Night Witch Miner Poison (Rules The Meta)

miner night witch deck

Hey guys! Its Blaze and this is my 10th Clash.World GUIDE! I am so happy and I had to celebrate this by writing a guide on my favourite combo in the Entire Game : Miner Poison and also a new card which is steadily becoming my favourite: The Night Witch.

miner night witch deck

Night Witch Miner Poison Control

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Now, this is basically the 2.9 Miner Poison Cycle with Night Witch instead of the Knight. You can read the guide on it by Lolman at here .However, this one change changes the game play a bit which I will be discussing later on.

Cards Breakdown

MinerMiner: My first legendary card and also one of my favorites.

Miner is very good in the current meta. He offers an ability to deal direct tower damage which is extremely good for 3 elixir. He can deal few hundreds of damage each push and when coupled with Poison you can get 700+ damage.

Kill Princess and destroys pumps with this card.

Now, main thing to remember is that to change the Miner’s Position every time. I have seen many first time users placing the miner in the same position which is easily predictable. So be creative and innovative.

NightWitchCardNight Witch: Though, I didn’t win her from the Night Witch Draft Challenge, luckily she appeared in my shop on the first day of Double Elixir Draft.

Now, I know that she is is already be nerfed, however it will just tone her down and not make her a bad card like the #trashcanonwheels  She will still have high damage and only her bat spawn will be nerfed which is OK. Night Witch can be used to kill support troops behind tanks and then go on counter-push with miner as she must have spawned a lot of bats unless it was a splash support.

Now, the main differences you should see between Night Witch and Knight in this deck are:

  1. Knight is more tankier but has less damage. On the other hand, Night Witch is less tankier but deals more damage.
  2. Night Witch dies to Lightning while Knight doesn’t so Knight better on defense in some cases where opponent is a lightning user.
  3. Night Witch spawns bats which the Knight doesn’t.
  4. The bats increase the air defense of the deck and coupled with Miner, NW’s high damage and death spawn, the offensive potential is greatly increase as you don’t depend solely on Miner Poison.

PoisonPoison: My all-time favourite card, Poison is extremely good at the moment.

It synergises well with Miner as it clears out all cheap-low HP distractions or defenses easily which are used to counter Miner. It has a lot of uses on defense too making it great.

IMO Poison is a card in the game which gives immense value so only use Poison if you get value out of it and not just for the sake of the deck being Miner Poison. Some interactions you should know (At tournaments standards/ equivalent levels):

  • Skeletons and Bats die in 1 tick.
  • Spear Goblins and Fire Spirits die in 2 ticks.
  • Goblins, Ice Spirit, Minions, Princess and Dart Goblin die in 3 ticks.
  • Archers die in 4 ticks.
  • Bomber dies in 5 ticks.
  • Musketeer, Wizard, Electro Wizard die in 8 ticks or the whole duration of Poison.
  • Ice Wizard, Witch, Night Witch, Barbarians don’t die but are severely damaged by Poison so that they can be taken down in 1 hit from Crown Towers.

LogThe Log: It is the Log. What should I say more? Use it to kill troops who die to it and and to recent the charge of Princes, Battle Ram and Dash of Bandit if timed right (Extremely hard not recommended). Can be substituted for Zap or Arrows. Tornado not recommended as no splash troop for major effect.

Take a look at this guide for the best uses of The Log.

SkelliesSkeletons: Now, I also know, that these are also nerfed. But the thing is that the Skeletons have a major role of cycling in this deck. So reducing the Skeles won’t reduce their cycling effect however their DPS will be reduced by 67 at tourney level which will reduce their defensive capability however it will be manageable.

If you still don’t wanna use them, use Guards or Goblins instead.

IceSpiritIce Spirit: After the skeles nerf, this card will take over the 1 elixir card slot in most decks.

Its major role is cycling however his stun/freeze effect is extremely valuable on defense (especially against air). Also, it is the only cards in the game where you can’t gain elixir advantage 1 to 1.

Skeles can be ignored by you if they send them alone to the tower as it will simply kill them giving you one elixir advantage. However, Ice Spirit can tank hits as well as damage so you can’t gain advantage.

eWizElectro Wizard: This guy will be your main air defense card. So save him if you faced a lot of air troops or you will be really punished hard. Make sure to use his Spawn damage to its full potential however, his range comes handy in other cases.

Most of the time it won’t reach the Tower, but if you manage to make him reach, make sure you utilize the opportunity fully.

Substitute with Musketeer for Range and High Damage.

InfernoInferno Tower: The best defensive building at the moment as it counters most offensive units with eases.

However, the current meta is dominated by Lightning and Electro Wizard, so make sure it is protected from Electro Wizard and pressure them enough so that they don’t have Elixir for Lightning.

night witch miner poison logs

General Gameplan:


Your best starting moves may be cycling Skeletons and Ice Spirit. However if you don’t have them then wait for some time if opponent places a building like Furnace or Pump and if he does destroy them with Miner and/or Poison.

If he places a passive support, use your E-wiz. Save your Night Witch for defense and only use her if you the opponent places a tank so that you can pressure on other lane.

Basically, you have to scout your opponent’s deck, cycle cards and get a few hits from your Miner.


Now, your opponent will be getting aggressive and/or preparing himself for Double Elixir.

