Barbarian Barrel with Graveyard + Poison Control Deck


Barbarian Barrel with Graveyard + Poison Control Deck

Hey guys! I hope you all are safe in these times and doing well. I’m Krux, I’m back again with some fresh air and a new deck guide. You wanna push 100 trophies more than the last season, I know.

We have seen some formidable challenges this season and some new cards like Fisherman, Zappies getting in the Clash Royale meta. But do you know what got popular recently? The graveyard win condition.

If you played the No Tilt 20-Win challenge till 15+ wins a few days ago, either you have played a GY deck, or you faced it multiple times. Many professional Clash Royale Players have used a GGY deck to complete the challenge. But what if you and the Skeleton Dragons are poles apart in friendship? Fret not, this Barb Hut GY deck if for you.

Barbarian Barrel with Graveyard + Poison Blast

This deck is doing good on the ladder scene now. So it is our time to now to show some dominance with Graveyard and Barbarian Hut. 

Deck Cards

  • We have Knight in our deck as the versatile king even though he is a knight. The card can be played as an elixir investment, as a small rush attack or even bait. It is also good at lower levels, so Knight, here you go.
  • The little girl with the gun—Musketeer is here again after being in many good decks, our air defense and the damage card which stays behind baits.
  • The green Baby Dragon is another elixir investment card and also good against both air and ground swarms.
  • 400″>Barbarian Hut. You should know when and why to place. It is the major defensive building and investment on our side to be placed at the right times.
  • Poison in our deck can be both a defensive and offensive spell in our deck. But try to use it in offense mostly.
  • The Graveyard is our win condition in this deck. Timing is necessary to play this. It is also the card that will force the enemy to pour their elixir on the arena if they don’t have a counter in hand. 
  • The Barbarian Barrel is a good low elixir card to play against ground swarms and to cycle our deck for GY or Hut.
  • Royal Delivery is really good. It is a card which can be dropped at the bridge, works against any kind of swarms, and also defends.

Deck Strategy

This is a control deck, so if you are an impatient little Clasher, then I would say to you “Calm Down”. Wrong and hasty play will make you go out of the cycle and it might be very harmful to you. Alright, let’s start.

The game starts and if you have Barbarian Hut in your first cards, you will not place it right away. Yes. You will wait for your opponent to make a move for some time and if there is movement, then we can put it in its position. Its position is fixed. Between the towers, middle of the arena. Nowhere else at any point in the game.

If you start with other cards like Musketeer, Poison, Knight, Barb Barrel, roll your barbarian barrel on the bridge and get chip damage along with deck cycle. After that according to your opponent’s move, place the knight or the musketeer behind your princess tower as the defense.

When their troops are on their way to heaven and yours are still alive, drop your Baby Dragon to join the gang at the bridge and let it push. And if you are on elixir, use Graveyard. Be careful not to activate their king tower. This is the right time to play Graveyard in any match. Do not waste your win condition by placing the Graveyard randomly thinking that you can get some damage. That’s a costly and dumb mistake.


If your opponent is playing Goblin Barrel or Skeleton Barrel, you will always save your Barbarian Barrel or Royal Delivery for these otherwise the game can be frustrating for you. Time your Barrels and Deliveries nicely and save that damage. 

Do not Poison their Goblins or Skelly barrels. Poison will be used as an offensive spell while we push their tower with Musketeer and Graveyard. It will clear out the push by killing their tiny defence troops like Princess, Dart Goblin, Musketeer along with damaging their tower.

Quick Revision: Start with Hut or respond to their first move with Knight/baby Dragon in the back. Join them with Musketeer at the bridge and use Graveyard when the push is about to just crosses the bridge. That’s the push strategy. Use Poison while they try to defend. Don’t send anything else and let the elixir build up again. Use Barb Barrel and Royal Delivery for defending against swarms, barrels etc. Repeat the cycle. 



“Patience is a virtue” when you are playing with a control deck like this. So play relaxingly, and repeat the cycles. It will take more than three cycles to destroy the opponent’s tower. So do not play aggressive. 



I hope you get some good wins using the deck in the ladder. Best of luck for your session. Use the comment section to suggest or criticize but don’t forget to read out more articles by me. Clash On!