11 Best Tips for Trophy Pushing

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Are you stuck at the 4242 trophies and finding it hard to do trophy pushing on the Clash Royale ladder? Are you blaming your abysmal win rate on your bad deck or your bad luck?

Fret not, me friend, Krux is here to relax you and give you some handy tips to make your game more enjoyable. I hope you all are doing fine in these times.

I’m Krux and I’m back to share with you some good tips to push the ladder and earn those glittering trophies.

Clash Royale has evolved a lot in the last three years. There are global tournaments, challenges and other stuff. But what to do you are a casual player. You are not competing in any global tournament and you just want to have fun.

You want to be in Master III, I know.

clash royale ladder push trophies

What is the Ladder in Clash Royale?

If you are saying “Hey, I don’t see any ladder card in Clash Royale to push!”, I hope you are new to the game because otherwise you must have been too ignorant or play the game once a month.

When you open Clash Royale and press Battle on the main screen of the game, you’re faced against other opponents. The game tries to match you with players on the same level as you.

This mode which you play all the time is called Ladder. It is called so as it has different Arenas and Leagues arranged according to the number of trophies you earn. And you want to climb on that.

The higher amount of trophies, the higher you are on the ladder. The arenas are the ladder’s steps.

There is also a local leaderboard for your country and global leaderboard with all the players.

Playing some games on the ladder in a row while focusing on the game thoroughly, usually with the purpose of gaining a lot of trophies fast is called Ladder Pushing in Clash Royale.

So how do you go up the ladder fast and without losing your calm when you end up losing four matches in a row? Here is how.

clash royale trophy pushing

11 Tips for Pushing Trophies Effectively


  1. Avoid tilting: Play some games, take some rest, play more. Repeat. Play some games like three or four in a row and then take a break. The Battle button is tempting especially when you lose the last match. You are full of vengeance energy and wat to crush your opponent. But do not play that match. You will end up losing more as you are aggressive and not focusing on the gameplay. This is called tilting. So gulp down the frustration and leave the king alone for some time.
  2. Have a good deck, that is made for the Ladder: There are different decks that work in different modes of the game. You don’t use the same deck in Ladder, Classic challenge, and a mirror battle. If you’re doing so, stop and make a deck which you use for trophy pushing.
  3. Stick with the meta-game: The meta of Clash Royale is constantly changing and it is crucial to understand it at the higher levels. However, don’t get too wrapped up in it if you are below 6000+ trophies, where most players start to play meta decks. Instead, be aware of it, and knowing what deck your opponent is playing will be much easier. Check out TV royale and the leaderboards for the top decks being played.
  4. Stick to the Deck and master it: The deck you have chosen to play with should be the one you can confidently play against anyone. You should be aware of the card usage as well as positioning and timing. This is called mastering. It gets better with experience. Do not change the battle deck every day. That will make you end up in the lower arena.
  5. Watch replays of your matches: If you lose games in a row and this angers you, that moment is not for playing but relax and go to the activity log. Watch your lost games and find out the mistakes you made. This is a practice that most of us ignore and I tell you, this will help a lot. That zap was useless, now you know it.
  6. Choose the best time to play: Most people are busy during the day, school, college and even job. If you can save ten minutes, paly a couple of games in the day time. As more good players will be online in the late evening, you will have more chances of winning during odd hours. Don’t be a night witch.
  7. Only upgrade your deck cards: You will open numerous hests every day. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend the gold on every card that gets an upgrade. Level of the cards matter in ladder and you should first focus on upgrading the cards that you use. Others can wait.
  8. Do not lose your mind with higher level players: In Clash Royale matchmaking, they try to match you with players with same trophies and same level. But there are lurkers who with a higher tower level stays in the trophy range. They have higher level cards. This is the time when you have to manage your elixir as well as your peace of mind. Do not lose confidence and let them get away with a win. Trust me, you can do it and it feels great.
  9. Eliminate unnecessary losses: Everyone hates losing a game due to something out of their control like lag. Although it is easy to get frustrated, do not get discouraged by these losses. Instead, make sure that you are set up to play before you start. At the highest leagues, one loss due to an outside force can impede tons of progress up the ranks once trophy losses become much higher.
  10. Predict Decks and Rotations: Understanding the most popular decks being played will help you in thinking ahead about their win condition and their counter for yours. As you move up the ladder, understanding matchups is a crucial part of winning games.
  11. Play calmly and enjoy. This is a general tip to play this game. It can be irritating to lose matches one after the other. We tend to rage in the next one or just gets angry at whatever. So just be at peace and enjoy Clash Royale. Be a happy king 🙂

That’s all for today, guys. You can find other awesome tutorials and deck guides on Clash World which will surely improve your game. Don’t forget to share this with your friends to motivate them. Good luck!