How to use Clash Royale Fireball – Advanced Strategy Guide

Clash Royale Fireball

How to use Clash Royale Fireball – Advanced Strategy Guide

Hey guys it’s Ash again and this will be a quick guide on one of the most important cards in Clash Royale, the Fireball. There are certain Clash Royale cards in this game that I consider to be of the utmost importance and can provide you with incredible value when used properly. The Clash Royale Fireball is a card that costs 4 Elixir Statistics, but properly using it will grant you a value greater than 4 Elixir. And this is how you win Clash Royale battles, by effectively using less Clash Royale Elixir to counter cards or combos of cards that cost greater Elixir…

How to use Clash Royale Fireball - Advanced Strategy Guide
How to use Clash Royale Fireball – Advanced Strategy Guide

A simple example is using your Fireball on 4 Clash Royale Barbarians, since the Barbarians cost 5 Statistics, using your Fireball on them is a winning move because you spent 4 Statistics, meaning you’ll have 1 more Statistics than your opponent. And making these proper Clash Royale plays will allow you to build up more and more Elixir, which you can then use to create powerful combos that your Clash Royale opponent will be unable to react to because of his lack of Elixir compared to your build up of Elixir.

Ultimate Clash Royale Fireball Guide

Fireball Vs. Arrows

Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Arrows

Also, the Fireball is a very important card to have in your Clash Royale deck because otherwise, you will struggle against player who use multiple buildings in their deck. So if your deck does not have the Clash Royale Fireball, Lightning, Rocket, Poison, or the Loon Freeze combo, then you will find yourself struggling against players who use multiple Clash Royale buildings in their deck. This is one of the biggest reasons why I see a lot of people struggling. Instead of using the Fireball, they go with the Clash Royale Arrows card. While the Arrows are a very good card, they will not help against Clash Royale building spammers. So if you don’t have one of those aforementioned cards in your deck, then you may want to go with the Fireball instead of Arrows or maybe even have both in your Clash Royale deck.

Now this Clash Royale guide isn’t about how to use the Fireball to simply win 1 Elixir by dropping it on a pack of Barbarians. No, this is a video on how you can maximize the Clash Royale Fireball to make even greater profit and also understand when to use and how to use it properly. For example, the decks most people hate playing against are decks that incorporate multiple Clash Royale huts or buildings and defenses together, often known as hut spamming or defense spamming. Well guys, in this Clash Royale video I’m going to show you guys that these types of decks are not a  problem if you properly use your Fireball.

Easy Clash Royale Fireball Wins

First, I’m going to quickly show you guys all the one on one scenarios for the Clash Royale Fireball that will grant you a profit, and then we’ll get into more advanced ways of utilizing the Fireball properly.

  • Clash Royale Fireball on Barbarians = 1 Statistics profit
  • Clash Royale Fireball on Minion Horde = 1 Statistics profit
  • Clash Royale Fireball on a Wizard 1 level lower than your Fireball = 1 Statistics profit
  • Clash Royale Fireball on Three Musketeers 1 level lower than your Fireball = 5 Statistics profit

Patience rewards Clash Royale Fireball users

So yea guys, these are the easiest one-on-one scenarios to obtain value with the Clash Royale Fireball. So if you’re Fireballing any other card one-on-one, then you’re not fully taking advantage of the Fireball. The Clash Royale secret of the Fireball is to obtain even greater value. For example, if your Clash Royale opponent sends in Barbarians, then chances are very high that he will also support those Barbarians with something like a ranged attacker. So what you should do is not Fireball onto Clash Royale Barbarians when your opponent has Barbarians coming towards you. What you should do is wait until that last second after your opponent’s Barbarians have made it halfway to your side of the Clash Royale map. Chances are very high that your opponent will send in something behind the Clash Royale Barbarians. So if they send in Clash Royale Wizard behind the Barbarians and you were patient, then you can now Fireball onto both the Barbarians and Wizard at the same time and obtain incredible value.

Not always a good idea to Fireball onto both Clash Royale Arena Tower and Troop

Now what about Fireballing something like the Clash Royale Witch and the Arena Tower at the same time. In my opinion, this is not a good value move because although you are weakening both the Witch and the Clash Royale Arena Tower at the same time, the Witch is still alive and she can still spawn Clash Royale Skeletons. Which means that your opponent can now safely support her with Clash Royale melee troops in front of her. It’s much better to save your Fireball because your Clash Royale opponent will support the Witch anyways, so it’s better to Fireball the Clash Royale Witch and her Skeletons and whatever troops your opponent sends in front of her, all at the same time. This is a much more rewarding move, then to Fireball onto the Witch and Arena Tower at the same time.

