Top 5 Useful Tips for New Players in Clash Royale

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Hey guys! Its Blaze back with another guide for you all!

A few weeks ago there was a guide on Tips for lower arena players by Megasweep. However, even though the guide was quite good, some points were missing so basically, I will be talking about things @Megasweep didn’t mention.

clash royale tips

Top Basic Tips for New Players

The main reason for this guide is that I recently started a 2nd account and I felt that the skill level of all the players I battle and the ones in the clans I join is extremely low.

Well partly the feeling is because I am a 4k+ player and have more experience but still they have less skill if I compare to the period when I was at that stage.

So, what I want to say is that the game has become easier for the lower plays (better chance of getting legendary cards, more cards from chest due to more chest varieties, more card types and new cards for better and stronger decks,etc.) but they don’t utilize it. Hopefully, this guide helps them.

Starting fresh in Clash Royale can be both exciting and challenging. As a seasoned player who recently started a second account, I noticed a significant difference in skill levels among new players. Although the game has become more accessible with easier ways to obtain legendary cards, more diverse chests, and a wider array of cards for deck building, many new players don’t seem to utilize these advantages effectively. Here are my top five tips to help new players maximize their potential and improve their gameplay in Clash Royale.

1. Understand Card Roles and Synergies

Each card in Clash Royale has a unique role, and understanding these roles is crucial for building an effective deck. Cards can generally be categorized into offense, defense, support, and building cards.

  • Offensive Cards: Cards like the Hog Rider or Balloon are designed to directly attack your opponent’s towers.
  • Defensive Cards: Cards like the Cannon or Tesla are primarily used to defend against enemy troops.
  • Support Cards: Cards such as the Ice Spirit or Baby Dragon assist other troops by adding damage or control effects.
  • Buildings: Buildings like the Inferno Tower or Elixir Collector serve strategic purposes, either for defense or resource generation.

Tip: Create a balanced deck with a mix of these roles. Ensure your deck has answers to various threats and can effectively counter different strategies.

2. Manage Elixir Efficiently

Elixir management is a fundamental skill in Clash Royale. Every card costs a certain amount of elixir, and knowing when to spend or save elixir can make or break a match.

  • Positive Elixir Trades: Aim to spend less elixir to counter higher elixir enemy cards. For example, using a 3-elixir Fireball to destroy a 5-elixir Wizard results in a positive elixir trade.
  • Elixir Advantage: Pay attention to your elixir bar and try to maintain an elixir advantage over your opponent. This allows you to mount stronger pushes and defend more effectively.

Tip: Practice patience and avoid overspending. Waiting for your opponent to make the first move can often lead to opportunities for positive elixir trades.

3. Learn from Replays and Pros

Watching replays of your matches can provide valuable insights into your gameplay. Analyze your losses to identify mistakes and understand what you could have done differently.

  • Clash Royale TV: Watch top players’ replays on Clash Royale TV to see high-level strategies and tactics in action.
  • Pro Players and Streamers: Follow pro players and streamers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch to learn advanced techniques and deck strategies.

Tip: Make it a habit to review at least one replay per session. Look for patterns in your playstyle that need improvement.

4. Join an Active Clan

Clans are an essential part of the Clash Royale experience. Joining an active clan provides numerous benefits:

  • Request and Donate Cards: You can request cards from clanmates to upgrade your deck faster and donate surplus cards to earn gold and experience points.
  • Clan Wars and Challenges: Participate in Clan Wars and other challenges to earn valuable rewards and improve your skills.

Tip: Communicate with your clanmates and participate actively in clan activities. This not only helps you grow but also builds a supportive community around you.

5. Stay Updated and Adapt

Clash Royale is a dynamic game with frequent updates and balance changes. Staying updated with these changes is crucial to maintaining your competitiveness.

  • Balance Changes: Supercell regularly tweaks card strengths and weaknesses to keep the game balanced. Make sure you understand these changes and adjust your decks accordingly.
  • New Cards and Events: New cards and special events are often introduced. Participate in events to gain new cards and practice with them to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Tip: Follow official Clash Royale news and community forums to stay informed about updates and changes. This knowledge can give you a strategic edge over your opponents.

