Dark Prince or Valkyrie?

“Dark Prince or Valkyrie?” This is not an easy question for lots of players. I have been facing lots of great decks, which could be better If use Valkyrie instead of Dark Prince. That’s why today I am going to give you a detailed comparison about these two at Tournament level.

Dark Prince or Valkyrie

Dark Prince Vs. Valkyrie

At Tournament Level (Valkyrie level 7 and Dark Prince level 4)

CardRarityHPShieldDamage per hitDPS
Dark PrinceEpic931266 HP179119

Both have Medium movement speed and 1.5s attack speed. These are the main reasons lots of players find it hard to choose the better one.

Our Valkyrie has the 360 degrees splash damage, approximately 18% more DPS and 30% more HP. Seems like Valkyrie is the better one, right? Yes she is, but the Dark Prince has his own unique advantages: His shield and the charge ability, which turns his movement speed to fast and doubles his damage.

Both them can take 3 hits from the P.E.K.K.A and Mini P.E.K.K.A and 2 hits from the Sparky. But, the shield gives you a huge advantage while dealing with the Inferno Tower. When the shield breaks, the Inferno will reset its high DPS.

A lone Valkyrie can deal 1266 damage to the unprotected level 9 Crown Tower while the level 4 Dark Prince can deal 1254 damage. The Valkyrie has the special splash damage which helps her deal with defensive troops much more effective.

In most situations, the Valkyrie can live much longer with better damage and better job at dealing with swarms. A level 6 Valkyrie can 1 hit Goblins at level 10 while the level 3 Dark Prince can’t even finish level 9 Goblins. With the help from her special ability, she can easily remove all distractions and protect the pushing troops nearby, faster and better than the Dark Prince.

In the very famous deck, Trifecta, Valkyrie fits the splashing tank role perfectly. Her movement speed doesn’t matter a lot since the Hog Rider can easily push her. While Prince Decks are not really used a lot, Trifecta, Miner Decks, Giant Decks (where Valkyrie can be found) are much more popular at the moment.

Basically the Dark Prince is really the better choice in Prince decks, where he can match the Prince’s movement speed. But, in those decks, Valkyrie is acceptable.

All in all, Valkyrie is better. But it is just my 2 cents. What do you think about this topic? Please share your opinions!

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