Skeleton Dragons

Skeleton Dragons

Skeleton Dragons

“This pair of skeletal scorchers deal Area Damage and fly above the Arena. They also play a mean rib cage xylophone duet.”

The Skeleton Dragons are unlocked from Spooky Town (Arena 12).

It is a pair of two low-hitpoints dragons who only have bones and fire. It costs 4 elixirs and is a common card with medium area damage.

It is released in the Season 12, called Prince’s Dream. A new addition to the dragon family, after Electro, Inferno Dragon, and the Baby Dragon.

Strategies for using Skeleton Dragons

First, do not think that they are two Baby Dragons who have been ripped off of their body.

Skeleton Dragons do not deal double the damage of a Baby Dragon nor the hitpoints. If you talk about the hitpoints, Skeleton Dragons are low on hitpoints compared to other dragons.

That says that the Skeleton Dragons act more or less like a fragile pair of Baby Dragons. They fly with their bony wings which are perfectly in sync and deal moderate area damage. Though, they have a slightly higher hit speed. 

After you are out of the confusions, let us take a look at how we can use that pair of hot bones in Clash Royale

  • Given their relatively low hitpoints, it is not advisable to use them to attack the towers alone. They will die after damaging just a little.
  • They can be used to counter swarm air and land attacks. You should use them to take out tiny killers like bats, minions, goblins, firecracker, graveyard etc.
  • Skeleton Dragons can be a defence to wizards, executioner and other troops which have low hitpoints.
  • They have functional baiting abilities too. Bait them to pull out spells from your opponent’s deck and play the elixir game. Low-damage spells only partially crack the bones of our Dragons. 
  • Similar to the defence, Skeleton Dragons are not very good on their own.
  • You can send the two fire-breathing skeletons with tank cards and giants. They will kill the swarms making the way clear for your tanks, which will be excited to take down the tower by then.
  • Also, one of them survives when played against Musketeer, which is a threat to the Baby Dragon. You should be more on a careful side if your opponent has the Hunter though. 

How to counter Skeleton Dragons

  • Countering the Skeleton Dragons is best with spells like Fireball and Poison.
  • High damaging units are not advised as it will not be a good elixir trade.
  • You can place your Hunter below them to take them out quickly.
  • Do not put swarms as you do with Inferno and sometimes Baby Dragon.
  • Placing a passive building away from your tower will be good too if they have reached your tower. 

Let’s see how these new Dragons keep the temperature high in Clash Royale with their fire. We will add the decks for Skeleton Dragons once the Clash Royale world gets familiar to them!

Guide by Krux