How to counter Elite Barbarians


After the huge buff a few days ago, Elite Barbarians has quickly became the new meta. Loads of players find it very hard to stop and counter them at the moment.

In this guide, I will show you some great and easy micromanagement, which will definitely give you lots of positive Elixir trades.

counter elite barbarians
counter elite barbarians

How to counter Elite Barbarians

How to counter Elite Barbarians with 3-positive Elixir trade

elite barbariansHere are some great ways to prevent Elite Barbarians from touching your Tower, with only 3 Elixir! Countering them with less than 3 Elixir is nearly impossible at the moment.

Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army can completely shut down lone Elite Barbarians. Although it is very weak to spell, If your opponent uses Zap to take out Skeleton Army, that would be a 8 Elixir push, you should take the advantage and defend with another card then counter push while the opponent is low on Elixir.

This is the best and safest counter to the Elite Barbarians when your opponent doesn’t have any spell or splash damaging card in his hand.


Another great use of this “legendary” defensive building.

Tombstone is excellent against Elite Barbarians If placed correctly. Just remember that it is vulnerable to The Log. Place it at the center, in front of your King’s Tower and everything will be fine!

Ice Spirit + Fire Spirits

Although most players don’t use these two cards in the same deck at the moment, I still want to mention this combo here because it is very good against Elite Barbarians.

Use the Fire Spirits first to lure Elite Barbarians to the center then use Ice Spirit to Freeze them.

This move is not easy to use, you need to practice a lot first before using them on the ladder.

Guards: Very effective with the shields.

How to counter Elite Barbarians with 2-positive Elixir trade

Valkyrie: She can’t solo kill them but with the help of the Crown Towers, she can take them out.

Ice Wizard + Ice Spirit: Very powerful when dealing with Elite Barbarians.

Ice Golem + Fire Spirits: Use Ice Golem to kite them first then throw the Fire Spirits at them.

Mega Minion + Ice Spirit: This defensive combo still lets Elite Barbarians have 1-2 hits on your Tower. It is not vulnerable to Arrows. Use it when you don’t have any better choice.

Minions + Ice Spirits: This combo is better than the Mega Minion + Ice Spirit combo above as Minions are faster and have better DPS. But, it is vulnerable to Arrows.

Bomber + Ice Spirit: Use this combo and lure them to the middle!


How to counter Elite Barbarians with 1-positive Elixir trade

The ones below are the best counters to Elite Barbarians as they are not vulnerable to most spells

Archers/Dart Goblin + Ice Golem: Place Ice Golem down to pull the Elite Barbarians to the center while Archers/Dart Goblin are hitting them.

Bowler: Bowler can easily kill Elite Barbarians without even meticulous placements. Just don’t place Bowler on them! Hands down this heavy guy is one of the best defensive troops in Clash Royale at the moment.

Valkyrie + Ice Spirit: This is obviously better than the lone Valkyrie.

Barbarians: Great defensive move against EB. Although not many will survive, you will be totally safe!

Bomb Tower: This underrated card can easily shut down the Elite Barbarians.

Inferno Tower: Place the Inferno Tower in the middle and everything will be fine! Just make sure your opponent doesn’t have either Zap or Lightning!

Tesla + Ice Spirits

Graveyard: Decent but most players don’t use Graveyard on defense.

Mega Minion + Fire Spirits or Minions + Fire Spirits: Works very well!

Tornado + Fire Spirits: Works well If you can use the Tornado to pull them to the middle.

Cannon + Fire Spirits: Works very well!

Fireball + Ice Spirit: Use the Ice Spirit to lure them to the middle then use Fireball on the,

Ice Wizard + Fire Spirits: Completely shuts down Elite Barbarians.

Prince: Works great. Use it only when you want to waste your Prince.

Equal Trades

The ones below are not recommended If you don’t have any better choice or If you are in emergency.

Rocket: This would be great If you can also damage the opponent’s Tower or any troops nearby. However, practice first before using this in the real battles as EB’s movement speed is very fast.

Lightning: The Lightning leaves EB at low HP and they still can harm your Tower. Use this If you don’t have any cheaper counter.

Elite Barbarians: Sure equal trade.

Fire Spirits + Dark Prince: Works great If you want to waste your Dark Prince.

Others: Fireball + The Log, Sparky, Knight + Minions, Witch + Ice Spirits, Musketeer + Fire Spirits and Mini P.E.K.K.A + Fire Spirits also work very well!

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