Top Common Mistakes while playing Clash Royale + Tips Inside


Hey guys, this is a huge collection of the top common mistakes people usually make in Clash Royale.

I am definitely not the best player (I’m in top 100,000 probably lol) but I can see people making obvious mistakes every day. That’s why I decided to post this “super mega ultra long” guide to help people guys improve the gameplay!

As I don’t have massive experience with every card, feel free to comment If you have any advice or question!

Top Common Mistakes in Clash Royale

General tips and mistakes

  • Don’t play a card If your opponent has the direct counter to it in his hand.
    Tracking cards is very easy: Once your opponent uses a card, he will have it after playing 4 more cards. Be wary in case your opponent can cycle through his deck quickly.
  • Always count your opponent’s cards to see whether he is hiding any surprising card (usually Three Musketeers, Rocket, Lightning, Graveyard…).
  • Never underestimate Epics and Legendaries in Challenges. You are probably used to the ladder, where commons and rares are overleveled a lot.
  • If a card don’t solve a situation or don’t affect the battle, don’t play it!
  • Know when to give up on a push.
    Assuming that you launch your best push towards the opponent Tower and he deploys 3 Musketeers to defend. If you can’t touch them, your push is gone. If you Zap them, the 0.5s stun does nothing and the damage is useless. In this case, it’s better to give up!
  • Know when to sacrifice your Tower’s HP.
    For example, let that Mega Minion get 2 hits on your Tower instead of using Fire Spirits to defend, which can easily counter the opponent’s Minion Horde.
  • Sometimes, you event have to sacrifice your the entire Tower.
    For example, a P.E.K.K.A 3 Musketeers is coming down to your Tower. All you have is only 3 Elixir, which is enough to place the Knight down. The Knight is totally useless against this push, your Tower will be wreaked anyway. If you waste 3 Elixir for nothing, they might get your King’s Tower too. It’s better to wait until you can play a better card.
  • Think twice before using the card for the first time of the battle.
    Assuming that your opponent uses Minion Horde and you have Electro Wizard and Arrows in your hand. They both will do the job very well but try not to reveal Arrows too soon since it’s the hard counter to his Minion Horde when he needs it the most.
  • Watch the shadows of the flying troops, not their bodies. While playing, you should notice that sometimes you use Fireball to kill the Minion Horde but you might miss some.
  • Sometimes, getting positive Elixir trade is not the priority. You should factor in counterpush value too.
    For example, use Executioner instead of Arrows to counter the Minion Horde then transfer into the counterpush.
  • If your pushes always get stopped, consider using spells to damage his Tower (Rocket, Fireball, Lightning). Simply go on full defensive mode and use your spells to damage the Tower repeatedly. Hold your finger on a card to see how much damage it does.

Top Common Mistakes and Tips for Cards


  • Don’t place troop and the mirrored one at the same time and in the same place as your opponent can counter them all with the same cards.
  • Since mirror is a good surprising card, think twice before revealing it. Also pay attention If your opponent has played only 7 cards.
  • 2 Fireballs can do 500 damage to your opponent’s Tower. Use them to win the battle!

Ice Spirit

  • Ice Spirit + Zap can finish Minions.
  • Ice Spirit damage is enough to kill Fire Spirits and Skeletons. Due to his range and speed, he can reach them in the blink of an eye.
  • Make sure you place the Ice Spirit at a safe distance to make the most of it.


  • Wasting 1 Elixir to cycle your deck isn’t a bad idea. This applies to Ice Spirit too.

The Log

  • Before Logging the Princess, consider she might move before getting hit by The Log.
  • Hitting troops with the side of your Log can push them to the side. If you use The Log right on their heads, it can push them towards.


  • You should avoid late zapping. Don’t Zap the Skeleton Army If your Hog is almost gone. This is very important right now as people are using Zap bait deck a lot.

Fire Spirits

  • All 3 Fire Spirits do 500 damage. They are useful against not only swarm but also Tower and low-HP troops.
  • Don’t place them too close otherwise they will get killed before jumping but not too far (they might get Zapped).
  • While dealing with Fire Spirits, keep your troops far away from your Tower otherwise they will hit both.


  • They are one of the best tank-and-spank troops. At the moment, the easiest way to get an equal trade is to use The Log on them. Save your Log If you face Goblins!

Spear Goblins:

  • It is very difficult to avoid Spear Goblins from doing chip damage so be very careful If your tower is at low HP.