Proper placement of Clash Royale Fireball

Now let’s get into more advanced uses of the Fireball, which is to use it on multiple Clash Royale troops or buildings. Remember guys, the Fireball does area damage to everything within its 2.5 tile radius. One very important tip I want to give you guys is that you have to aim for the shadow of the troops when using the Fireball for accurate Clash Royale drops.

Clash Royale Fireball vs Hut Spammers

So let’s talk about whether it’s a good value move to Fireball onto a building and Clash Royale Arena Tower at the same time. This is one of many big reasons why people struggle against players who use multiple Clash Royale buildings. I’m going to tell you guys right now that it’s a bad idea to Fireball in the following manners:

  • Fireball onto a Clash Royale Goblin Hut and Arena Tower is a bad move because the Fireball will only do about 45% damage onto the Goblin Hut. The Goblin Hut costs 5 Clash Royale Statistics, so 45% damage is only about 2 Statistics, while you wasted 4 Statistics.
  • Fireball onto a Clash Royale Barbarian Hut and Arena Tower is a bad move because the Fireball will only do about 30% damage onto the Barbarian Hut. The Barbarian Hut costs 7 Statistics, so 30% is only about 2 Statistics, while you wasted 4 Statistics.

These are main reasons why players struggle against Clash Royale hut spammers. Is because they’re throwing away more Statistics Elixir than the value they’re getting in return. So instead, a rewarding move is to be patient and Fireball onto both the Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut and/or Arena Tower at the same time. This is a rewarding move because for example:

A level 6 Fireball does 520 Clash Royale Area Damage. While a level 6 Barbarian Hut and Goblin Hut together cost 12 Elixir and together are 2880 HP. So 520 damage onto both the Goblin Hut and Barbarian is a total of 1040 damage. 1040/2880 is about 36%. And 36% of the total 12 Elixir cost is equal to about 4.3 Statistics. So what this means is you spent a 4 Clash Royale Statistics card onto both the Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut, to deal a damage value of 4.3 Statistics . So you gained a profit of 0.3 Elixir and 208 damage onto the Clash Royale Arena Tower. This is how you beat hut spammers, by making rewarding moves.

Clash Royale Fireball vs Mortar

The mistake I see a lot of people make is that they Fireball onto Clash Royale Mortar thinking that by weakening the Mortar, they’re lessening its impact. But this is a bad move. The Mortar is a 4 Clash Royale Elixir card, while your Fireball is also 4 Elixir. But Fireball onto a Mortar will only do about 45% damage onto it, which is only about 2 Elixir in value. So you’re actually throwing away 2 Elixir when you throw your Clash Royale Fireball onto a Mortar. Instead, what you want to do is to force your opponent into defending the Mortar and then place your Fireball onto both the Mortar and whatever else your Clash Royale opponent placed to defend the Mortar. For example, if they place their Barbarians to protect their Mortar, then Fireballing onto both the Mortar and Barbarians at the same time is a very rewarding move. Also, most of the times, if you’ve weakened the Mortar, it’s just better to let it deal some damage onto your Clash Royale Arena Tower instead, and save your precious 4 Elixir to make a stronger Clash Royale combo push.

Clash Royale Fireball vs Elixir Collector

Another big mistake I see people making is dropping their Fireball onto the Clash Royale Elixir Collector one on one. If you’re doing that, then you’re actually just giving your opponent the win. The Fireball costs 4 src=”” alt=”Statistics” width=”15″ height=”17″ />, while the Elixir Collector costs 5 Statistics. While the Fireball only does about 40% damage onto the Elixir Collector, which is value of only 2 Statistics. So you basically wasted 2 Clash Royale Elixir by dropping your Fireball onto the Elixir Collector. Now some people might argue that you stopped the Elixir Collector from generating more Clash Royale Elixir, and so you’ll be able to stop their late game rush. But logically speaking, you did the opposite, you just allowed them to form a bigger Elixir lead from you. After the Clash Royale Fireball onto the Elixir Collector, it can still generate 3 Statistics. So by putting yourself behind in Elixir, you’re allowing your Clash Royale opponent form stronger combos to quickly devour you.

