Pekka Double Prince Deck

Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with a misty gust of air and a new deck guide. We are seeing many Pekka decks in Season 24. I am also trying a few. We already covered the Pekka Ram Rider deck. Today we are going to see the Pekka Double Prince deck. So without any delay, let’s start!

Pekka Double Prince Deck

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copy deckThe Pekka Double Prince deck has an average elixir of 4.1 and a shortest card cycle of 13. It has an extremely good defence and offence. The synergy is just average but we can make it work and it’s fun. Pekka Double Prince deck has legendaries and epics, so it may not be good if you have these cards low-levelled.

deck cards banner 1

  • Dark Prince: Dark Prince is a good defence for mini tanks and swarms.
  • Fireball: Our Pump response card and also to take out that group near the enemy’s Princess tower.
  • Bandit: The building chaser which will push the opponent to the limits in defending under pressure.
  • Mother Witch: Skeleton army and Graveyard turns into piggies. Curse is upon you!
  • Electro Wizard: Our major anti-air troop and support to deal with Inferno towers and Dragons.
  • Prince: Our answer to Princes, Wizards, and even Mega Knight. Also to put pressure in the other lane if needed.
  • Pekka: Our win condition that will make the enemies dread. Butterflies…
  • Zap: The 2-elixir tiny shock to deal with skeleton army, goblins, and to reset the enemy troops.

deck strategy banner

The Pekka Double Prince deck offers a godly defence and that allows us to worry less about defending. We need to find a way to keep the Pekka alive and connect to the opponent’s tower.

Pekka Double Prince deck

Opening: If we are going to start, we will start with the Bandit in the back of the King tower. If Bandit is not in the opening cards, we can also start with the Prince or Dark Prince. Never with the Pekka or Mother Witch or they will go to waste. The opponent will respond after our move. If they place a wizard, Magic Archer, Archers etc we can fireball the Princess tower along with the troop. After this, place the second troop in front of the Bandit, it may be the Prince. Prince and Bandit go together well. The opponent will surely try to defend with Goblins, Skeleton army or Skeletons to stop the Prince. We have the Zap to quickly clear the swarm. One of the Bandit or the Prince will reach the tower. We will again start with the Prince or Dark Prince in the back. Pekka will be our game in double elixir. pekka double

Mid-Game: After a minute or so into the game, we will be ready to make a big push on the opponent’s princess tower. Starting with the Pekka in the back and waiting for the elixir to collect. Do not make hasty overcommit. Place support for the Pekka. It will be either the Dark Prince or the Mother Witch. Prince can work too but we will save it for the other lane. The opponent can try to punish us when we place Pekka by attacking in the other lane. Defend it; don’t ignore it. Fireball and Zap will be our spells to clear the way for our Pekka. Fireball if they place a defensive building. If they defend with Inferno Dragon or Tower, Electro Wizard at the right place to save the Pekka. A combination of these should breach the enemy’s defences and we should get a good amount of damage on their tower.

pekka double2Endgame: Once we know our opponent’s deck, we can make the right choice of the combination of cards with Pekka and the cards to use in defence. Also if required, to defend or push the other lane. Bandit is the card to bridge spam in the other lane when we are pushing with Pekka. It is used when the opponent has heavy defences and we want them to use their elixir in the other lane. One or at most two successful Pekka cycles should get us the crown.  


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