Extremely Annoying Dart Goblin Chip Deck


Hey, Nitrome95 here, and I’m so sorry for not posting in a while, I have been busy with school midterm studying. However, I decided that I needed a bit of break so I wanted to write this article (IKR, I’m such a nerd for writing articles for fun XD). So here it is, a half troll, half chip control deck that will definitely make your opponent feeling a bit salty after the match.

Dart Goblin Chip Deck

Dart Goblin Chip Deck

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale Dart Goblin

Dart Goblin

For 3 elixir, this guy is a beast who deserves to be in A- tier on the tier list. Great on defense to offer high point damage while being able to stay safely away from harm. He deals enormous amounts of chip damage regardless of the amount of hp he has, and is devastating with a tank. Really easy to get him to the tower with his fast move speed and long range.


Clash Royale Princess

For 3 elixir, this gal is so versatile that I’m surprised she isn’t in the meta. She gets guaranteed tower damage, causing your opponent to make awkward plays or else suffer hundreds of tower damage. On defense, she is similar to the dart goblin except she is used for splash defense.


Clash Royale Zap

Just don’t be stupid with your zap.


Clash Royale Furnace

ANOTHER annoying chip card. Place this guy down and watch as your opponent makes awkward plays to defend against it. Furnace is also great at pulling defensive targeting troops. In desperate situations, the furnace is great at taking down minion hordes. If you are having trouble facing tank decks or you want to play this almost like a bait deck, use the inferno.


Clash Royale Miner

Yup, another chip card (you guys are starting to get the theme, right?). Use it for chip damage and to tank for your other troops. Can be used on defense to take out princesses.

Ice Golem

Clash Royale Ice Golem

Your secondary tank for your troops. Use the frost nova to take down skarmy, minion horde (with zap). You can spank with this card against support units. Spanking is where you use a tank to absorb dps of support troops so that your high dps glass cannons can take the opponent’s troops down.


Clash Royale Minions

These guys are so good in the meta now. You can use these to spank with the ice golem, take out graveyard, or use offense with miner. Just be careful against splash damage. Wherever they are, they deal devastating amounts of damage. Can be replaced for minion horde if you want to play this more like a bait deck.


Clash Royale fireball

What else is there to say about the card? If all else fails, miner fireball will eventually take down the tower. Used against medium sized troops too. If you are into rocket miner, you could substitute for rocket but it changes the whole playstyle of the deck.

General Gameplan

As I mentioned before, this deck is about doing two things:

  1. Chipping away at the opponent without overextending.
  2. Putting your opponent in bad rotations by making them make awkward plays.

So why do you want to put your opponent in bad situations? So let’s say that your opponent’s hand is log, fireball, hog rider, and musketeer. You place your princess at the bridge, allowing your opponent to either log it or play the musketeer. If they log the princess, you can rush the opponent with dart goblin for chip damage. If they place the musketeer on the princess, simply place your ice golem and get ready for a counterpush. By putting your opponent in these awkward situations, you can quickly rush them when you know they don’t have the right cards to counter.

So now about chipping without overextending. As I have mentioned in several of my guides: DON’T GET GREEDY. It is sometimes tempting to fireball a musketeer to get tower damage, but DON’T. This deck can easily get overwhelmed by a big push, so you shouldn’t be making those plays unless you have a huge elixir lead. Instead, make your opponent do awkward plays so that they will never be able to form a strong push.

Defensive Strategy

Your standard defense will usually be furnace to pull the tank, dart goblin or princess against the wall to take out support. If needed, you can use a minion ice golem spank to help on support troops, or use both the princess and dart goblin for point and splash damage. IF so, make sure you spread out your defenses. Your troops are delicate and can easily be logged, arrowed, or fireballed.

As I mentioned before, you have to put your opponent in bad rotations so that their pushes are weaker.

Offensive Strategy

Generally, you will want to make makeshift pushes depending on your hand and your need. Here’s some examples.

  1. Solo Dart Goblin or Princess – To quickly and cheaply put pressure on your opponent to react.
  2. Dart Goblin MinerUsed as a quick tank for the dart goblin after defending
  3. Dart Goblin Miner + Opposite Lane Princess – To put dual lane pressure on your opponent. Your opponent may make misplays because of the pressure.
  4. Miner Fire SpiritsQuick damage if you have nothing else to send.
  5. Miner Fireball – When the match is a stalemate and you need to slowly chip out your opponent.
  6. Minions Miner – When your opponent doesn’t have AoE damage in hand.

Keep in mind that any of the pushes, except the second to last one, can use Ice Golem .

Defensive Matchups

Graveyard – 65% win rate. Dart goblin, princess, and ice golems are all ok counters, but not the best. Usually, you will have to pair one of these with zap. Just don’t let your opponent’s bowler plow through your delicate troops.

Hog Cycle/ Control85% win rate. Since dart goblin and princess have such long range, your opponent will not get much value out of a prediction fireball. Outchip your opponent in these matches and make sure you always have a furnace on the field.

Giant Beatdown/ Heavy Beatdown40% win rate. You can not allow your opponent to build up a big push or else you will definitely be overwhelmed. Miner against pumps works well to prevent elixir from building up.

Balloon Ice Golem – 60% win rate. You have a lot of tools to take down the balloon, such as princess, minions, and dart goblin. Make sure that your troops are safe from the death bomb radius.

Siege- 90% win rate. Such an easy matchup with this deck. Watch as your dart goblin easily chews at the xbow while your ice golem tanks. I have beaten much better players than me using siege because dart goblin is so good at anti-siege.


So what have we learned? Keep up the pressure and you can beat any deck. I will probably be extremely busy with midterms, so expect a big guide when I come back…the suspense….