Old School Sparky Goison Deck (That Works!)

sparky goison

Hello everyone! SparkyIsLife back again. This deck is an old fashioned Giant Sparky deck. It has 2 legendaries but I have a amazing replacement for one. The best thing is these cards don’t need to be overleveled! I play with card levels of 9/6/4/1 at 3300!

In the ever-evolving landscape of Clash Royale, where new strategies emerge and old ones fade into obscurity, there’s something undeniably nostalgic about revisiting classic decks that once dominated the arena. Among these legendary formations is the fabled Sparky Goison deck, a combination that struck fear into the hearts of opponents and secured countless victories for skilled players.

So let’s get into the cards!

sparky goison

Sparky Goison Deck for Arena 7+

Clash Royale SparkyClash Royale GiantClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Mega Minion
Clash Royale MinionsClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale The LogClash Royale Poison

sparky goison analytics

Pros Cons
Counters the meta well Weak to Lavaloon
Is off-meta Rocket Hurts
Relatively cheap at 3.6 No building

Cards Breakdown

Giant (Win Condition 1): It is pretty hard to have a Giant Beatdown deck without a Giant (lol?). He is a great tank and really does well at smacking down towers. You can throw him in front of a counter-push or start up a big push in the back around him.

Sparky (Win Condition 2): Sparky is a big part of the defense. He is amazing at blasting away any win condition in the game (Except Lava Hound). Sparky can also be a very stressful card to deal with on defense and offence. He is an amazing card and is a cool off meta option. The only viable replacement is Executioner though than you would have to take Tornado over Log.

Mega Minion (The Runner): The Mega Minion is an amazing card. Is a great addition to any deck and is an all around great card. You are never disappointed to use Mega Minion!

Skeletons (Versatile Response): Skeletons are an all around great troop and an amazing distraction! Just ask Zigge or DarthJarJar!

Barbarians (Main Defense): These mean men are your defense MVP’s. They are great for removing almost any ground troop in the game! They can also kill both overleveled RG’s and Elite Barbs (2 popular ladder options) very effectively! I won’t be surprised it they sneak into the meta any time soon. They can shred any Electro Wizard ruining your push. (The best Sparky counter)

Minions (Defensive Support): Minions are a great card and are used in 27% of decks in Arena 11. They are a great all around card and a good threat with their massive DPS. Ignored Giant Minions can take a tower! They are also very versatile.

Poison (Win Condition Support): Poison is your medium support spell! Protect your push from Goblin Gang, Minion Horde and Skarmy with this great card! KIll medium health defence units like Musketeer, E-Wiz and Barbarians!

Log (Spell): It’s just The Log. Do I even need to explain? If you don’t have it, use Zap.

General Gameplan:

At the start of the game, you can do one of 2 things.

  1. One option is to start up a small Sparky/Giant push.
  2. If you don’t have the right cards for that you can also split cards behind your kings tower (Minions and Skeletons)

You will want to test the waters with a push as soon as you can. Try to figure out what deck they are playing and what cards they have to counter you.

Make sure not to fall behind in elixir! Make positive trades and defend well.

With 2 minutes left on the clock you should know what deck your opponent is playing. Try to set up your cycle so that your cards are in rotation to counter your opponents. (Eg: Their Hog in the same cycle as your Barbarians.). Just keep making positive elixir trades and gain elixir advantages. Mix in some pushes and counter pushes as well.

By double Elixir, you should have a good Elixir lead.

Begin building up you’re deathball push. Make sure you are playing in the same lane as your opponent. This way, your opponent can’t push in the most damaged lane or else he has to attack into a Sparky. Keep throwing out Giants, Sparkys, Mega Minions and Minions.

WARNING! Make sure to spread out your push as if you don’t, one Rocket could be devastating.

Once you take a tower, you have to defend with all your life. Keep the pressure on by putting a threat like Giant Minions in the other lane.

Match Ups:

Elite Barbs: Elite Barbs + Zap combo has nothing on you! Barbarians are the perfect counter. Make sure he Zaps your Minions or uses his Elite Barbs before you go on offence!

Royal Giant: Royal Giant is easy peezy! Barbarians + Mega MInion = Dead Royal Giant. Proceed to deadly counter push.

Any Heavy Tank Deck (Golem, Giant, PEKKA Giant Skeleton): Sparky same lane + Barbarians on the support troops will destroy the push and give you a powerful counter push.

Hog Rider: You have Barbarians, Skeletons and Mega Minion. You will always have a counter in cycle.

Graveyard: First, pressure the other lane with Giant. Use Mega Minion to kill the tank. Than proceed to use Minions/Barbs/Log on the GY.

LavaLoon: First, hardcore pressure the other lane with Giant+Sparky/Barbs/Skeletons. Make sure your opponent cannot support the Hound. If he decides to 3-Crown race, you will win due to the low damage of the Lava Hound. Use Mega Minion and regular Minions to defend.

3 Musketeers: Kill the PUMP!!!! Poison the pump so your opponent is always behind on elixir. You can fight the Musketeers at the bridge with Barbs and Minions on the solo Musketeer.

Miner Poison: If you know your opponent has enough for Poison, use Mega Minion. If not, use Skeletons. Distract the Inferno Tower with Minions.

Spell Bait: Save the Log for Goblin Barrel. Pre-plant Poison to kill Skarmy/Princess/Horde and Gang. Defend offensive Princess/Gob Gang/Skarmy with Minions or Skeletons. Use Barbs for Hog and Minions for the Inferno Tower.

The strategy behind the Sparky Goison deck is both straightforward and devastatingly effective. The Giant serves as the primary tank, absorbing damage while marching towards enemy towers. Meanwhile, Sparky lurks behind, charging up its devastating blast. As the Giant nears the enemy territory, the Sparky unleashes its powerful shot, obliterating any defenses in its path. And just when opponents think they have a chance to counter, the poison spell is deployed, weakening their troops and ensuring the Giant and Sparky can continue their onslaught unhindered.

But why revisit a deck that some might consider outdated in the fast-paced meta of Clash Royale? The answer lies in its unexpected potency and the element of surprise it brings to the battlefield. In a meta dominated by fast-paced cycle decks and relentless pressure, the slow and methodical approach of the Sparky Goison deck catches many opponents off guard.


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Well, that’s it for this guide, I hoped you enjoyed!

Blasting Away,