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This part is very important because a player can showcase his/her skills at their best through good decks. But the decks I usually see are…..Noob-like…yep, thats the word.

Sorry, all people reading the guide who are at low trophies but your deck sucks. Even people at 3000 trophies use decks which suck, have off-meta and bad cards. The deck doesn’t have synergies and moreover, the decks aren’t balanced.

I see people taking too much splash with a tank, but no single target, melee and swarm cards. People use Golem without Zap, Lightning and Electro Wizard to counter Inferno Tower and Dragon.

So please read the part written by Megasweep on Synergy and Decks.

When it comes to showcasing your skills in competitive play, having a well-constructed deck is crucial. Unfortunately, many players, even those with significant trophy counts, often use suboptimal decks that hinder their performance. Let’s delve into some fundamental tips to help you build a strong, balanced deck that synergizes well and enhances your gameplay.

1. Understand Deck Synergy

A good deck isn’t just about powerful cards; it’s about how well those cards work together. Synergy is key. Your cards should complement each other, creating a cohesive strategy. For example, pairing a tank like Golem with support units that can handle both air and ground threats ensures your push is versatile and harder to counter.

2. Balance Your Deck

A balanced deck includes a mix of offense and defense, single-target and splash damage, ground and air capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of what a balanced deck might look like:

  • Tank: A high-health unit to absorb damage (e.g., Giant, Golem).
  • Single-Target Damage: Units to deal with high-health enemies (e.g., Musketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A).
  • Splash Damage: Units to handle swarms (e.g., Baby Dragon, Valkyrie).
  • Air Defense: Units to counter flying threats (e.g., Minions, Archers).
  • Support Spells: Spells to assist your pushes or counter enemy units (e.g., Zap, Fireball).

3. Avoid Overloading on One Type

A common mistake is overloading your deck with too much of one type of unit, like having too many splash damage units and no single-target damage. This imbalance can leave you vulnerable to specific threats. For instance, if your deck lacks single-target damage, you’ll struggle against high-health units like P.E.K.K.A or Giant.

4. Consider Counter Cards

Always include cards that can counter popular strategies. If you’re using a heavy tank like Golem, ensure you have a way to counter Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, such as Zap, Lightning, or Electro Wizard. This prevents your push from being easily shut down.

5. Adapt to the Meta

The meta (most effective tactics available) is constantly evolving. Stay updated with the current meta and adjust your deck accordingly. Using outdated or off-meta cards can put you at a disadvantage, as they may not perform well against the most common strategies.

6. Practice and Adjust

Building the perfect deck requires practice and adjustment. Play matches, note which situations cause you trouble, and tweak your deck to address those weaknesses. Over time, you’ll find the optimal balance and synergy that works best for your playstyle.


I don’t know why but people don’t donate at all in the clan.

I still remember the days when me and my clan mate used to run competitions on who donates the highest. But now, to be honest, I see many people with 0 donations. And this even when they are active and people have requested cards.

Donating is very important. You get XP points and gold for every card you donate.

And some of you may feel bad of giving away cards you earn from chests, but be real guys, you get a lot more cards per day than your daily donation limit.

Other thing is that you don’t use all the cards which your clan mates request, so its OK if you don’t donate the cards you use but atleast donate the cards you don’t use.

In the dynamic world of online gaming, one thing stands out as a crucial aspect of clan life: donations. Yet, it’s puzzling to see how many players neglect this vital component. If you’ve ever found yourself in a clan where donation requests go unanswered, you’re not alone. I fondly remember the days when my clan mates and I would compete to see who could donate the most, fostering camaraderie and growth within our group. Nowadays, it’s disheartening to see many active players with zero donations, even when others have made requests.

Why Donations Matter

1. XP Points and Gold

Donating cards is not just about helping your clan mates; it’s also about helping yourself. Each time you donate a card, you earn XP points and gold. These rewards contribute significantly to your progress in the game. By consistently donating, you can level up faster and accumulate gold, which is essential for upgrading your own cards.

