Royal Giant Skeleton Cycle | New Deck


Hey there! We’re back with a new kind of Royal Giant cycle clash royale deck which uses the new card Electro Spirit. Electro Spirit was released last year and we are now into Season 19 of Clash Royale. It takes some time and now people are finally getting to know the use of the new cards now. So, let’s get started.

Royal Giant Giant Skeleton Cycle Deck

Clash Royale Giant SkeletonClash Royale HunterClash Royale LumberjackClash Royale Flying Zappies

Clash Royale earthquakeClash Royale Barbarian BarrelClash Royale Royal Giantelectrospirit

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Deck Cards

  • Giant Skeleton: A strong card with okayish damage but its bomb which it drops is so solid that it ravages the whole arena and this card will be in the main push of this clash royale deck.
  • Hunter: A very explosive card, though Fireball destroys hunter, he is a beast in close range, with a slow hit speed but his shotgun pellets melt everything.
  • Zappies: They are solid defence as they stun the enemy troops, the building targeting troops do not stand a tad bit of chance in front of them. With Fisherman and Hunter in this deck, it makes it a fireball bait deck too.
  • Royal Giant: It is the main win condition of this deck, ranged giant with excellent firepower he is also beefy which makes him hard for the opponent to counter.
  • Fisherman: You cannot escape the pull of his hook. If placed correctly, he can stop hogs, divert building targeting enemy troops in the other lane with the addition of making them slow.
  • Earthquake: A useful spell for this deck, kills swarms which damage the royal giant, devastate buildings so the royal giant can lock on the enemy tower.
  • Barbarian Barrel: Mainly for distracting troops and clearing swarms, damaging supporting troops which are behind tanks and for the nasty goblin barrel.
  • Electro Spirit: Many decks include electro spirit now, due to its chained electric shock— the ability to kill swarms like skeletons, bats and stun bigger units. It is a supporting card in this clash royale deck for the royal giant push to clear swarms or stun infernos.

Royal Giant cycle deck

Deck Strategy

Start defensively with a Giant Skeleton at the back or cycle to it with Zappies at the back or Hunter at the back, never go for Fisherman, Electro Spirit at the back as the opponent can take advantage of the Fisherman for pulling their troops near your princess tower and with Electro spirit they can activate their king tower.Royal giant cycle

Now as soon as Giant skeleton crosses the bridge, play Royal Giant, their troops will target for the Giant skeleton and then the Royal giant eventually killing them by Giant skeleton’s death bomb, so it disables the opponent for playing anything near Royal giant on the field and hence letting your royal giant connect to their tower.

royal giant cycle 2

Zappies are for pure defence or when they have Inferno dragon/tower, play Zappies at the bridge to stun they’ll always have something that prevents your Zappies to lock on their Inferno, that is what the Electro spirit is for. If they have any offensive/defensive buildings, earthquake them for tower damage and clipping the defend units of your opponent, Electro spirit is for when they have Bats, Goblins, Skeleton army or their Inferno.

While aggressing, use your Fisherman on the river to pull their defending troops on your side and to save the royal also it kills them easily as now your princess tower attacks them too. Remember, the Hunter is the only tank killer you have, so you have to play it wisely mostly with the synergy of the Fisherman when it pulls their tanks, save your Hunter for their Hog riders, Ram riders, Giants, Golems and other tanks. Also, you can kite their troops by your Royal giant to build a push in the other lane, this is a good tactic. 


  1. Miner-Wallbreaker: As a Miner-Wallbreaker player myself, I find it easy to counter Royal Giant cycle decks. But once I choked against a player using this deck, my opponent was constantly cycling to the Royal giant and I once had 2 Royal giants on the map, one on the left and the other on right. So, I would recommend doing that if you face miner-Wallbreaker opponents as you can pull their Knights, Electro spirit their bats snatching the nice DPS they have on the Royal giant and then cycle back to Royal giant and put pressure on the other lane by playing it there.

2. Golem Beatdown: I could not find many weaknesses to this deck is it is currently meta and counters almost everything but you can always choke with this deck against a good Golem player. You need to constantly play Royal giants to apply pressure on them and not allowing them to play their Golem because once they do build a full-fledged Lumber-Night witch push, you are doomed XD. 

That’s all for today and I hope you found this deck helpful to destroy your opponents. Thanks to Shreyas K again for sharing this deck guide with us. Stay tuned for more. Clash On!