9 Forbidden Ways to Counter Graveyards

counter graveyard

Just kidding guys, most of these ways are already used to counter Graveyard! Hopefully you guys will find this helpful!

counter graveyard

Clash Royale GraveyardCurrently, I have been seeing lots of people complaining about the Graveyard.

Graveyard is always ‘in the meta’ since released. It is one of the most popular cards used by almost any player (at least a few battles). You can see it a lot in Grand Challenges and Tournaments.

If you are able to comfortably beat Graveyard decks, you will find it very easy to get those 12-win Challenges as well as Tournaments.

Today, I am going to show you some of the best tips to beat Graveyard decks.

Best Ways to Counter Graveyard!

Your opponent is carrying Graveyard for sure! Always have this mindset while playing.

By having this mindset, you will always be weary of threatening Graveyard push and will not use your Graveyard counters too early on offense.

Never use your Graveyard counters at the start of the game. If your starting hand is full of Graveyard counters, it’s better to wait for the opponent to make the first aggressive move.

By doing this, you will not be punished on the Graveyard counterpush at the very beginning.

Graveyard is the most lethal card when used in a counterpush


  1. You have used your Graveyard counter (Poison etc.) on offense and you almost can’t stop Graveyard + Poison on defense.
  2. Defending is always easier than attacking. When you decide to be aggressive on offense, save at least one Graveyard counter to deal with the opponent’s counterpush. If your attack is not good, it’s your fault allowing your opponent to counterpush with Greaveyard + survived troops + Spells + Elixir.

Make sure your decks have multiple options to counter or mitigate Graveyard damage

This is my list of Graveyard counters:

  • Excellent counters to Graveyard + Spell (i.e. Poison) = Witch, Poison, Valkyrie.
  • Excellent counters to Graveyard + Poison when you also have Log/Zap = Lumberjack, Baby Dragon, Dart Goblin, Knight, Ice Golem, Princess
  • Counters to Graveyard, weak to Poison = Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Goblins, Archers, Minions, Guards, Minion Horde, Electro Wizard, Night Witch, Barbarians, Bats

To successfully use Graveyard counters which are weak to a spell such as Poison, you need to have some ways to bait that spell out.


  • Elixir Collector: Place it at the center to prevent the opponent from using Graveyard + Poison combo to easily feast on it. Doing this can bait Poison pretty well!
  • Miner + Minion Horde is another great way to bait out Poison.
  • Three Musketeers! One of the best ways!
  • Barbarians
  • Barbarian Hut/Goblin Hut/Furnace/Tombstone at the kill zone. If your opponent is carrying Poison, place them behind your Arena Tower.

If your opponent is using SplashYard deck, which contains Executioner+ Tornado combo...

He will most likely pull your defensive troops directly in front of your Tower, allowing the Executioner to kill all of those defending troops while also dealing damage to the Tower.

To prevent this, drop your Executioner counter at the top tile (next to the bridge or below the center of the rider). Better, try a way to prevent him from distracting your Arena Tower.

Check out the SplashYard v2.0 at here

Graveyard players always want to distract your Tower before placing down the Graveyard.

Oftentimes, it is pretty easy to predict when your opponent is about to use the Graveyard. It’s when they place a tank/mini-tank quickly at the bridge.

A great way to deal with this situation this is to prevent that tank from crossing the bridge so it will not be able to distract your Tower, empowering Graveyard.

For example, when a Knight/Bowler is about to cross the river and you know that your opponent has lots of Elixir to play Graveyard + Poison, distract it immediately!

If you can’t kill the tank in time (such as Giant), use a defensive building to distract/kill it while you are dealing with the Graveyard. Giant + Graveyard + Poison combo costs 14 Elixir, which can be shut down easily with something like Inferno Tower + Poison.

Be careful of playing the Night Witch behind your Tower because Graveyard + Poison is an excellent combo to counter a defending Night Witch.

I love seeing the opponent places his Night Witch at the back so I can rush immediately with my Ice Golem + Graveyard + Poison combo to easily counter that Night Witch and deal massive damage.

If you don’t know whether your opponent is carrying Graveyard, always place the Night Witch 2 tiles in front of your King’s Tower.

Graveyard is easier to counter when your King’s Tower is activated

Every body knows this xD hahahaha.

Always look for the opportunity to active your King’s Tower If you have Tornado in your deck.

If you don’t have a suitable Graveyard counter in your hand, sometimes it’s better to trade the Tower.

For example, If you know that you can’t stop a Knight + Graveyard + Poison combo, instead of trying to stop it, make a push on the other lane and try to steal your opponent’s Tower at the same time. Then, you can simply clear all of those Skeletons with Zap/Log.

This way, you are tied 1-1 and you have a great advantage now is that your King is activated.

Tank + Graveyard + Poison = A lot of Elixir!

Remember this guys!

When you make an aggressive attack, try to force your opponent to use loads of Elixir on defense and make sure the attack works. If not, you will be facing a HUGE counterpush.

I strongly recommend not rushing with an aggressive push at the beginning without knowing your opponent’s cards.

Start using Valkyrie from now

She is just an excellent counter to the Graveyard!

Never start off with her unless you have the Poison to deal with Graveyard! Always keep her in your hand and  use her immediately when your opponent places the Graveyard down. Just don’t fall for Tornado + Executioner/Baby Dragon pulling her in front of the King’s Tower!

All of these tips were shared by Ash! Make sure to check out his channel at here guys!