
  • He is ranged troop, dealing area damage. He has high HP and moderate damage.
  • He throws his axe and it will fly back in a straight line, dealing the damage twice.

CostHit SpeedSpeedDeploy TimeRangeTargetCountTransportRarity
52.4 secMedium (60)1 sec5Air & Ground×1GroundEpic

1760106 x244 x2
2836116 x248 x2
3919128 x253 x2
41,010140 x258 x2
51,109154 x264 x2
61,216169 x270 x2
71,337186 x277 x2
81,466204 x285 x2


  • 19/4/2017: Damage increased by 6%


Being updated…

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Due to his long attack range, great area damage and the special ability to attack both air and ground units twice, he is a decent replacement for Witch, Wizard, Bowler and Bomber in so many decks.

He kills Skeletons, Spear Goblins and Fire Spirits on the first pass. On the second pass, he can kill Minions, Goblins, Archers, Princess, Ice Spirits etc.

He is excellent against swarms, especially against Goblin Gang, which will be released soon in next 2 weeks. Just keep in mind that his attack speed is very slow (2.4s) so you want to place him far enough from the enemy troops.

Since Executioner has a linear attack, he is pretty similar to Bowler. Place him behind Ice Golem, Giant, Royal Giant, Golem or Hog Rider to make the deadly pushes. On defense, he is great at dealing with the tank all glass-cannons behind it.

Since Zap can’t 1-shot Goblin Barrel anymore, you can use Executioner to take out 3 Goblins in a Barrel (with a precise timing of course).

Mini P.E.K.K.A, Knight and Mega Minion are some great counters to the Executioner. Otherwise, surrounding him with Skeleton Army, Barbarians or Elite Barbarians can easily take him out.

Here are some gifs of the Executioner for you (all shared by Yarn from Orange Juice)

You can watch this video for more details:

Note: If you have any big chest (Giant, Magical, Super Magical or Epic Chest), save them for the Executioner but don’t open them immediately once the card gets released because you will get only 1 card.

Wait until you unlock the Executioner from Free, Silver, Gold or Crown Chest before unlocking the bigger ones. Or, If you are lucky enough to buy him for 1,000 Gold in the shop on the first day, go for it!

Also, as Supercell is offering some Chinese New Year Packages in the shop, you shouldn’t buy them until the Executioner unlocked.

Take a look at here for more details about this!

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