Balloon Rascals Deck

Balloon Rascals deck
Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with an evening thunderstorm and a new deck guide. We are a week into the New Season and the Summer Update 2021. We will today see the Balloon Rascals deck. It is a control deck and has low elixir cards and a fast cycle. Without any delay, let’s get started!

Balloon Rascals Deck

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copy deckThe Balloon Rascals deck has an average elixir of 3.3 and the shortest card cycle of 8. It has a great defence and good attack. The free-to-play score is also good for this Balloon Rascals deck.

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  • Balloon: Our win condition and the punishment to be dropped at the bridge if the opponent makes a mistake.
  • Bats: These night creatures are our anti-air defence and support.
  • Snowball: Another low-cost spell to clear the swarms out of the way and cycle the deck.
  • Ice Golem: Both as a mini tank to divert the enemies while defending and as a tank while attacking.
  • Inferno Tower: The major defence and tank killer in our Ballon Rascals deck.
  • Miner: Mini tank to couple with the Balloon. Also chipping away the tower.
  • Rascals: Both ground and anti-air defence and the major support card when pushing with the Balloon.
  • The Log: The 2-elixir trunk is for all the squishy troops that come in its way.

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The Balloon Rascals deck offers a good defence and a godly synergy amongst the cards. We have the three kids from the jungle to start with.Balloon Rascals deck


Opening: We will start with the Rascals at the back of the King tower. There are not many openings in this deck and we don’t want to waste any card. Basically, the Rascals are the best initial move we should make. If they are not in hand, then the Bats or Snowball to cycle the cards. Never start with eh Balloon or the Miner. Once the Rascals start moving towards the bridge, we’ll keep the Miner and the Balloon in our hand to place at the bridge. We will also see what the opponent has placed in defence. Make sure it is not a strong anti-air card like Musketeer or Dragon and put the Balloon at the bridge over the Rascals. Also, send the Miner to the Princess Tower. After this have the spells ready to help the Rascals kill the defence the opponent puts. Let the Bats out too if needed to take on an Inferno Dragon or other anti-air. Use the Log and the Snowball to keep the Balloon and the Rascals alive. Don’t hesitate to use them. Our Balloon should take a hit on the Princess tower if not more. rascals deck

Mid-Game: We have gone all in one time with the Balloon, Miner and the spells. It’s our turn to defend now. This Balloon Rascals deck has the inferno Tower and the Ice Golem as the defence. If the enemy has placed a tank such as Pekka, Electro Giant or Mega Knight, our Inferno Tower will go in the middle of the arena. The Ice Golem will come in handy in diverting the supports from the Inferno Tower while it kills the tank. Don’t overthink and use the Rascals also if defending the push gets tough. But place them at a distance. This should successfully defend our towers and now we are ready to strike again.

rascals deckkEndgame: We have defended the opponent’s push and now we can start our attack again. Place the Rascals at the back and repeat it as we did the first time. Let the Balloon and Miner go while the Rascals kill the defence on the ground. Use the Bats and the spells to inflict maximum damage. We should get a crown at this moment or at least the Princess tower would be low on health. Ready to defend with the Inferno Tower again. The Balloon Rascals deck is a one-crow deck and we won’t overcommit in haste to take more than.

1. Pekka bridgespam decks:
We know these are annoying. Ours is a control deck and what makes it countered by a good Pekka player is that we don’t have a heavy hitter troop in our deck. We have one Inferno Tower to kill the tank and it gets tough to handle dual lane pressure. In this case, we will have to judiciously use our spells at the right time and place. No scope for overcommitting.

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