E-Golem E-Barbs | New Clash Royale Deck

Hey there! It’s Krux here, and I am back again with some cool wintry breeze and a new Clash Royale Deck guide. We are mid-way into the latest Clash Royale season called Treasures of the Old King. We still have a little more than two weeks left, and this is a good time to learn some new decks and push the ladder. So here is one Clash Royale deck which is easy to use and dominate the game!

Elixir Golem Elite Barbarians Clash Royale Deck

elixir golemClash Royale Elite BarbariansClash Royale Electro Dragonbattle healer
Heal SpiritClash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Rage

copy deckThis Clash Royale Deck has an average elixir cost of 3.5. It has some common cards with the classic E-Golem deck but also Elite barbarians to make it more toxic.

Deck Cards:

  • Elixir Golem: Our investment card and the win condition for this deck.
  • Elite Barbarians: Our mini-tank and ground tank killers. Second win condition.
  • Battle Healer: We know Elixir golem cannot go without the Healer.
  • Heal Spirit: We don’t need two healing cards on a deck, but here it will help us retain the push and also cycle cards.
  • Inferno Dragon: Our answer to tanks and PEKKA.
  • Arrows: The defence spell on this Clash Royale deck is versatile, can be used for skeleton army, minions, or Archers.
  • Rage: Pair with Elite Barbarians and wreck havoc on the opponent.

E Golem

Deck Strategy

Opening: You can wait a bit for your opponent to make a move in the initial five seconds. This is not very hard and fast, but we don’t want to get three crowned after placing our Elixir Golem push on the arena. If they don’t put any troop, you can place the Elixir Golem in the back.

Clash Royale deckLet the Elixir Golem walk up to the bridge and then place the Battle Healer. If your opponent places some building chaser in the other lane, you will ignore them like nothing is there. Don’t defend that Hog Rider, Miner or even Cannon. You can take damage as long as they don’t send all their army in that lane because then it will take out our tower and also substantially damage our King Tower, maybe even take the King Tower out if the push is really nasty. So ignore if it’s one card. If it is a push with supporting cards, then defend using the minimum troops there, place wisely. Like you can take out mini-tanks using Inferno Dragon or if they are three fragile cards like Archers and Miner or something go with the Electro Dragon. Avoid using E-barbs; we don’t want them to go to waste. Wait for your Elixir Golem and Healer to take out their Princess tower or damage it a good deal. You can also send the Heal Spirit at this point to damage it more. If the opponent doesn’t push the other lane, be prepared with the defensive Dragons in the same lane for a counter push.

Mid-Game: If your opponent fails to kill your Elixir Golem and Battle Healer using their defence anyhow, you have to place the Elite Barbarians at the bridge in the first push itself. For example, they placed a Musketeer or Electro wizard or something which is just shooting slowly and failing to take out the Golem and Healer in time, then place the ELite Barbarians at the bridge and wait for the elixir to use Rage. The E-Barbs will kill the defence, and you will Rage the entire toxic push. Place any dragon as per required after this when your huge push goes for the opponent’s King Tower. This is it. You 3-crowned the sad red king.
If the scenario is different and the opponent defends, then we will use our defence cards viz. Inferno Dragon, Arrows, or Elite Barbarians if required. If the enemy’s push is a large one and there is difficulty to take it out, you can go for a defensive Rage. This is not recommended but do it when your tower is in danger of going down. When successfully defended the counter push, start our cycle again with the Elixir Golem in the back. Let it go up to the bridge, take care of the other lane, and then place the Battle Healer with the Elixir Golem.egolemm

Ending: Just like the first cycle, you will try to collapse the opponent’s tower while taking some damage on ours if they push the other lane. You may use one defence if the other lane push is dangerous. Ignore the chip damages otherwise. After Golem and healer, place the Elite Barbarians and Rage. You can also go for another elixir Golem at the bridge itself if the opponent fails to defend the previous one and the King Tower is low on health. DO this wisely as if not won, they will be eating your elixir. This will definitely earn you one crown and a good amount of damage to the King Tower. It sometimes turns in to a 3 crown game also. But if it doesn’t, just defend the counter push and then push again. It will take only two full drives on our part to 3-crown and come out victorious.


  • Never send the Battle Healer alone. This is a dumb mistake which can cost us the match.
  • Don’t send Elite Barbarians alone. Bridge spamming is another dumb and impatient mistake.
  • The deck is about the pairing. So always Golem+Healer and Elite Barbarians+Rage.
  • Choose wisely when to ignore and take damage and when to defend. Ignore a Lumberjack and balloon; you will be at 22 trophies lesser.

This was the EGolem EBarbs deck. I hope you win some matches with this Clash Royale deck. Stay tuned with us for more stuff related to the game. Clash On!