Goblin Giant Prince Deck

Goblin Giant Prince deck

Hi Clashers! It’s Krux here and I’m back again with cool damp air and a new deck guide. The new Season 24 has kickstarted and the boosted card is Goblin Giant. It has been some time since we saw the green giant in meta. So it’s the best time to learn a new deck.

Goblin Giant Prince Deck

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copy deckThe Goblin Giant Prince deck has an average elixir of 3.8 and a shortest card cycle of 11. It has a great offence and defence. There are epic cards so the free to play score is average if you don’t have Prince and Goblin giant levelled up.

deck cards banner 1

  • Mega Minion: Mega Minion is the major anti-air defence along with the Musketeer. Better if overleveled.
  • Fireball: The pump response spell for defensive buildings and troops gathering around the opponent’s tower.
  • Goblin Giant: Big and green win condition of the Goblin Giant Prince deck. The tank and the punishment for spending elixir.
  • Guards: Three little skeletons with shields. Takes out a Mini Pekka, Hog Rider or Prince.
  • Musketeer: It comes as our major anti-air attack and defence with a long range. Also awesome support for the tank.
  • Prince: Defence and support with a lance. Also to put pressure in the other lane if needed.
  • Royal Delivery: A package dropping off the sky to clear out minions and other swarms. Also to stop Wizards and Witches. Top-notch defence.
  • Zap: The 2-elixir tiny shock to deal with skeleton army, goblins, and to reset the enemy troops.

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The Goblin Giant Prince deck offers a godly defence and that allows us to make the first move with any card we want ideally. Still, we won’t be hasty to make a blunder.

Goblin Giant Prince deck

Opening: We can start with the Goblin Giant in the back, the Prince or the Musketeer. Never at the bridge though. If the opponent makes the first move, it’s better for us to judge and respond. Goblin Giant is better to place at the back than Prince because Prince is our major defence and we may need it later. If the opponent uses a Wizard or Witch at the back of their King tower in response to our initial card, use Fireball to take the Wizard out. A good level Fireball will be useful to kill it. After it, we will place our Musketeer or Mega Minion behind the Goblin Giant at some distance. Maintain the distance so that the opponent can’t drop a Mega Knight or Pekka directly on the support. We will now have the Zap or the Prince at our fingertips to use. Zap for Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower or Skeleton Army. Prince will be used if they overcommit and we clear their defence easily. We can place the Prince at the bridge if the Goblin Giant connects to the Princess Tower and the enemy ends up using all their elixir. If they defend the Goblin Giant, we will just wait for the Musketeer to clear out the defence. Ready to face the counter-push.Goblin giant deck

Mid-Game: There is no problem if we didn’t get too much damage from the first push. We now know the opponent’s cards. We have to defend the counter-push using our Royal Delivery, Guards, Prince and Mega Minion. Depending upon the opponent’s troops, a combination of these would be enough to defend. For example, suppose they send a Pekka with a Witch or any other support in the back. We will place the Musketeer at the middle of the arena with the Royal Delivery dropping upon both of them. The Musketeer will take it out as the Pekka hits the Royal Delivery. No hit on our tower. If it’s a Mega Knight, Prince at the middle so that it charges and hits the Mega Knight. Paired with a Mega Minion or Royal Delivery to kill the support behind it. The defence is strong for our Goblin Giant Prince deck. Once defended, we can build a counter-push using the alive Prince or Musketeer. We will place the Goblin Giant ahead of them and they will become the support.

Endgame: We are going on with full force on the opponent’s Princess tower now in the double elixir. With the Goblin Giant leading the push and the Musketeer, Mega Minion and Fireball supporting it. Fireball the defensive building the enemy places and Zap the swarms. Our green guy should connect to the tower while the Musketeer takes shots at the tower. Don’t hesitate to put the Prince at the bridge if they try to kill the Musketeer. Double elixir is our advantage. We should have one crown with us after this mishap.
In case, they somehow defend, check if there are just a few seconds left for the match and you can fireball to get the crown. If not, we will repeat the attack-defend cycle.gob prince

1. Golem beatdown decks: 
Golem decks are a bit tricky to play against with this Goblin Giant Prince deck. We don’t have a heavy damage spell or a tank killer. So we will have to make sure that the opponent can’t build a massive push against us. We will split the Prince and the Goblin Giant into two lanes to put pressure and they will have to use their elixir. They can’t ignore a charging prince. Just put the Goblin Giant immediately in the other lane after they place their Golem at the back. Golem without support will be easily defended by Prince and Mega Minion/Musketeer.

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