Best Battle Ram Deck for Challenge/Tournament – Featuring Bandit


Hey guys Lolman here with another guide. I wanted to share this super solid deck to you guys, I believe this is probably one of the top 5 decks to use in challenges and tournaments.

I actually didn’t really feel like submitting a guide for this but I got a Youtuber to make a video about this deck, he actually responded and made a video on my deck, here check it out.

battle ram

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Best Battle Ram Deck for Challenge

Cards Breakdown

Battle Ram- Main win condition, the goal using this Deck is to get this to connect with the Tower 2-3 times but at the same time you are able to win by chipping down the towers + cycling Poisons but ideally you want to damage it with the Ram itself.

Left alone the Ram can take a Tower, doing 492 damage to the Tower at tournament standard. Spawning 2 Barbarians who do 212 DPS (together).

The Ram is also good on defense, the winning match in a Tournament was won because I used the Battle Ram to tank a Lightning against a Lavaloon Deck which saved my E-Wiz who kept the Balloon at bay and it was what allowed me to win.

Bandit– This Deck is focused on pressuring. Bandit is mainly for that, also to help take down defenses.

She can dash across from river to take down towers and defenses as well as sniper Princesses etc. Utilize her charge because the 2x damage can dictate outcome in many trades.

Paired up with the Battle Ram or Goblin Gang these two are hard to stop, especially If the Barbs eventually start tanking for her.

She does some insane damage and is a card which you can earn value with because 1v1 she can kill a Valk, Knight, Musketeer, E-Wiz etc on defense.

Knight– This card is mainly for defense. Vs E-barbs, Prince etc. If it’s a target that can demolish a Tower he’s what you’ll use.

Bandit cannot unfortunately deal with E-barbs, Princes but the Knight can. The Knight is what you will use to tank for things. Ie- Vs a P.E.K.K.A he tanks 3 hits etc. So this card is mainly only really used for defense.

In the video I did use him on offense so depending on the situation it’s down to your judgement how to use him. I had to pressure opposite lane to split my opponents push or at least make sure that if I lost a Tower I am far ahead in damage on his second Tower.

To read more about the Knight, I strongly recommend you take a look at here!

Goblin Gang– This card is mainly used on offense. It’s a little less viable on defense than Skarmy but great on offense as Log bait etc.

Try not to use Battle Ram + Gob Gang together if you know opponent has Log but it’s a good combo with Bandit as she can dash through the Log and Spear Gobs are bound to get a few spears in.

This card should also be used as a defensive card unless opposite lane or pressure in general is needed and you need a quick push.

E-Wiz– Can be replaced by Ice Wiz but it’ll be hard. Just a defensive card really. Both have their own perks but I like the spawn Zap on E-Wiz.

This is mainly for defense because unlike beatdown this Deck doesn’t struggle vs Inferno Tower. Great vs Lavahound and Graveyard, vs any deck really.

Just try not to give opponent value Fireballs or Lightnings with him and protect him as much as possible as this is sorta your only solid anti-air troop.

Furnace– Like I said before this deck relies on pressure and chipping. You need to win just in case you don’t get Ram to connect. That is by chipping opponents Tower down and getting down some poisons and maybe getting Spear Gobs to connect etc.

So what you want to do is learn where to place the Furnace. If you watch the video keep in mind where I placed it for the Lavahound to drag it to the building.

Vs Hog you want it a tile forward from the initial plant I made, vs RG you want it a tile back etc.

Learn the placements and try not to switch towers that Fire Spirts will go to unless you’re sure you can take the Tower, focus on chipping down a single Tower.

Poison– Ram + Poison is really the main push of the deck, and with no buildings like Kairostime said opponent will find it difficult to stop this.

I love having opponent play E-Wiz into Poison because it gives you such value, E-Wiz is really one of the only non squishy ways to counter the Ram.

Also get Poison placement down as well.

Here though I was wrong, I assumed opponent had a Tombstone because Lavahound has Tombstone so my placement on the Poison was a bit to the right so if opponent places the Tombstone I’d be able to hit it with the Poison.

This card you need to learn how to pre-place and predict. Even now after playing over maybe even 300 games with this Deck I sometimes mis-predict opponents placements and all so be wary when you place this down.

Predicting a Tombstone ((Never comes but you get the idea))

Log– Not much to say about this. The Log is awesome, kills spell bait. Enuff said. #2 legendary in game ((Waiting for all the complaints in the comment section))

predict tombstone

Subs (With pros and cons)

Knight-> Miner.

  • Knight = Better at defense. Chance to get more value. Actually is amazing vs e-barbs. Tanks Sparky. Can defend spammy troops like Goblin Gang. Stands up against Mini P.E.K.K.A and lumber jack, even a Prince and can be overlevelled for ladder use.
  • Miner= Better tank for Ram. Secondary win con because this Deck can turn into Miner Poison if opponent defends Battle Ram well enough. Snipes Princess. 2nd answer to Collector. It’s way worse on defense so you have a more offense oriented Deck.

Goblin Gang-> Skeleton Army.

  • Goblin Gang- Pretty much Skeletons + Archers. Gobs tank for Spear gobs on defense. Not zappable, watch the video and check out that quick Knight + Goblin Gang push on opposite lane, not being zappable means a LOT. Pretty much a more versatile Skeleton Army for offense but doesn’t have the DPS it provides so if used on a tank they will get hits off.
  • Skeleton Army – Zappable and not as viable on offense. Higher DPS.