Ice Golem

  • You should learn how to push him properly. Normally, place a troop 1 tile right behind him to push him. If your troop gets ahead of Ice Golem, congrats, you have just wasted 2 Elixir.
  • Stop considering him a reliable offensive troop to counter Skeleton Army as your opponent can just place the Skeleton Army behind the Ice Golem.


  • Rage is a super surprising card. By using it, you can easily turn a low-danger push into a more menacing one right when your opponent makes mistakes.
  • Raged Witch spawns Skeletons a lot faster. This can shut down possible counters.
  • Rage could be used as a cycle card so you can try to play it as often as possible.
  • Affected troops stay raged for a short time after leaving the rage circle.


  • This is another surprising card so you should use it only when your opponent can’t Zap the clones or when you can get the benefits from the death effects.

Mega Minion

  • A lone Mega Minion can be take out by any troop (with the help of the Crown Tower).

Skeleton Army

  • If your opponent has The Log, deploy your Skeleton Army at the middle to avoid The Log from killing the whole Skeleton Army.
  • Against a good Zap user, your Skeleton Army work work well only the first time.
  • Not only Valkyrie, Bowler, Executioner, Fire Spirits are good against Skeleton Army but also Dark Prince, Baby Dragon, Wizard, Minions etc.
  • Once you get one Tower, the Skeleton Army has more offensive usage.


  • Bomber is a great splasher with relevant DPS. If he gets locked on your Tower, he can deal serious damage.
  • Never use Bomber without keeping him safe. He has good DPS but bad HP and bad attack range.



  • Don’t ignore him. A full HP Knight can do tons of damage to your Tower.

Ice Wizard

  • If your opponent deploys the Tombstone and you don’t want to attack first, place your Wizard down on the same lane. He will continuously stop to kill Skeletons, giving you a lot of time.

3×3 size buildings

  • If a Giant is already locked on your Tower, place your building right on him to force him to retarget it. This doesn’t work with Hog Rider.
  • A building placed 5 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the Crown Tower will attract any troop coming from the lane nearby. Only Princess, X-Bow and Mortar can target it from the other side.
  • A building placed 4 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the Crown Tower will attract any troop coming from the lane nearby and tower-targeting units coming from the other lane. This is very useful at separating tanks and supports. Doesn’t work with Royal Giant, Dart Goblin, Lava Hound and Balloon (If placed at the corner).
  • Place your building 3 tiles from the river and 2 tiles from the Crown Tơer to attract any troop coming from both lanes bus Musketeer and Wizard will be able to snipe it.
  • Exploit high HP buildings such as Bomb Tower and Barbarian Hut for defense.

Goblin Barrel

  • Variate the Goblin Barrel positioning to trick your opponent. If your opponent uses The Log to deal with your Barrel, drop them at the very corner. If they place a Valkyrie in the front, drop Barrel at the bottom.
  • Wait a second before Zapping them because you might miss the Zap. It’s a lot easier to counter Goblin Barrel with The Log!


  • Most Clash Royale players don’t know that Guards have a little attack range. If the enemy Valkyrie is already locked on something else, the Guards can hit her freely.
  • Guards are excellent against Graveyard as spell can’t kill them. Also, they have a little attack range so they can kill Skeletons without moving much.


  • Use her to annoy your opponent If you want to force he to push first. A Princess at the bridge always requires a response.
  • On defense, place her on the opposite lane so your opponent can’t touch her.
  • If your opponent places the Princess at the back, play your Princess at the bridge so she can hit both the Tower and the enemy Princess.


  • Try not to reveal your Arrows soon. Use something else to kill the opponent’s swarms first.


  • You shouldn’t send the Miner alone to take out Elixir Collector. Couple him with any other card, even Archers. Give your opponent a hard time to deal with 2 threats simultaneously.
  • Unless your deck is about doing chip damage, avoid using him for that purpose only.
  • Miner has a slightly ranged like Guards.


  • Due to their high attack speed, they are great against Skeleton Army.

Dart Goblin

  • On defense, place him on the opposite lane, just like while using Princess!


  • The slow movement speed is her only downside. You can makeup for this by pushing her with Hog Rider, Prince etc.


  • Exploit her attack range! You can use her to outrange Cannon and to defend from the other side of the field.

