Royal Giant Rocket Deck – Cancerous Deck That Works

rg rọcket

Hey, what’s up yo people! It’s Salty Ladder (RG) FTW with my third guide, and I’m going to show you my awesome ladder-based RG Rocket deck!


Royal Giant Rocket Deck

Clash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale BarbariansClash Royale Minion HordeClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale ArchersClash Royale The LogClash Royale ZapClash Royale Rocket

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This deck has got me from 3200 all the way to 3500+ trophies with 9/7/1 cards! (Except my lvl 2 log and lvl 12 RG.) Ok, I know 300+ trophies may not be much, but seriously, pushing trophies in Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena is VERY hard with underleveled cards.

This deck also got me many wins against level 11s (who have like EXTRA OVERPOWERED CARDS) and it also got me clutch wins.

I don’t really know what archetype (ex. Siege, Beatdown, etc.) his deck is, so let me know in the comments what you think it is.

I will let you guys know if I get to Legendary Arena with this deck. Enough talking, let’s get into the cards!

Cards Breakdown

RGRoyal Giant – The win condition.

I don’t really need to say much about him, I’m pretty sure you guys already know what to do with him. He’s the “No Skill Cancerous Tank”, why do I have to explain?!

I’m just going to give you two tips:

  1. ALWAYS plop him at the bridge. There’s no point if you put him in the back while using this deck, and after all, you are supposed to go aggressive with RG! Duh!
  2. Overlevel him. He’s too weak if he’s level 10 or under. This will result in your other cards being underleveled, but it’s OK. I have RG level 12 and sucky cards, and I still win a lot.

HordeMinion Horde – Now, THIS card is one of the cards that I rarely used before now.

I was against and losing to a lot of Minion Hordes lately, and I was wondering why everyone was using it. And then, when I put it in this RG deck, I finally figured out its true potential…

It’s SOOOO good at offense, and it requires a reaction. It shines on defense too, but I only use these bad boys on defense if the opponent used his Arrows. (Or Zap, if your Minion Horde is underleveled like mine. Mine’s level 9, which can be killed by a level 11 Zap or higher. Uh-oh!)

Minion Horde also makes a spectacular distraction for Inferno Towers. Just make sure you place it in the front center, behind the RG so this successfully happens.

IceWizIce Wizard – This is the support defense for your Minion Horde or Barbarians.

He slows everything down, making life a lot easier. He has the capability to kill a Giant Skeleton, Minion Horde, Baby Dragon, etc. all by himself. He survives a Fireball. He does some nice chip damage to the tower.

Ok, to make things short, he is a great card overall.

BarbsBarbarians – The ultimate defense. My Barbs are level 9, which can be killed by a level 9 Fireball. You won’t see level 9 Fireballs that often, but sometimes you will run into those. You can avoid this by baiting out the Fireball with Minion Horde or Ice Wizard.

Hog Riders have no chance against Barbarians. OK, some of you guys may think countering Hogs with Barbarians is a negative elixir trade, but it’s actually not because Barbarians require a reaction.

For example: the opponent puts a Hog Rider. You put Barbarians to defend him. Success. Then, they go rushing towards the opponent’s tower. The opponent Fireballs them. Hog + Fireball = 8 elixir while Barbarians = 5 elixir. See, you just gained a 3 elixir advantage!

RGs, Giants, Golems, etc. all go down if you defend with Barbs.

For offense, squeeze them in FRONT of your RG for Inferno distraction and any Mini P.E.K.K.A., Elite Barbarians trying to defend the RG will end up being toast.

All in all, Barbarians are awesome and they can even be game-savers. I won MANY games because of them.

ArchersArchers – These feisty hot ladies (they really are!) do the job of killing most air troops. They can even kill a lot of glass cannons such as Mini P.E.K.K.A., Musketeer, Night Witch, etc. for a positive elixir trade. OK, Archers make LOTS of positive elixir trades. If the opponent Fireballs your Archers, it’s a positive elixir trade for you. Same with Lightning, Rocket, and Poison.

Archers make a great starting play. Split them in the back, so the opponent doesn’t know which lane you are going to commit to. This also makes a great starting defense.

Level really doesn’t matter. Whatever level, as long as they aren’t super-low level, they will do the same job as always.



LogThe Log – Another awesome spell that you guys don’t really need an explanation for. Just use it wisely.


RocketRocket – The secondary win condition.

This deck has THREE SPELLS. I think it is necessary because they all have their own purpose for this deck. Rocket does a great job of finishing towers that have 493 health or less; a tower with just a little more health than 493 can be finished off with Rocket + The Log/Zap.

If a group of Rocketable troops such as Musketeer, Wizard, or Witch are all clumped together in one area, Rocket them all for insane value.

