Know The Best Time To Play Your Cards!


Hello guys, today I am going to show you a very simple but golden tip from st1ckmanz. It is not the type of super advanced tip, but I believe lots of players need to pay attention to this If want to push further, especially while pushing to Legendary Arena!


“Play a card as late as possible but not later”

Yes that’s it!

This means, when your opponent starts attacking (or counterpushing) you, don’t be panic, don’t rush to drop your cards.

Wait until the right moment.

It is impossible to turn back after you drop your cards down and your opponent can easily deal with them accordingly.

Assuming that you attack with Hog Rider, your opponent drops Minion Horde to counter you, your Hog Rider hits the Tower once and dies. Now the Minion Horde is coming towards your Tower and you have the Princess in your hand. You should wait until they are almost about to touch your side of the arena to drop your Princess. If you drop her too early, she might get Arrows-ed or Miner-ed before hitting the Minion Horde. Of course you shouldn’t be too late otherwise those Minions will hit your Tower badly.

Lots of times I wait for the last possible moment to drop the Inferno Tower but the Giant passes it by. Mastering the timing in Clash Royale is one of the hardest skill since it’s the game-changing factor.

Here are some more familiar examples for you guys:

  • Your opponent drops Witch and Musketeer at the back. You have Fireball in your hand. Use Fireball in front of his Tower in case he could drop something else. Make the most of your Fireball.
  • Your opponent’s Skeleton Army/Princess is walking towards your Tower and you have The Log in your hand. Wait until it is about to hit the bridge because he could drop something else.
  • When your opponent has 10 Elixir and his Giant is about to cross the river, place your Inferno Tower down closer to the other lane to pull the Giant. Don’t rush to drop anything at the Giant. Immediately when your opponent drops the supports, choose your best cards to deal with them!
  • Sometimes you can also drop you cards quickly to counter his counters. For example, when your opponent drops Hog + Fire Spirits combo down, put your Ice Golem down to soak damage then place your Skeleton Army right in front of the Tower to stop Hog Rider.
    Otherwise you can do this in this situation: Your opponent drops his Hog down -> you use Skeleton Army to stop his Hog -> your opponent uses Fire Spirits -> you use Ice Golem to soak damage and protect the Skeleton Army.
  • The Giant Skeleton is crossing the river. You should wait for him to walk 2 more tiles to see his supports. If your opponent drops nothing, use your distracting troop to pull and kill the Giant Skeleton with the help of your Tower. Don’t put down the second card yet until he drops the support cards down then you can easily react!
  • Pretty similar to the example above but this time is the P.E.K.K.A. I usually keep placing my troops down, one by one, and lure the P.E.K.K.A to the opposite lane If my opponent doesn’t drop anything else down. If the opponent drops supports, I always have cards and enough Elixir to deal with it.
    He uses Wizard to deal with my swarms, I use Mini P.E.K.K.A to take him out.

When you see your opponent’s reaction, you can easily counter his counters. Sometimes you use cards not to make sure your opponent’s card dies.

I have seen lots of players running out of Elixir eventually because of overcommitting.

Be patient my friends!

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