Furnace -> Inferno Tower.

  • In challenges stick to furnace if tourney standard. This is only if you use this Deck on ladder and your Furnace doesn’t apply pressure by not hitting the enemy Tower.

E-Wiz -> Ice Wizzard

  • E-Wiz- Can get Fireballed on ladder ((Not as tanky)). Not really splask but stun is more useful than Freeze and spawn Zap is AMAZING vs spell bait as well as Sparky or Inferno Dragon. More viable on offence. So balancing it out this is a better card but not so much on ladder.
  • Ice Wizard- Lacks DPS but more HP. Slows by 30% which is constant while E-Wiz only zaps for 0.5 seconds ever ~2 seconds. Less affected by Fireball which is also a negative trade. There really is almost no positive Elixir way to deal with an ice wiz on defense.

General Gameplan

Okay now that I’ve talked about the Deck here’s a bit about the playstyle.

Early game

During the first minute or so you want to ideally start off with a move like Bandit in the back or even a Ram at the bridge.

Feel out the opponents cards, identify what kind of Deck they’re playing. Beatdown? A fellow control player? Some off-meta Deck? Etc.

Don’t predict things on your first push unless you HAVE to get damage like I did with my Ram + Poison vs the Lavahound Deck in the video. (( TL:DW? Well I predicted a Tombstone and poisoned so it covers the Ram from Skarmy, Gob Gang and the Tombstone)).

Depending on match-up just chip away at Tower or try and get as much as possible. The first would be vs control etc the second would be vs beatdown where an early Tower down for you would be ideal because you can sometimes ignore pushes and focus on whittling down opposite lane and maybe even not play into your opponents push.

Middle game

Here is where you amp things up, play the battleram faster.

Initially, it didn’t matter if counter was in hand this is where you keep in mind when your opponent has the Ram counters in cycle, I usually alternate in offensive pushes from Bandit to Ram which occasionally draws out the defensive buildings or counters so my Ram can be used in my next push. This Deck is great at playing mind games with the opponent.

Late game

Around now ideally you need to be either almost with a Tower or a Tower up, this when you have to pressure on.

Vs beatdown don’t play into pushes you ideally need to go opposite lane wait for a window and then strike. This Deck is all about capitalizing your opponents mistakes. Ie- He Logs nothing, strike with a Bandit or Ram + Goblin Gang etc.

If you are a Tower up one nice trick I like to do is placing the Bandit and Goblin Gang in centre. This is a great combo and is almost always guaranteed Tower damage.

Some nifty combos you can try with the center square are, Bandit + Ram, Bandit+ Gob Gang, Ram + Gob Gang, Knight+ Ram, Knight + Gob Gang. You don’t really want Ram tanking for anything but the Goblin Gang.

This Deck is great when you take a Tower down on taking the second Tower but it’s not quite a 3 crown farming Deck.

With the basic game-play out of the way, I’ll try and breakdown some match-ups and ideal way to play vs them.


Lavaloon/ Golem– Vs these two opposite lane pressure is key. You have Poison so the two decks only counters can be answered. Just if they use E-Wiz prioritize poisoning the E-Wiz and don’t play Poison too early on, make sure you get it as well as Tower. Vs Balloon, furnace is great vs is, protect your E-Wiz however. Using a Knight even so the Tower/ furnace/ Knight get hit by Lightning etc. Same vs Golem, try and make the troops that survive Lightning get hit by it but when you see a push being build opposite lane pressure is the way to go. Also, utilise the Bandit charge vs Golem, I like to save my Knight for back-end land troops because Bandit 1v1 without charge isn’t that big of a threat.

Giant beatdowns ((Graveyard as well))- This Deck does well vs both match-ups. Ideally I like to use Knight in the Graveyard to tank and hit he skeles while E-Wiz is safely out of Poison range sniping the skeles. It’s hard not to take damage but try to not use defensive Poison unless it’s your only option, also like any beatdown pressure opposite lane. You have some good counters for possible support troops, this Deck is very defensive despite it being an offence oriented Deck.

Hog– E-Wiz, furnace, Goblin Gang. All 3 are good answers. Initially if they rush with Hog unless you don’t have E-Wiz in hand don’t play a furnace. Take the damage and place E-Wiz down so your furnace can chip. Chipping Tower is much more important, protect furnace. In the video I Poison that Princess in the spell bait because I want the damage and I want opponent to play things into the furnace so I can counterpush as well as get value from it despite me getting a -1 trade vs the Princess. If they defend with an Inferno, I’d Poison it so Fire Spirits will get to Tower and I get Poison chip. Chip damage is very important in case opponent is very good at defending your pushes. So in a nutshell, Hog Rider is a very easy match-up to beat. Just be wary of Hog + gob Barrel and save your Log for it.

Spell bait– GG enough said. Easy win, Furnace pressure and Poison for Princess and Inferno. Bandit can also counter Princess. E-Wiz for Goblin Gang and Log for Goblin Barrel. Try not to change that up.


So I think I covered most of these stuff and give this Deck a try you will LOVE IT.

I can guarantee this Deck will bring you a lot of success and it is one of THE best decks in the game. ((Top 5 I swear)). It counter spell bait, Hog spell bait, siege, 3 muskets, Lavaloon, Golem you name it.

So yeah, best of luck.

Lolman out.