Mega Knight Graveyard | Clash Royale Deck


Hey guys, this is Fang and here I bring you the dream of every single player in the game: a low-skill deck with Mega Knight that just wrecks your opponents and almost guarantees you free trophies! With the increase of Mega Knight usage in the low-mid ladder and the lack of Graveyard counters in this Meta certainly works in the favor of this deck. Let’s go through the basics of this deck and an overview that will give you some pointers on how to get better with this deck.

Deck Basics:

With a really great offensive and defensive potential, the synergy of this deck is really good. The evergreen combo of Graveyard-Poison and Hunter-Fisherman work really well in this deck. We have two of the best anti-air cards in the game: Electro Wizard and Hunter. These are also really a good for ground defence. The OP combo of Fisherman and Hunter can destroy any ground card in the game including tanks and win-conditions. The Barbarian Barrel is our small spell to deal with glass-cannons and ground swarms. The Poison is the big spell to deal with swarms placed to defend your graveyard or to deal with heavier glass cannons like Musketeers or Wizards. We also have the ever so annoying jumpy boy the Mega Knight which can be super difficult and frustrating for your opponent to deal with.

Heal SpiritClash Royale HunterClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Poison

Clash Royale Barbarian BarrelClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Mega Knightfisherman

Play Style:

The shortest cycle of this deck is 10 elixir but as this is not a cycle deck; it is better to hold on to your cards as each one has a specific use. Cycle only the Barbarian Barrel and the Heal Spirit. Be ready with the Mega knight to wipe out huge pushes at the bridge, Hunter and fisherman for defence and the Graveyard to punish. This is a heavy and defensive deck so wait patiently until double elixir time to play offensively.

Deck Overview:

Hunter and Fisherman combo:

fishermanClash Royale Hunter

The Fisherman is unlocked in Arena 10. He is a single-target, melee troop with moderate hit points and damage. The Hunter card is unlocked from Arena 1. He is a short-ranged troop with moderate hitpoints who shoots shotgun shells with a widespread, and each shot pellet does slight area damage on impact. The Fisherman’s hook has a range of seven tiles. You should keep this in mind when deciding where to place him against enemy troops to pull them. Fisherman can synergize well with close-range melee troops as the Fisherman can pull enemy troops closer to them so the troop is able to hit more easily. A very powerful version of this synergy is the Fisherman + Hunter combo. The Fisherman’s health pool can allow it to tank for the somewhat frail Hunter, and the Hunter will be able to land all of his shots thanks to the Fisherman hooking units towards them.


Clash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Deck

The Graveyard card is unlocked from Arena 12. It is a spell with a wide radius that spawns 20 Skeletons. Poison is a 4 Elixir Epic Spell card which is unlockable from Arena 5 Spell Valley. Poison lasts for 8 seconds and has 8 ticks i.e. one tick per second. Poison protects the Graveyard for 8 seconds out of 9 seconds of Graveyard’s duration thus enabling Graveyard to deal relatively more amount of damage. The Poison also clears out the swarm cards that your opponent may place to deal with your Graveyard.

Heal Spirit and Barbarian Barrel:

Heal SpiritClash Royale Barbarian Barrel

The Heal Spirit card is unlocked from Arena 10. It is a very short-ranged troop with low hit points and damage. Like the Ice Spirit, the Heal Spirit attacks by jumping onto the target before disintegrating. When it does this, it creates a field that heals nearby friendly troops. A Heal Spirit card costs 1 Elixir to deploy. Use the Heal Spirit to tank one shot from high DPS units or to heal up your defensive cards like the Fisherman and Hunter to counter push effectively. A Barbarian Barrel on its own can hit 2 shots on the princess tower and deal damage. Combined with the Heal Spirit, the Barbarian is fully healed and can hit up to 5 shots. The Barbarian Barrel card is unlocked from Arena 3. It is an area damage spell with a moderate area of effect and damage. When cast the Barbarian Barrel rolls across the Arena, damaging ground troops and buildings in its path. After rolling for 5 tiles, it will break open and release a Barbarian. A Barbarian Barrel card costs 2 Elixir to cast. The Barbarian Barrel can counter lone support troops such as Wizard, Witch, and Executioner as they cross the bridge. If the Barbarian spawns near the troop, the barrel’s damage and the Barbarian’s damage can kill the troop.

Electro Wizard:

Clash Royale Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard card is unlocked from Arena 11. He is a double-target, ranged troop with moderate hit points and damage. His attacks briefly stun his targets. He stuns and deals minor area damage upon deployment. An Electro Wizard costs 4 Elixir. Keep in mind that an Electro Wizard zaps two single targets at once and he does not do splash damage other than the landing damage. Do not treat him like a splash support unit as he can still be swarmed without having to surround him. Use The Ewiz to counter Charging troops like the Ram Rider, Prince and Sparky etc. The Ewiz has massive potential in counter-push as he can reset Inferno towers and dragons that can destroy your Mega Knight.

Mega Knight:

Clash Royale Mega Knight

Ah yes…The jumpy boi…The hero of every mid-ladder player ever…Watch out, it’s the Mega Knight. The Mega Knight card is unlocked from Arena 7. He is an area damage, ground, melee troop with very high hit points and moderately high damage. He deals high spawn damage when deployed and jumps to targets that are between 3.5 to 5 tiles away from him, dealing twice his normal area damage on impact. A Mega Knight costs 7 Elixir. His spawn damage is similar to a Fireball, which makes him useful for countering glass cannons like a Musketeer or a Wizard. He will then only require one more regular attack to defeat them fully. However, cards like the Night Witch, Witch, and Bandit have slightly more health than these units, so he will require a second swing to finish them off. He is really annoying for your opponents to deal with. He is also the main tank of this deck for your Graveyard. Plop him down on the bridge to punish your opponent and take down their crown tower. Also, use your elixir advantage to play Mega Knights and support him to destroy your opponents.

That’s it for today guys. Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed. Happy Clashing.