Top 10 Cards To Clone!

Lava Clone

Hey guys and gals LatusOcto here, I have been playing around with the Clone Spell for months now and as well as having a lot of fun I have surprisingly been able to push well on the ladder with it. My view on the Clone Spell is that it is effective and a tonne of fun to use which is awesome!

Top 10 Cards To Clone

Best Cards to use with the Clone Spell

Clone Spell is a 3-Elixir card that copies any of your troops in a radius of  3. These clones have the exact same stats as the original save for the health, which becomes 1. The Clone Spell is a very risky card to play and even riskier to play if you are not fully aware of its potential. In this comprehensive guide to the Clone Spell, I aim to list of every aspect of the Clone Spell and when it can be best used.

There are many times where using a Clone Spell might be tempting, such as when the tower is distracted on your tank and your Musketeer looks ready for cloning, but this will usually result in Elixir loss. When a troop is being cloned, the troop stops and cannot attack or move. This will give your opponent time to Arrow, Log, Zap or play any other spell to destroy your clones. So, does this mean that Clone is not worth playing? Most definitely not.

The Clone Spell is best used on troops that have a death effect and in spell bait decks. I will go in-depth on the latter soon.

Troops with Death Effects

Troops that have a death effect in Clash Royale:

  • Golem (deals damage and creates two Golemites)
  • Lavahound (creates 6 Lavapups)
  • Balloon (drops a bomb)
  • Giant Skeleton (also drops a bomb)
  • Battle Ram (deals damage and creates two Barbarians)

(technically Fire Spirits and Ice Spirits have a death effect but it is not triggered if the Spirits do not attack first)

Lava Hound

The most commonly cloned card seems to be Lavahound and for a good reason.

6 Lava Pups are very valuable, and since the Lavahound only targets buildings, it is not easy to distract like the Giant Skeleton.

Cloning any of these troops near the tower makes for a great investment because even upon death they continue to threaten their towers.


Again, Lavahound is a great card to clone and when you clone it with a Balloon behind it like many decks do, it creates a combo that cannot be ignored.

If they don’t counter your cloned Balloon, they will take massive damage, but if they do counter your cloned Balloon, the bomb will drop, doing damage to everything around it and can kill minions attacking your Lavahound or Balloon.


Cloning the Golem is amazing since even cloning a dying Golem provides you with a new Golem which does 259 damage to the tower and two Golemites which do 53 damage each for a total of 365 damage (at tournament levels), and this is assuming your clones don’t do any damage!

Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton is very hard to get to the tower and I personally do not recommend attempting to do so, but it creates by far the best value for 3 Elixir, creating a clone that when killed, does 957, almost a 1000 damage to the tower for only 3 Elixir (at tournament levels).

Battle Ram

Battle Ram is interesting because if your opponent tries to pull your Battle Ram with a building, you can clone the Battle Ram and push the clone to the right, making it ignore the building and go for the tower which will do 492 damage at impact (at tournament levels).

Using Clone for Spell Bait

So, you’ve seen how cloned troops can devastate the tower, but now let’s talk about using clone in a spell bait deck.

As I mentioned before, spells can shut down clones but you can use this do your advantage.

For example, if you have a Princess and Minion Horde in your deck but they keep Logging your Princess and Arrowing your Minion Horde, you can play Princess in the back and clone her, giving you Princesses in both lanes and forcing them to use both their spells to take out the Princesses.

You can use the same concept for any spell bait card.

Play Goblin Gang at the back and clone it, giving your opponent two Goblin Gangs on both sides to worry about. For 3 Elixir, you can clone those couple of skeletons at the tower that your opponent ignored for massive chip damage, forcing your opponent to use his spells or AOEs to counter it.

Thank you for reading my first-ever guide on Clash.World, I hope to continue to write articles to help you all!