So yea guys, when using the Fireball, always look for key opportunities to maximize your value. Instead of just throwing your Fireball onto just a Clash Royale building (which is a bad move), look for opportunities where you can Fireball two buildings or the building and another troop at the same time, or multiple troops at the same time. Such as Fireball on the Clash Royale Elixir Collector and Archers at the same time. Fireball on the Clash Royale Inferno Tower and Musketeer at the same time. Fireball onto the Clash Royale Barbarians and Minion Horde and Spear Goblins all at once, and you pretty just won the game if you play the rest of your cards right.

 M4SON’s Clash Royale Fireball Guide

Hello everyone M4SON back here with another Clash Royale tips and tricks guide on how to properly use Fireballs in conjunction with your hogs to gain the most advantage. Even though this Clash Royale guide mainly focuses on pairing the hog and the fireball, these skills and techniques can also be applied to other decks. Also just a quick disclaimer this may or may not work in lower arenas, because Clash Royale opponents tend to be more random and play less standard.

To start things offs, if you want to begin pushing to Clash Royale legendary arena you are going to have to start developing skills such as predicting card cycle, tracking elixir, analyzing their deck, and overall trying to read how the enemy is playing the Clash Royale game, and how well you are able to adapt to each circumstance differently. Even though this video is on a very simple concept about sending fireballs, the fireballs I send are all based around these skills.

Clash Royale Tips n’ Tricks

  1. Figure out what Clash Royale deck your opponent is using, and declare your fireball target. What card in your opponents deck do you need to fireball? This can range from Clash Royale barbarians, witches, musketeers, wizards, all the way to cannons or elixir collectors.
  2. How do I send my Clash Royale fireball so its gets maximum value? Always try to hit more than 1 Clash Royale unit with your fireball. Whether it is the Clash Royale arena tower and a troop, or a cannon, troop, and arena tower. Always look for prime opportune moments to correctly send in your Clash Royale fireballs.
  3. Send your fireballs in early. I can’t stress this enough. The Clash Royale fireball has a slow travel time, so when you’re able to predict where the enemy might play a unit, that unit will die upon being summoned or take crucial Clash Royale damage and get pushed back. There are a couple cases for sending early fireballs.
    1. The opponent places down a Clash Royale defensive structure i.e) Cannon, elixir colletor, etc send your hog goblins in to attack with a early fireball so you will hit the defensive structure allowing your hog to get distracted less. Additionally most of the time your Clash Royale opponent will spawn something to defend allowing your fireball to gain even more value.
    2. When you know your Clash Royale opponents deck and his playing cycle, i.e You send hog, he sends Barbs. The next time you send  your hog, you know he will send barbs so you send the fireball in early. This Clash Royale pushes the barbs to the side, giving your hog more hits as well as netting huge value from your fireball by hitting the barbs and the arena tower. This works even more if you hit other weaker Clash Royale troops like goblins, spears, minions.
    3. Another playing case is you have hog+goblins+fireball starting hand. Right as the Clash Royale game starts you hit them all of that, and the early prediction can really catch you off guard. You know your fireball will net some value out of the battle because he will definitely play something to defend your Clash Royale attack. The fireball will weaken whatever unit (or kill it) and allow your Clash Royale goblins to finish them off.
    4. The last case is its 2x Clash Royale elixir, and the game is about to end. You have one last hurrah and final Clash Royale attack, you might as well send in everything with it. Because no matter what, you’re going to hit something. But if you don’t you won’t get punished for it.
    5. Don’t be afraid to hit nothing. In most Clash Royale decks now a days a lot of people are playing with two spells. Most notably Clash Royale zap + fireball offers any deck great utility. If you miss your fireball, you will always have zap as backup to take out minion hordes or any Clash Royale swarmy units.
    6. Most of the time you will be rewarded with your patience. If you see a set of barbarians marching down the Clash Royale lane, the enemy will probably back it up with something like a witch or archers or musketeer. So sometimes waiting till the absolute last second will allow you to net a huge Clash Royale elixir advantage.

So I hope you guys found this Clash Royale guide to be very informative and hope it helped as well. Be sure to subscribe to my Clash Royale YouTube channel for more great daily Clash Royale content!