If the opponent is playing Elixir Collector, always have your Rocket ready for it. DO NOT fall for the opponent’s baits. For example: If the opponent puts a Musketeer to try to bait your Rocket so he can put his Elixir Collector, DON’T Rocket the Musketeer. Counter here with something else, and then Rocket his Elixir Collector when he puts it down.

I recommend using a Rocket at least level 5. Any Rocket below that won’t even kill a 400 health tower. I have a Rocket level 7, and it works very well even though it is pretty underleveled for Hog Mountain.





General Gameplan

Here are some great starting plays at the beginning of the battle:

  1. Royal Giant at the bridge with Zap/The Log ready
  2. Archers split in the back
  3. Barbarians split in the back
  4. Minion Horde split in the back
  5. Ice Wizard in the back on the lane you want to commit to

Keep being aggressive, but not too aggressive or else you will keep draining elixir. Be sure to defend also, because this deck isn’t too good at making comebacks. Therefore, it is important to take a tower early.

Zap any Skarmys, Skeletons, or Bats (coming soon!) defending your RG. Inferno Towers also go down by just Zapping it if your RG’s level is above the Inferno Tower. This is one of the main reasons why you should overlevel him. My RG is level 12, so only level 10 Inferno Towers and over can survive a Zap and still melt my RG.

Use The Log on Goblin Gangs or Goblins trying to defend your RG.

Putting RG in the pocket after you take one tower is beneficial in many ways:

  1. It scares the opponent and forces him to defend for dear life.
  2. The opponent is most likely not prepared for your incoming RG-in-the-pocket.
  3. Your RG will turn right away and start shooting the tower it’s going for.

In Double Elixir time, you can go SUPER aggressive. Keep putting RG at the bridge with support and have your cheap spells ready. If the score is 2-2 by then (which is very rare), go all in for the opponent’s King Tower and forget about defending your OWN King Tower.

If the tower is within Rocket range, just keep defending until the last ten seconds of the battle, then Rocket the tower FTW.

What I’m saying is, just defend well enough so the opponent can’t take your tower before you kill theirs, and go aggressive on offense. It’s simple!

Deck Matchups

LavaLavaloon: This is one of the most insane matchups you will ever see. If you make the mistake of letting him complete his push, use Rocket and Minion Horde to defend the push. If the opponent Arrows your Minion Horde, Well, too bad then! Use Ice Wizard to at least slow the push down (it probably will be tower down anyway) and go aggressive on the other lane with RG.

Ok, to avoid doing all that, don’t even let the opponent make his complete push. Then you will be fine. Rocket his Elixir Collectors so he won’t build up his push easily, and consistently rush him with RG pushes. Then you will be fine.

HogHog/Miner Control: Use Barbs to defend his Hog/Miner, and Zap or Log any squishy troops that he pairs up with his Hog/Miner. You should be fine against these decks, as long as you don’t screw up the battle.

GolemGiant/Golem/P.E.K.K.A. Beatdown: When the opponent puts his tank, go aggressive on the other lane with RG so you can force him to split up his push.

Once it’s time to defend the tank, you have two tank killers (Barbarians OR Minion Horde) to defend it. They are both vulnerable to Fireball though, so here is the strategy: Depending on what tank the opponent is using, bait out his Fireball by using the tank killer that you think will do WORSE against his tank. For example: a Golem is coming you way. You use Minion Horde to bait his Fireball since it does worse against Golem than Barbarians. He Fireballs. Then you put Barbarians to defend the Golem. Success.

Use Ice Wizard or Archers for support defense.

For supports, use whatever you need to defend it, Rocket if needed

RGRoyal Giant: The battle will be harsh for both players. Probably, whoever has the higher level RG will end up winning the game.


GraveyardGraveyard: Archers. If the opponent uses Poison with the Graveyard, use Ice Wizard and The Log. For the troop that is tanking for the Graveyard, use Minion Horde.

XBowX-Bow/Mortar Siege: Royal Giant, Royal Giant, Royal Giant. Unless the opponent is SUPER DUPER smart, you are going to win 99%.

Three Musketeers: Use Rocket for the two Musketeers and Ice Wizard for the one. If he has Battle Ram to add to his 3M push, use The Log + Archers to deal with it. You only have a 50% chance of winning against these decks, because 3Ms is a very powerful card that has the amazing capability to push on both lanes.


That’s all for my fairly long guide, guys! I hope you can try out this deck, because it has only two legendaries and it’s not that hard to master it. Like I said in the beginning, it is a ladder-based deck, but if you want to train with it in challenges, go ahead!

You will receive a lot of angry emotes from the opponent. 😛

See you guys in my next guide!