Graveyard Guide

Clash Royale Graveyard


“ Surprise! It’s a party. A Skeleton party, anywhere in the Arena. Yay!”

Graveyard is unlocked from Arena 12 (Spooky Town) . It spwans 16 Skeletons over a wide area anywhere in the Arena. The Skeletons swan in a random place alond the spell’s radius.

Strategies for Using Graveyard

The Graveyard is a very unique card that requires the support of an entire deck to work effectively. It is also a high skill card (at least the cards that accompany it) and one that can a huge problem for you or your opponent. The core concept of playing Graveyard is to defend with other units, especially splash cards, then using these surviving defenders along with spells to stop units defending against your Graveyard. Poison has an interesting relationship with the Graveyard. It accompanies it very well due to its ability to stop swarms, but can also counter it very well now that it kills Skeletons with one tick.

Using the Graveyard on the offensive is relatively simple, but it is hard to know when to use it. It requires knowledge of the entire match and your opponent’s deck. Ineffective Graveyard usage can be punished very hard due to its high cost and lack of damage that it does to defending troops. When using the Graveyard, it is important to place it on the opposite side of the King tower so you don’t accidentally activate it.

Defending the Graveyard is relatively simple, and it has many counters, but messing up can be disastrous.  It is important to hold onto your counters and take care of the tanking cards. Good counters include:

  • Swarms: They do a very good job of countering the actual skeletons but are extremely vulnerable to spells, especially Poison.
  • Ranged cards: The Dart Goblin, Princess, and Archers are also effective, especially because of their high attack speed.
  • Melee cards: Certain melee cards are very good at countering the Graveyard. These include the Lumberjack, due to his high hit speed and good health. Another option is the Valkyrie. Her splash allows her to take out multiple skeletons at once, making her an extremely effective counter.
  • Spells: These can be used as a last resort counter. It is very important to wait for a little before playing them so you can kill multiple Skeletons.

Unfortunately, it very hard t prevent the Graveyard from doing any damage. This is what makes it such an effective card, especially in long matchups.

Graveyard Decks

Deck #1

Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Goblin CageClash Royale Cannon Cart

Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale PoisonClash Royale TornadoClash Royale Barbarian Barrel


The Graveyard is able to do well against most decks but it struggles against other decks that run Poison.