Start becoming offensive with Miner+Ice Spirit or Miner+Skeletons.

Cycle, maintain a steady defense and if your Night Witch/ Ewiz survives, do a counter push with Miner using spells only if necessary and can enable you to deal lots of damage.

1:00 – 0:00

It’s double Elixir time and here you have to get aggressive!

You can cycle very fast and constantly pressure your opponent with Miner.

Use Poison nearly every time as the opponent will most likely defend giving you value. If he does not well, he will be punished.

Night Witch should also be used offensively. Place her at the back so that you get lot of Bats by the time she reaches the Bridge. Then use Miner+Poison to kill any card the opponent places to counter her. If she reaches the Tower, it is GG for your opponent. However always have enough Elixir for defense.


As I have said in my earlier guides, Miner really shines in this period.

This is because the players generally become defensive and go to Spell-Cycle Mode. This extremely strong in Challenges as you have a 3-minute Extra time, making it easy to destroy weakened towers with spell cycling and strong defense.

However, Miner can damage the Tower as it can be spawned anywhere and you do not have to worry about the buildings. The troops will be not much a threat if you change the position and support with Poison and The Log.

Match Ups:

GolemGolem Beatdown: This is a hard match-up for you if you aren’t able to pressure enough cause your defenses will don’t stand a chance against the strong offense.

Keep on destroying their pumps and when they place their Golem, pressure with Night Witch and Miner and cycling cards. A player might ignore a Miner and let him do damage but no one can ignore a Night Witch as she can solo a Tower!

Use your Inferno to counter the lone Golem and use Ewiz if and only if opponent places a support (place outside of Lightning range) and if he has already used Lightning.

LavaLavaloon: Similar to Golem, pressure them continuously. However, you need to have Poison and Electro Wizard and Ice Spirit if you want to successfully handle a Push.

Night Witch Bats can be used but most of the time Balloon may get a hit and you also give chance of value Lightning! Place your cards properly and make sure they don’t have Elixir for Lightning by successful pressuring.

GobGangSpell bait: This is a easy match-up most of the time.

The Miner is mostly countered by Goblin Gang or Skeleton Army so Poison comes in handy.

Save your Log for Goblin Barrels unless you are confident that you will be able to cycle back.

Miner+Poison their Princess. Why two cards? I will explain below.

These generally have Hog Rider, Knight or Miner as a tank. You can counter Hog with Inferno and Miner and Knight with Skeletons+Ice Spirit.

Use Electro Wizard spawn damage to kill Goblin Gang which they will uses offensively along with their tank.

Don’t place Night Witch, Ewiz near the Tower or they will Rocket it. Rather place them in front of your King.

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HogHog Cycle: You have 3 good counters to Hog in this Deck: Inferno Tower which counter completely and Night Witch, Ewiz which allow only 1 hit. However, all 3 are weak to Lightning so you have to pressure them as they will pressure you.

It will be annoying match-up but you can deal with it if you practice well against your clan mates.

MinerMiner Poison Cycle: This is also annoying cause both the players follow same tactic so they can predict what the other will do.

So the whole game comes down to 2 things: Better Cycling and Skill.

GraveyardGraveyard: Don’t let them form a big support or you will be in problem. Pressure them as much as you can.

Lone support will die to Inferno and as for GY, you can use Poison, Night Witch ( she is not effective against Poison though), Skeletons+Ice Spirit+The Log or Ewiz+The Log.

3MThree Musketeers: You should destroy pumps and use your Poison offensively. You can easily cycle back t o Poison and get more value out of it rather than Tower damage. Always Poison the side with 2M. The tank is not a threat with Inferno, Night Witch and Ewiz.

MortarSiege: I haven’t really faced siege but with my experience with 2.9 Elixir cycle Deck against X-Bow FTW (Dreemurr) with enough pressuring you can not let them put troops along with the building and use Inferno to counter it.

However, they can turtle-up and Rocket cycle so you should really become aggressive.

Useful Tips:

  1. First of all this is a Fast Control Deck so you should read my guide about them at here.
  2. You have heard this word lot of time but it is extremely important “PRESSURE your opponent continuously.”
  3. Use Poison only if you have value unless if it Double Elixir or OT. Also, in some cases, its better to go for value rather than Tower damage.
  4. Against Pumps and spawners, instead of using Miner or Poison alone, use them together. Send your Miner to the Crown Tower and Poison the building and Tower together. Send you Poison a split second late though. Opponent will most likely place the counter near the building but your Miner will be at the Tower and by the time it reaches towards the Miner, it will be either weakened/ killed and Miner will get many hits off and you get decent Poison value.
  5. I said above in Match-ups that Miner+Poison the Princess. This is similar to the above technique except that Princess take the role of the building. 95% of the time the opponent will place Skeleton Army/ Goblin Gang besides the Princess but your Miner will be actually at the Tower and Poison will take care of the opponents troops giving you decent Poison value again.
  6. If you can’t handle the opponents pushes without Poison. You should go defensive and only deal chip damage with Miner+Cyling Cards. You have 6 minutes in all in Challenges so use it to your benefit by taking time and taking chunk by chunk of Tower HP and having strong defense.

Thats all folks! Hope you guys liked my 10th guide and I will continue writing guides in the future as well. Ask me about anything in comments section or by messaging me on Discord (though I may not be that active on it.)


By Blaze Stone