2. Maximizing Daily Card Limits

Many players hesitate to donate because they fear giving away cards they’ve earned from chests. However, it’s essential to recognize that the game provides you with far more cards daily than your donation limit. By not donating, you’re effectively wasting an opportunity to gain XP and gold. Embrace the generosity, and you’ll find it pays off in the long run.

3. Clan Unity and Support

Donations are the lifeblood of a thriving clan. When members actively donate, it creates a supportive environment where everyone benefits. This mutual aid strengthens the clan, making it more competitive and enjoyable for all members. A clan where donations flow freely is one where players feel valued and motivated to contribute.

Overcoming Hesitations

1. Card Utilization

It’s understandable to be reluctant about donating cards you use regularly. However, consider this: not all requested cards will be ones you need. Focus on donating cards you seldom use. This way, you support your clan without sacrificing your own deck’s strength. It’s a win-win situation.

2. Community Spirit

Donations are about more than individual gain; they reflect the spirit of teamwork. When you donate, you’re actively participating in the clan’s growth and success. This collective effort makes the game more enjoyable and fosters a sense of community. Remember, the more you give, the more you receive in return, both in terms of rewards and camaraderie.

3. Healthy Competition

Revive the old spirit of friendly competition. Challenge your clan mates to donation contests. Who can donate the most in a week? These challenges can reignite the enthusiasm for donations and make the process fun. Plus, it’s a great way to engage members and keep the clan lively.

Joining a Good Clan

Joining a good clan is very important. So you have to learn to select a good clan.

A good clan should have Active Members, High Donations and at least Tier 9 (if not Tier 10) Clan Chest.

Also, the players should be in your trophy range. Joining a clan with lower trophy players just for being 1st in the clan is pretty bad, cause you won’t get enough practice through friendly battles. Joining a clan with higher trophy players isn’t also that good cause even though you get more experience through those battles you won’t have enough players to try what you learned through those battles. Also, there is a chance of you getting kicked. Join a clan instead where you fall in between like between no.10 to no.40.

Joining a clan in any competitive game, including mobile gaming sensations like Clash Royale, can significantly enhance your experience. A good clan not only provides a sense of community but also offers various benefits like strategic advice, practice opportunities, and access to rewards. However, not all clans are created equal, and finding the right one requires some consideration. Here are some top tips for new players to help them join a good clan:

1. Active Membership

One of the most crucial aspects of a good clan is its level of activity. Look for clans with a high number of active members who consistently participate in clan activities, such as clan wars, donations, and chat interactions. Active members not only contribute to the clan’s success but also create a vibrant gaming environment where you can learn and grow as a player.

2. Generous Donations

Donations play a significant role in progressing in Clash Royale, as they provide essential cards for upgrading your deck. A good clan should have members who are willing to donate cards regularly. Look for clans where donation requests are promptly fulfilled, and there’s a culture of generosity among members. High donation levels indicate a supportive community that values the collective progress of its members.

3. Tier 9 (or Tier 10) Clan Chest

The Clan Chest, though no longer a feature in Clash Royale, served as a benchmark for clan activity and cooperation. In its absence, look for clans that consistently achieve high levels in clan activities and events. Clans that used to reach Tier 9 or Tier 10 in the Clan Chest likely maintain similar standards of participation and achievement in other aspects of the game, making them desirable options for new players.

4. Trophy Range Compatibility

Finding a clan whose members are within your trophy range is essential for several reasons. Joining a clan with significantly lower trophy players might limit your practice opportunities, as you may not face challenging opponents in friendly battles. On the other hand, joining a clan with much higher trophy players could result in being outmatched and potentially getting kicked out for underperforming. Aim for a clan where the trophy range of members aligns closely with your own, typically within the range of ranks 10 to 40.

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Collecting and Saving Gold

This is another important thing which sadly I couldn’t follow.

