Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice – Improve your Psyhical Abilities!


Hello fellow psychologists, Norbysweg here! Yes, you read that title correctly, this guide is not going to be about a deck, not about a card, not about an update, it’s going to be about you. Your Inner Voice to be exact. I believe this is the only guide on this site of this kind, and I strongly believe that you’ll walk away with your hopes up and ready to go into battle. I’ll try my best to explain this deep subject as carefully as I can, do you want to have a better contact with yourself and control every move? – Keep reading!

Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice - Improve your Psyhical Abilities!
Basic Guide to Releasing your Inner Voice – Improve your Psyhical Abilities!

How to release your Inner Voice

  • To release your Inner Voice, you got to understand what it is first, what it takes to learn it, what it can offer, and how can you use it. Did it happen when you were concentrating on something, like for example: You’re playing a chess match with somebody and he makes a move. You ask yourself: “What does he want to do? How can I answer that? Does he plan something big?” You see, that’s the Inner Voice you need in Clash Royale! I’m here to teach you how to use it in every match! After a time, it will become naturally implemented in your mind.
  • There is no special key to magically releasing this unbelievable force. It’s inside every single one of you. The only thing you gotta do is talking to yourself like talking to your body. This means your Inner Voice should talk like when you help a friend. You say for example: “Don’t do that, he has his Zap in hand”, or “Don’t attack now, he is planning to counterpush. This is the true force most players don’t even know about. If you manage to talk to yourself like that, you’ll be rewarded with success in lots of domains.

How to Train your Inner Voice

Ok, so you learnt about it, you know what you should do, but how do you remember to use it in every battle and how do you get to ask the right question and think faster? These are a few ways that involve your Inner Voice outside of the game and help you process the information faster.

  • Watch Police and Criminal type Serials – This slightly relaxing drill helps you interact with your Inner Voice a lot better. Think about it for a little: you’re watching an interrogation, ask yourself: “Could this be the killer?” “Does he have a motive for it?” “How is he related to the victim?” “What’s he planning?”. Interaction like this between games, plus a little time for yourself should really help a lot.
  • Play other games – For example me and my friend play Unturned on a regular basis. Most of the time, we run into players and need to kill them (friendly players are a rarity lol). It happens very rarely to kill players reactively, so a PVP session lasts about 5 minutes. Me with my friend, we always gotta think fast. We run, we stay and fight, we flank them, we distract them, we exit the game for now, we change weapons, we get closer, we try to speak to them, it’s always a tough choice. Playing other games will help you understand your opponents better, evolve your rational thinking, and make you think outside a box a little bit. It’s always nice to play another game for fun, also Unturned is free on Steam!
  • Choose your best moments to play – This is a very common tip, but first things first, you can’t play in school in the middle of the class, you can’t play on the bus when you have bad conncection, you can’t play when you’re stressed. If you want to give the best of yourself, be in that shape. Clash Royale is becoming a very popular game, so you have to think through before you lose your trophies just like that.
  • Be a little healthier – Oh, please don’t exit this guide yet! I’m not here to make you eat all kinds of eastern flowers or some Egyptian shampoo. I’m just here to say that if you eat for example fish or broccoli once per week, you will be most likely well oxigenated and you will be a better player! If you require some more information about nutrition and lifestyle for better gaming capabilities (how to eat to be better at the game), I’ll do a guide on that too!
  • Mute emotes or ignore them – Bad Manners are a thing you see everywhere (your opponent laughing at you when you lose), so if you get easily affected by that, just mute the Emotes or ignore them. Repeat to yourself that he won because of many factors: starting hands, luck, maybe you made some mistakes too! After all, your goal is to get better not to get stressed and emotionally unstable and angry with people around you.

Best Questions you want to ask yourself while In-Game

  • What cards does he have? – One of the greatest questions, helps you recover information and try to guess his remaining cards at the same time.
  • What is his win condition? – “has he shown it yet?” “Is he planning to push?”. Try to guess his main attack card, check your counters and play accordingly.
  • How can he defend my push? – Try to imagine a scenario, remember what cards he’s shown to you, try to predict them too.
  • What is he trying to do? – More of an advanced question, if you know a part of this deck, you might actually guess all his plans!

Decks that improve your Inner Voice

  • Zap Bait – You always need to keep track of your opponent’s counters, pay attention to every little detail, know when to push, put yourself in his position. This deck requires an advanced Inner Voice.
  • Hog Rider Chip – One of the oldest win conditions, a card that is very powerful, but manageable by your opponent. You have to look in advance, try to predict his buildings, bait them or everything you need to get that Hog to his tower. Medium Inner Voice required.
  • Graveyard Decks – “Does he have his counter in hand? How can I destroy that? Is he expecting a push from me?” – Pretty self explanatory, a Graveyard can be manageable if there’s not that huge push coming down along with it, so you have to expect the Minions or Archers, otherwise your Graveyard is rekt. Medium Inner Voice here too.

Common Mistakes when using your Inner Voice

  • Being scared/stressed – You can’t talk or think when you’re like that. Concentration is the key for everything, calm down and think about your next move, his next move, or anything that could turn the game in your favor.
  • Not listening to it – We use the Inner Voice for a reason, you should think about the Inner Voice as a non-stressed version of yourself, someone who knows what’s best.
  • Not being confident – Nothing is possible if you go straight in with the idea that you’re gonna lose. If you believe in yourself, you believe in your Inner Voice too. Being optimist, telling yourself in the middle of the match that it’s not over, trying to figure out what to do next, that’s the attitude you should have.

Well, that was it guys! Hope you understood something about this Secret Weapon we all have, and I hope you’ll use it accordingly! If you didn’t catch something, just write a comment down there and I’ll do my best to answer! Goodbye!