Ultimate Guide to Giant Skeleton

Ultimate Guide to Giant Skeleton


Hey guys It’s RotomGuy again and today I am going to give you some great ways to use the Giant Skeleton in Clash Royale! I strongly believe that as a tanker, Giant Skeleton is pretty underused in Clash Royale, especially in high Arenas. He can be extremely useful when played properly. Making the most of his bomb and you will see how effective he is.

Giant Skeleton Clash Royale

Ultimate Guide to Giant Skeleton

The Giant Skeleton drops and explosive bomb upon death, just like Balloon, but with a lot more damage.

At Tournament, Level 4 Giant Skeleton has 2657 HP, this allows him to soak a decent amount of damage. The only down side of Giant Skeleton is his damage per second, only 88. With this poor DPS, he even can’t kill the Tournament level Goblins in 1 hit.


Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second Death Damage
1 2,000 100 66 720
2 2,200 110 73 792
3 2,417 121 80 871
4 2,657 133 88 957
5 2,920 146 97 1,051
6 3,197 160 106 1,152
7 3,516 176 117 1,267
8 3,856 193 128 1,389


Giant Skeleton is a very strong defensive unit

On defense, we usually use tanks to soak damage while small troops behind are dealing damage to take out attackers. Giant Skeleton can be used to finish both of these jobs. Giant Skeleton’s damage soaking ability is not good as the others as he has the lowest HP comparing to all other tanks at equivalent levels. But, this is a good thing, because we all want him to die (sorry bro).

A well dropped Giant Skeleton’s Bomb can easily decimate a push as well as kill all support troops nearby. I am going to show you how to play the Giant Skeleton to deal with various common pushes!

Giant + Support Push:

The best way to deal with this push is to place your Giant Skeleton between Giant and Support troops, because Giant always ignores Giant Skeleton or even worse, push him back to the Tower, where his bomb can’t literally do anything to the support troops behind. You will also want to do this when the Giant is about to reach his destination, so he won’t walk outside the bomb’s range. Also, because there is no way to stop the Giant, you will want to use some small troops like Spear Goblins to take it down faster.

Royal Giant + Support Push:

This is an easier push to deal with as the Royal Giant has support troops protecting nearby. The best way to deal with this push is to drop your Giant Skeleton right on top of the Royal Giant to push him back “a bit” and he will have to walk back to the old position, this prevent him from dealing some more damage to the Tower.

Prince + Support Push

It is particularly tough to stop this one since the Prince can easily out-speed the Bomb. The best way to deal with this push is place the Giant Skeleton down right in front of the push when everyone is bunched together. By doing this, the Prince will have to walk through the diameter of the Bomb’s arena.


Tips for defending with Giant Skeleton

Okay so above are some ways to deal with specific pushes. I am going to give you some more defense tips while using Giant Skeleton!

Only use extra troops when everyone is in the bomb range! Sometimes, you will want to place something down to distract opponent’s troops and lure them to the bomb’s arena. But, don’t do that If all ranged troops are out of the bomb’s arena. No matter what troops you use to distract them, they will not walk inside that arena because the placed troops are in their attack range. You will lose the bomb and you will also lure the extra troops.

Pushing away from Tower

Once a troop has locked onto your Tower, you can try to place the Giant Skeleton down right between that troop and the Tower, he can push back that troop. That troop will either attack the Giant Skeleton or have to walk to the old position again.

Pull then blow a push up

You can place a distraction troop to pull front line troops to the middle then place the Giant Skeleton near the bridge to group them all. I usually do this do deal with particularly spread out pushes.

Sometimes, you should be tricky

Giant Skeleton can be effectively used for offense, defense and even distraction! In fact, a lot of players don’t want the Giant Skeleton to reach their Towers, due to his bomb. As such, they will use some cards to prevent the Giant Skeleton from reaching the Tower. This is great If you can launch another push on the other lane: Royal Giant, Hog, Balloon,…

However, smart players will catch on this and you can’t trick them the second time! They will not overcompensate again, instead, they will use some small troops to distract the Giant Skeleton. So, it’s great to use some Spells to remove those small distractions and force your opponent to defend two lanes at the same time.

How to use offensive Giant Skeleton

It is very easy to draw the Giant Skeleton away from the Tower. Skeletons and Goblins can completely stop him. If you want to use Giant Skeleton in your main pushes, you will need to support him with one of these cards:

Fire Spirits I love Fire Spirits so so much! Playing these guys behind your Giant Skeleton will eliminate his main problem, swarms. Spear Goblins for example, these guys are usually used for pulling but 1 Fire Spirits is enough to take out them all. If Fire Spirits manage to reach the Tower, they can deal good additional damage too. To read more about Fire Spirits, please take a look at this in-depth guide!

Valkyrie: Giant Skeleton HP is good enough at soaking damage but giving him a bit more HP along with 360 degrees protection is not a bad idea at all! Place your Valkyrie right in front of the Giant Skeleton before he reaches the bridge! She will tank the Tower’s shots and protect him from all swarms nearby.

Dark Prince is great support for the Giant Skeleton because of his splash damage and his charging ability. The charge allows Dark Prince to reach distracting troops quicker. This will let the Giant Skeleton back on track quickly. Sometimes, you can use Dark Prince to push the Giant Skeleton so he can reach the destination quicker. Please take a look at here for more details!

Guards: High damage units like P.E.K.K.A can easily take down the Giant Skeleton. Luckily, we got the Guards! These guys can help Giant Skeleton easily deal with the reactive P.E.K.K.A. Also, they are great for taking some hits from the Tower too!

Bomber: This decent and cheap ranged troop with good AoE damage will help you remove all swarms quickly.

Witch is such a helpful support card because of her splash damage and her Skeletons.

Okay so that’s everything I want to share with you today guys!

Please comment If you have any advice or question! Good luck!