Wall Breakers Dark Prince Deck

Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck
Hey there Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with a cold breeze and a new deck guide. We saw some heavy decks in the previous guides with Pekka and Balloon Rascals. Today we will learn the Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck. A new and fresh deck. Let’s dive in!

Wall Breakers Dark Prince Deck

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copy deckThe Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck has an average elixir of 2.9 and a shortest card cycle of 8. It has a great defence and extremely good versatility. It is a balanced deck with common cards, epics and the most used legendaries. The free-to-play score is just above average. The skill required is High.

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  • Bats: Our low-cost air defence. Can be turned into offence with the right timing and tanking.
  • Dark Prince: It has splash damage and a shield; serving as our major ground defence.
  • Fireball: A hot ball is our pump response and the damage spell.
  • Miner: Where there are wall breakers, there shall be Miner.
  • The LogDoesn’t let the skeleton army touch the wall breakers.
  • Spear Goblins: Air defence and support with spears. Also couples as a ground defence.
  • Wall Breakers: The two brothers are our win condition in this Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck.
  • Tesla: The defensive building to divert tanks and kill them with our defence.

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The Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck offers a very good synergy and is really fun to play in ladder. Wall breakers cycle decks are my favourite. They are offensive and fast.

Wall Breakers Dark Prince deck

Opening: Our Wall breakers Dark Prince is a fast deck and the best would be to wait and let the seconds pass in the beginning. If it gets boring, we can start with the Wall breakers in the middle of the arena splitting them in both lanes. Or we can place the spear goblins at the bridge. It’s just cycling and none is the best. The opponent will defend our initial move and we will respond to their card. We will try to use as little elixir as possible in all our moves. Overcommitting is easy in this deck and we don’t wanna fall for it. If it’s a ground troop, we can use our Dark Prince. If it can be managed by Bats or Spear Goblins, we will do that instead. We will also not play aggressively in the first minute at least. We have to know the deck our opponent is playing. It will help us in deciding when to use which card. Our placing of Bats and Fireball depends on their deck. After defending, we can cycle the Miner and Wall breakers.Wall breakers dark

Mid-Game: Tesla is our building to be placed when the enemy uses a tank and wants to push on our tower. Place the Tesla in the middle. And then we’ll cycle our Wall breakers and miner in the other lane. It is to force the opponent to defend it and use their elixir there instead of supporting the push on our tower. Dark Prince song with Tesla, Spear Goblins and bats will be our defence. In case, it gets tough, we can also fireball taking care that it is not a negative elixir trade. Placements of the Spear Goblins and Bats are important as they should die as placed.

Endgame: We will repeat our Wall Breakers Dark Prince cycle till we get the crown. Miner will also be coupled with Spear Goblins and Bats if necessary. It depends on the opponent’s deck and the timing.wall breakers darkk

1. Heavy decks: 
Wall Breakers Dark Prince gives good results when played against cycle decks and the usual control decks. Decks with tanks and heavy hitters are the weakness. For example, Giant Double Prince, Pekka Bridgespam. It is obviously because we lack a heavy hitter to counter both lanes at the same time. It’s not that we can’t win those matches but it’s a bit tough. It takes a good sense of elixir counting and card placement.

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