Collect gold and save gold because later on you may find yourself wanting to upgrade a card which has enough cards needed for upgrade, but you lack the gold to do so.

Before I go on Saving, first is Collecting gold. You can earn gold through a lot of ways and if you do all of them you earn lot of gold, though limited cuz of arena and restrictions.

Chest: You get them from every chest except Legendary Chest and Epic Chest which are very rare to get. So, open every chest on time so that you have more gold at the end of the day.

Winning Battles: You get some amount of gold for winning battles. This is however limited to only 20 battles per day. So try to win atleast 20 battles every day to make the most out of it. Even though the gold you win doesn’t seem much, it helps you in the long run. Note: You only get gold by winning Ladder, 2v2 and Custom Tournament battles. You don’t get them from Friendly Battle and Challenge wins.

Donating: Every common gives 5 gold, every rare 50 gold and every epic 500 gold. So try to donate as much as you can. I have a big para about this above so I am gonna move forward.

Profit Buying: Not many no about this term so I gotta explain this.

In the shop, as you know, the price of card increases as you buy more of each card. Now, the first two cards of Common cost 2 gold and 4 gold gold while Rare cost 20 gold and 40 gold respectively.

This if you look carefully is lower than the gold you get after donating cards i.e. 5 gold for common and 50 gold for rare.

So you can earn profit if you buy 2 of cards from shop and donate them, getting 4 gold profit for commons and 40 gold for rare.

This truly isn’t much but as I said helps in the long run.

Gems and Challenges: Even though they are different things, I mention them together because Gems give the best value if spend them on challenges, however only if you are decently skilled enough to get 2+ wins. So, you can spend gems on challenges and earn lot of gold.

For e.g. For 60 gems you can buy 1000 gold from shop, but by spending only 10 gems you can get 1080 gold + 48 cards at 9 wins and 2000 gold + 100 cards at 12 wins in classic challenge.

Also, its better than spending on shops from chests.

For e.g. a Legendary Arena (Arena 11) Super Magical chest cost 4900 gems and gives 600+ cards and 6600 gold.

However, from 12 win Grand Challenge chest you get 1100 cards and 22000 gold for only 100 gems. Now, I know it is extremely hard to get 12 wins in Grand Challenge but still its better to play 49 Grand Challenges than buying a Super Magical Chest. However, this is just for comparison and analysis cause most players on this site are F2P and 4900 gems will be dream come true XD.

For more details about collecting Gold, I strongly recommend you take a look at here!

Have some Gems to spend? Take a look at this guide!

Now that you have understood about collecting gold, now about saving it.

Best ways to spend Gold?

First of all, upgrade only the cards you use. Many players make the mistake of upgrading all cards. Its better to select 8-16 cards and upgrade only those.

Also, you may want to upgrade your cards at least to the Tournament levels so that you can have a good Challenge deck if the meta changes. But, make sure you don’t upgrade cards which are bad and have very low chance of coming into the meta e.g. Barbarian Hut and Bomb Tower. Upgrading them is basically wasting gold.

Secondly, people waste lot of gold in buying legendaries.

Now, I know the feeling when you have a new legendary but please think before you buy one. For e.g. You are a Control Deck Player and have Lava Hound in the shop. Now, it won’t be wise to buy Lava Hound from shop just because you haven’t unlocked it. Lava Hound isn’t a Control card so it won’t be much useful for you unless you are willing to change your deck and archetype.

Legendary cost 40,000 gold which is quite a lot. Buying blindly will make you lose lot of gold and you may regret your decision later on.


Being Part of a Community

The Clash Royale Community is pretty big. You have many Youtubers and many good sites where you get lot of info and tips.

You won’t believe how these can improve your game. But you should chose the best ones.

As Youtubers go, you will find many giving false claims and titles, those are click-bait videos and channels. For the best content watch Clash With Ash(CWA), Chief Pat, Orange Juice(OJ), Surgical Goblin. Other than these there are many Youtubers which people don’t watch that much like Esopa. These are very skilled but aren’t popular.

For sites, visit Reddit and my favourite Clash Royale Arena.