Stealing Miner Cycle Deck for Challenges


It’s XxBismuthxX here! On my first successfully submitted guide for Clash Royale arena! On this guide I will be talking about my Stealing Miner deck!

I posted this deck because of its power of multiple lane attacks that can both take a tower usually causing great damage. This deck is also fun (at least for me) to play which to be honest is the real point of CR!

stealing miner

Stealing Miner Cycle Deck

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale BanditClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale Ice Spirit
Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Minions

miner cycle analytics

Cards Breakdown

Bandit : We use this sneaky outcast in a similar fashion to Lumberjack, however there is a difference, more on that later. She is used like Lumberjack in defense and can wreck a Tower for 3 Elixir if played right.

Lumberjack : This speedy wood chopping guy is used for its crazy crushing damage that can solo a Tower with little help. Also used to defend a push coming your way unless it’s an air push. The Rage can be used to gain massive Tower damage fast enough that it is really hard to react to.

Miner : This Royal digger is never used on defense but it used to make a cheap powerful push that can take a Tower. This card is often accompanied with some stabby Goblins holding knives.

This digger is used to tank for units like these:

  1. Bandit (so she can take Tower and not die before taking Tower)
  2. Goblins (so they can do all they can while the Miner is tanking)
  3. Lumberjack (so he can chop longer and do more damage)
  4. Minions (same as the gold stealing stabby Gobs)

miner placements

Don’t send Miner to the red spots. Most of the time, you want to send him to the green spots.

Minions : These blue merciless flying Minions are used as your air defense and can be used with Miner to wreck the Tower. These blue Minions are mainly used on defense with their high DPS and the ability to fly (not get attacked by some ground units).

Fire Spirits : these fiery huggers are used to support Lumberjack and Bandit as they go to assault the Tower. These huggers can be used on defense as a counter to swarm type units these spirits can also be used on a Tower solo to deal a couple hundred damage if ignored which will probably be your opponents reaction to these Spirits solo.

Ice Spirit : This icy dude is a Zap resistant Spirit that can be used to buy you time on offense or defense. Also seen with Bandit or Lumberjack so they can get extra hits off.

Zap : this Mini Lightning hits units with a stun that is often used while skeleton armies and other . Swarm like units dare to get hands on your Lumberjack or Bandit. Can also be used as a . . defense against many units, ground or air.

Goblins : and last but not least we have our gold stealing stabby merciless Goblins that are used to attack with the Miner and sometimes used to defend hogs and other units that can’t target them or have slow hitting speed (ex : Mini P.E.K.K.A or P.E.K.K.A)

Fun fact about Goblins: They only attack towers because Princesses and Kings wear plenty of jewelry and expensive clothing and body ornaments (made this fun fact up)

Card Replacements

Note: don’t change the deck too much and try to maintain a cheaper cost


First seconds: (3:00 – 2:30)

Scout opponents deck and defend. If they don’t attack go first with one of the cheaper pushes mentioned down below. And just go back and forth and try to do damage, you however probably won’t take a Tower unless your opponent is a noob, if so and you take a Tower use the laugh emote because this is the right time to use it (at least I laugh) also keep a low profile and use 3/4 of deck and keep Bandit and another card hidden if possible

Middle game: (2:30 – 1:00)

Now is pre x2 Elixir time so try to take or wreck a Tower (I’ve taken two in certain matches)

Also defend because you want to have minimal damage done to your towers is you are facing a deck that loves overtime/double time (ex : P.E.K.K.A, Golem, three Musketeer and more) this is also the time to use Bandit if going well if you are struggling keep Bandit a secret for a bit longer

x2 Elixir time: (1:00 – 0:00)

Now is the time to strike with everything you have and do several multi lane pushes and counter pushes, also keep an eye on defense as you push and take towers (do the mid game stuff too)

Overtime: (0:00 – -1:00)

Be careful what you do and keep pushing also keep an eye on defense I would do some Bandit sneak pushes now but you can do these in double Elixir time too, not just overtime.

Keep in mind if your opponent has any heavy DPS cards like Three Musketeers or P.E.K.K.A. If you can’t win, draw because time here in this stage of the game is on your side (especially in the last 20-30 seconds).


Bandit Sneak: Use Bandit to get plenty of hard to react to damage on Tower:

  1. Do a Lumberjack push with fire/Ice Spirit(s) Note: do not use Zap this step
  2. While the Lumberjack’s Rage is up place a Bandit on the middle of enemy’s side (you must have taken one Tower already). After this prepare Zap if necessary.

Cold/hot Cutter: Lumberjack + Fire/Ice Spirit(s)

  1. Deploy Lumberjack and Spirit(s)
  2. Prepare Zap and be ready (especially if use Ice Spirit not Fire).

Mined Goblins: Use Goblins + Miner

  1. Deploy Miner and Goblins
  2. Prepare Zap

All forces in: Use everything possible

  1. Deploy Miner + Goblins + both spirits + Bandit + Lumberjack + Minions (do as many as possible)
  2. Prepare Zap
  3. Keep deploying until you 3-crown or until it seams clear that your push will fail


Lava hound: Worst matchup go for the draw especially if it is a heavy push with Inferno Dragon Balloon Baby Dragon and more. Try to use air like units wisely and if possible bait Arrows before using Minions, and try to pressure them so they can’t push

Royal Giant: Fairly easy matchup! You got the Lumberjack and Bandit and if necessary Fire Spirits after that counterpush with Bandit + Lumberjack + Fire Spirits.
(If you used Fire Spirits already use Ice Spirit instead) after this dump a Miner + Goblins push on the other lane if you have enough Elixir now they don’t have Elixir and you have two strong pushes each on one lane!

Elite Barbarians: Pretty easy but you gotta be ready use Goblins + Minions and pull them into the zone where both towers can hit them if possible if they Zap, Arrows or Log kill the Elite barbs with Lumberjack or Bandit and counterpush with Fire/Ice Spirit(s). If they don’t Zap, Arrow or Log then counterpush with surviving units + Miner

Miner cycle: Use Lumberjack on Miner, and Zap on incoming units! Be careful if their Goblin level is higher than your Zap level, if so then pull to the Middle using Ice Spirit. You can pull to the Middle using Ice Spirit even if your Zap is out of rotation or if you prefer this method over Zap method like me.

Hog Rider: You have Bandit and Lumberjack, use it on the Hog Rider and counterpush with surviving troops + Fire Spirits if it’s a lone Hog, sometimes used to test the water!
Deploy Goblins to give them a false sense of the fact that you can’t counter Hog properly or your units are not proper, then when they go all in with Hog and support surprise them and gain Elixir advantage, remember the strongest opponent will try to seem weak until victory is clear.
If it’s not a lone Hog use Bandit/Lumberjack and counter the support units with Zap/Ice or Fire Spirit(s)

Three Musketeers: You place Lumberjack and then right after that Fire Spirits + Zap. Also, be sure you deploy these units in range of the Musketeers and the Tower. Also take note of the fact that the Musk could come in the middle of your side to take a Tower if you already lost one! be prepared is the most important thing and remember to track cycle and rotation to know if Three Musketeers are in their hand.
It’s important to know if the deck has Three Musketeers before they use it! You got plenty of time because they probably won’t use it until Double Elixir time. You can look for the Three Musk if their deck has Elixir Pump, a hidden card, a Knight, a Giant, an Ice Golem, or a Miner etc.


Thank you for reading my first submitted guide! And enjoy if I missed anything contact me on this deck’s page! Thanks for reading again! Hope you like the deck!-XxBismuthxX