Baby Dragon

  • Note that Baby Dragon and Minion Horde have troublesome interactions. Depending on how many Minions get hit by the Baby Dragon, the result may vary.
  • Watch his shadow before placing any troop to deal with him. I have seen so many people wasting their Fire Spirits, thinking the Baby Dragon was too far away.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

  • Never use him alone on offense. Couple him with any support! Mini P.E.K.K.A can leave so many troops at a sliver of HP so couple him with any support to take those troops down in one shot.

Hog Rider

  • A lot of players still don’t know about the pig push. This is probably the best Hog Rider trick you want to use in every battle!
  • Exploit his river jump! Use this to kite troops! They will chase your Hog till the river, then go to your Tower while the Hog is mid-air, then chase the Hog again when he lands.


  • This is probably the best surprising card in Clash Royale. Only use it when you are pretty sure that your opponent can’t counter your troops, or when he is on low Elixir.


  • Don’t always use the Fireball when a troop is passing by the Tower. Only do this when you want to end the game during the last seconds.
  • Fireball is a great way to gain positive Elixir trade! Wait for them to place more troops before using it!


  • Because the Tesla is underground while inactive, don’t try to use any spell on it except the Freeze.
  • Because the Tesla won’t pop up If your troop is not in its attack range, you can’t snipe it. Also, the Tesla won’t pop up to counter Royal Giant all the time.


  • Lumberjack is not really a Mini P.E.K.K.A substitute anymore.

Inferno Dragon

  • Note that he flies at the different height than most troops. Watch his shadow to see where exactly he is.


  • Try not to overreact to a Mortar. 2 full duration Mortars are not enough to take out a Tower (with their 45 DPS).
  • The Mortar retargets immediately after killing a troop, not right before firing the next shot.
  • If the Mortar is already locked on your Tower, don’t place your Princess next to it or she will die in 1 shot.
  • Always remember that the Mortar has a minimum attack range.

Electro Wizard

  • An ignored Electro Wizard can deal 1000 damage to your Tower.
  • The Electro Wizard reset his target’s targets every hit. For example, If your Tower is attacking the Electro Wizard and your opponent sends a Miner to your Tower, your Tower will hit the Miner.

Dark Prince

  • Don’t underestimate the Dark Prince! He has the highest splash damage in Clash Royale (for a troop, except Fire Spirits). When left alone, he can do 1000 damage to your Tower.
  • He has a shield. Don’t try to Rocket or Fireball him!
  • He is one of the best spell-bait cards in the game.
  • His charge has 360° splash damage so don’t try to surround him with Skeleton Army.


  • Overleveled Barbarians give you a lot of benefits, meaning they are pretty weak in Challenges. For example, a Barbarian survives the P.E.K.K.A’s blow but at Tournament standards he can’t.
  • They are very slow. Don’t use them on offense.

Goblin Hut

  • Although the Goblin Hut’s chipping isn’t dangerous as Furnace chipping but the difference is Spear Goblins can stay alive. Couples of Spear Goblins behind a Giant could do a lot of damage, or, could bait Zap out.
  • Don’t place the Goblin Hut behind a Tower because you could get a Rocket. Also, you can’t use its HP to defend. It’s better to place it in the middle.


  • Remember that tanks, Princes and Battle Ram are immune to his knockback.


  • Watch its shadow! This is very critical to counter a Lavaloon push.
  • Play your Minions at the back of the Balloon so they won’t get killed by the death bomb.
  • Balloon can be distracted easier than the Lava Hound. You can pull the Balloon to the center without the Lava Hound.


  • Don’t use Giant on Golem on defense unless you understand what you are going to do. Play them If you have enough time to place supports down. I have faced couples of players using Giant to deal with my P.E.K.K.A Three Musketeers push. Using Giant to let the Tower shoot the P.E.K.K.A a few more seconds is such a waste.
  • Place your building 4 tiles from the river and 3 tiles form the Tower nearby to pull them from any side.
  • Play your Minions far from the Golem so they can attack from the maximum distance and they will survive the Golem’s explosion.

Minion Horde

  • Try not to split the Minion Horde while dealing with it. For example, a bad Fire Spirits placement can’t kill the whole Minion Horde.
  • If your opponent has Fireball, vary your Minion Horde placements to minimize the risk.
  • If your opponent uses Arrows, wait a little bit before using your Minion Horde as Arrows users usually play predictive Arrows.
  • Well played Rocket can kill the whole Minion Horde.


