Pekka Ram Rider Deck

Pekka Ram Rider deck
Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with a misty breeze and a new deck guide. Whatever the season’s meta is, there are some fixed players with their fixed decks. Pekka players are Pekka players in every season. And if you want to try a new deck to have some fun, the Pekka Ram Rider deck is here for you. Let’s get started!

Pekka Ram Rider Deck

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Clash Royale Ram RiderClash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale Barbarian Barrelmotherwitch

copy deckThe Pekka Ram Rider deck comes with an average elixir cost of 4.1. The 4-card cycle is 13. It has a great offence and an extremely good defence. Since the deck has legendary and epic cards, new players would find it hard to level up these. The deck is suited for mid-ladder and upper ladder players.

deck cards banner 1

  • Pekka: Our win condition and unmatched satisfaction when it kills tanks with that sword.
  • Electro Wizard: Support for the Pekka to deal with Inferno Dragon/Tower.
  • Fireball: It is the pump response and occasionally clearing the troops near the enemy’s tower.
  • Bandit: Good defence and an offence to be placed at the bridge.
  • Ram Rider: Ram Rider is the bridgespam surprise for our opponent. Second win condition.
  • Dark Prince: The defence troop with splash damage and a shield.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Clearing out the skeleton army and the goblins can’t be better!
  • Mother Witch: The 2-elixir trunk is for all the squishy troops that come in its way.

deck strategy banner

We have some first moves on our sleeves if we don’t want to play the waiting game. And it won’t be costly for us even if the opponent defends them.

Pekka Ram Rider deck

Opening: Bandit and Dark Prince are our cards for the opening move. Both are meant to be played at the back of the King tower. We won’t ever start with the Pekka in the back or the Mother Witch. Playing Pekka opens the chances of getting punished. In response to the Bandit, the opponent will defend with a troop. Use one of the defences accordingly, either Dark Prince or Mother witch if it is a swarm. Mother witch is our answer to skeleton army, Bats, and Graveyard in this Pekka Ram Rider deck. After two or three cards, we will be in place to start with our attack cycle. We can place the Pekka in the back and wait. We will wait till it crosses the Princess tower. Our support card would depend on the opponent’s response. It will be electro Wizard most probably. Place it behind the Pekka; keep some distance so that a Mega Knight or another defence doesn’t crush it with the Pekka. Barbarian Barrel and the Dark Prince will be at our fingertips to support the push. And if the push gets through, we have the Ram Rider.Pekka ram rider

Mid-Game: Ram Rider is ought to be used in the same lane if it’s a normal deck and in the other lane if we are facing a beatdown or heavy deck. If the opponent has a good defence for our Pekka and can stop our push before it damages their Princess tower, the Ram Rider will go in the second lane. It will build pressure and force them to use elixir in that lane. They cannot defend both sides against our Pekka Ram Rider deck and we will get the damage in one of them. Don’t hesitate to use the Barbarian Barrel or the Fireball if a positive trade comes up in the arena. After connecting to their tower, we will wait for the elixir to build. Don’t be spamming ceaseless. We have to defend the counter push now. We should have the Bandit, Mother Witch and Dark Prince in the cycle again for the defence. A combination of these would be good. We can also use the Barb barrel to divert the enemies if we have it in the cycle.Pekka Ram riderrr

Endgame: Either we have placed the Pekka to kill the tank in the counter push or we will place it now ahead of the defending troops. They will support it. We have to repeat the attack cycle again with the Pekka and Electro Wizard along with the Ram Rider. Two attacks should get us a crown.

1. X-Bow cycle: 
Pekka is slow and the X-bow is fast. Our Pekka Ram Rider deck is not a fast cycle and it can be a little too fast for us to catch up with the X-Bow and the Tesla together. Dual lane pressure comes into play in this and we won’t let the opponent put his machines in the same lane. Do not keep trying on the single tower in double elixir as they will be rotating the X-bow faster than us rotating the Pekka. Force them to use their X-bow and Tesla at different times and damage their towers with 2-3 pushes.

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