Giant Skeleton Mother Witch Deck | New Meta


Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here, and I am back again with some December chills and a new Clash Royale Deck guide. We are just into the latest Clash Royale season called Logmas. The Christmas season based Logmas looks great to the eyes. Also in the game, a new card has been introduced called the Mother Witch. If you were on a break and missed it, you can go to Mother Witch Full Info and get yourself acquainted with the purple witch. Today we will see a deck with the new legendary in Clash Royale. This Mother witch deck is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about outwitting your opponent twice in a minute.

Giant Skeleton Mother Witch Deck

motherwitchClash Royale Skeleton BalloonClash Royale Clone SpellClash Royale Flying Machine

Clash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale Cannon CartClash Royale Hunter

copy deckThis Giant Skeleton Mother Witch deck has an average elixir cost of 4.3. It is higher than 4 which means it is a heavy deck. Decks lesser than 4 average are fast and can be cycled.

Deck Cards

  • Mother Witch: Our main defence card, especially for swarms and multiple tiny troops. Also, support for the tank.
  • Skeleton Barrel: The low elixir offensive card to bring out the spells and build pressure.
  • Clone: You know what is this for. If not, read the guide below.
  • Flying Machine: Our flying support for the Giant Skeleton to keep the push alive.
  • Barbarians: Another defensive card to stop tanks and other big enemies. Not to be wasted.
  • Giant Skeleton: The highest elixir card and our win-condition.
  • Cannon Cart: Very good defence and counter push troop.
  • Hunter: Our main air defence for balloons and dragons.

Giant Skel Mother witch

Deck Strategy

Opening: This Clash Royale deck is not the one which allows you to do anything like the first move. If you have Skeleton Barrel in the opening hand, let it swiftly go to their Princess Tower and defend. It will reveal their Log or Zap or other spells. It may also be countered by a gang of goblins, so use your Hunter as the defence in that case. Depending upon their card, you will use the Cannon cart or the Barbarians as a defence. For instance, if they place a Mega knight for the skeletons from the barrel and think that they can early destroy you with a large push. Mother Witch DeckThen use the other defences. If the opponent makes the first move, defend it with some card which has a counter-push potential. For instance, if they send a Skeleton Barrel or Goblin barrel, use the Barbarians. Never use the Mother Witch to lone defend anything. She can’t counter push on her own.

The right time to clone the push

Pushing: After defending the attack, it’s time to push with all our might. You have defended with hunter or Barbarians and if the elixir bar is going to be full, then place your Skeleton Barrel and Flying Machine as the support for the push. Let them go and see what your opponent uses for defence. At this point, you will use the clone spell. The clone spell should cover all the units in our push. The right moment to use the clone is shown in the picture on the right below.
This will make a nasty mess in the opponent’s arena with the Skeleton barrels bursting and the flying machines taking out the defences. Do not overcommit after this step and just wait for the dust to settle. you will need elixir to defend the counter-push now. You can also place the Mother witch instead of the Flying machine, it depends on what defence the enemy uses. If they use goblins or bats, Mother witch deck rules. She will turn them into hogs and you know what hogs, barbarians, skeleton barrel and their clones mean. A tower down.

End-game: If you got one crown with a push, just cautiously defend your tower till the time runs out. If somehow your opponent saved their tower with 500 hitpoints you will have to play your game again. Also if you made a mistake in pushing or did overcommit, you may see your tower going down. This is the risk of a heavy deck, one grave mistake and you will be watching it collapse. Just defend again with a tank and then build the push with a support card and Clone it. One large push is sufficient most of the times to win the game. Yeah, one push only but this comes with a warning- one mistake only to mess it up too.

dekkkQuick Tips: Defend, build a nasty push with Giant Skeleton/Barbarians+Flying Machine/Mother Witch and Skeleton barrel. Clone it at the right time. This is the summary in two sentences.

  • Do not bridge spam anything.
  • Do not use clone on a single troop or just the skeleton barrel. It will be wasted and also clone will be out of the cycle when you push. Dumb way to lose the game.
  • You are full on elixir and you placed Giant Skeleton and Flying machine together at the bridge. You will be crying against the counter push.
  • Start with a defence or put the tanks at the back.

This was the Giant Skeleton mother Witch deck. I hope you win some matches with this Clash Royale deck. Stay tuned with us for more articles and guides. Clash On!