  • Witch has more HP than Musketeer and Wizard. She has the same HP as the Ice Wizard. Keep this in my whenever you want to finish her with your spells.
  • She always retargets after spawning Skeletons.


  • Wizard now can snipe the same buildings of Musketeer from the other side of the river.
  • He can manage the Mega Minion pretty well.


  • Prince has a little melee range. Because of this, he can reach targets before you think. Also, you can’t force him to retarget immediately by placing troops in between.

Elite Barbarians

  • Always try to split them.
  • If an Elite Barbarian is distracted by your troops and the other still targets your Tower, pay the attention to the one hitting your Tower because most of the time your Tower targets the wrong one.


  • Graveyard is one of the best surprising cards. Play it only when you know you can deal some serious damage because your opponent will hold at least one Graveyard counter after the first use.
  • Place the Graveyard carefully. You don’t want Skeletons to trigger the King’s Tower. Take a look at here for more details!
  • King’s Tower and one Crown Tower can easily deal with the Graveyard by themselves.

Elixir Collector

  • Expect Elixir Collectors can easily deal with a lone Miner. Try to couple with Miner with something.
  • Electro Wizard is perfect against Miner because he forces Miner to retarget the Tower nearby.
  • Be careful before playing Fireball on the Elixir Collector. Most Elixir Collector users want to bait Fireballs out.
  • Sometimes you want to let the Miner/Goblin Barrel destroy your Elixir Collector so they could activate the King’s Tower afterwards
  • Only Zap the Elixir Collector If your want to cycle through your deck and your Zap is not useful against the opponent’s deck.


  • X-Bow can easily manage small troops.
  • Consider using the X-Bow as your defensive building If you turn on the defense mode.
  • Don’t panic If you face X-Bow. The most important rule.
  • Unlike Mortar, don’t ignore the X-Bow too much as it can take down a Tower on its own (a full HP X-Bow deals 3440 damage during its lifetime).


  • If your opponent hasn’t revealed the last card, it might be Rocket. People are more likely to protect a 300HP Tower than a 700HP Tower, this is what Rocket users really enjoy.
  • Stop placing troops at the back If you face a Rocket user.
  • Note that Rocket goes in an arc. It takes less time to hit targets near your King’s Tower than far.

Royal Giant

  • Royal Giant can snipe buildings placed 4 tiles from the river.
  • Organize your response unless you can melt him in seconds. It’s okay to take some damage on your Tower and making a good counterpush. Avoid placing your troops in wrong order.

Giant Skeleton

  • If you want to kill melee troops by using him, consider place one more troops to keep them inside the bomb radius. Against ranged troops, don’t place any other troops, let them walk into the bomb radius.


  • The Lightning always take a while to trike, especially the third. So many troops may escape during this time.
  • The Lightning hits highest HP targets first.
  • If you want to finish the Tower with your Lightning, make sure the Tower there aren’t 3 higher HP targets there.


  • Don’t panic If you face Sparky, it is still pretty easy to counter so far. People in low Arenas usually throw everything they have at it, that’s why they lose tons of Elixir.
  • If you place the Sparky on one lane and your opponent rushes on the other, use a building or Tornado to pull the enemy troops in your Sparky’s attack range.
  • Don’t place troops next to your Tower while dealing with Sparky.
  • Sparky + Tornado is a very funny and powerful defensive combo against ground troops.
  • When the Sparky is full of charge, it will stay for one second then vibrate for one second then fire.
  • Sparky shouldn’t be used as the main win condition. It’s better to treat it like co-win condition of support troop.
  • Skeleton Army + Sparky is one of the most formidable ground defensive combo in the game.


  • P.E.K.K.A is more powerful in Challenges and Tournaments.
  • Give up your push If you can’t destroy the defensive P.E.K.K.A.
  • Most P.E.K.K.A decks rely on counterpushing.
  • It’s better to think of P.E.K.K.A as a defensive card and the support for your troops on offense since she can be distracted easily.

Lava Hound

  • Right before the Lava Hound gets killed, place any troop under him to distract the Lava Pups
  • Lava Hound can be used on defense to split your opponent’s ground troops from air troops.
  • Lava Hound can be used defensively. You can split thier ground troops from their air and ranged troops, having an easier time in defense.

Three Musketeers

  • You can split them anywhere, not only behind the king.


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