Clash Royale Dart Goblin – Best Tips and Strategies

dart goblin

Dart Goblin is still one of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale. Thus, in this guide, we are going to show you its best uses so maybe you can give him a special slot in your deck!

dart goblin

Clash Royale Dart Goblin – Basic Information


  • The Dart Goblin is unlocked from Arena 9 (Jungle Arena).
  • He is a ranged, single target troop with low HP but insane attack speed.
Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Count Transport Type Rarity
3 0.65 sec Very Fast (120) 1 sec 6.5 Air & Ground x1 Ground Troop Rare
Level HP Damage DPS
1 123 53 81
2 135 58 89
3 148 64 98
4 163 70 107
5 179 77 118
6 196 84 129
7 216 93 143
8 237 102 156
9 260 112 172
10 286 123 189
11 314 135 207

Dart Goblin Guide by PeakCell

Clash Royale Dart GoblinWho’s Dart Goblin?

The Dart Goblin is a ranged attacker who deals low damages, but has a nice DPS anyway because he shoots so fast he could cover you with his chewing gums before you even notice his presence.

Why do I love Dart Goblin?

The Dart Goblin is really a lovable card!

I love him because he can either be useless if you don’t know how to use him well, or a game changer if you master him and play him well.

It’s just a matter of skill. And in my opinion Clash Royale should be based on players‘ skill.

This card is all about that and could destroy your opponents by itself, but could also be a lot of wasted elixer.

All is up to you! But also a little to me, since I’ll explain to you how to play him, and what are his synergies.

What’s the problem with this card?

You probably read this guide because you have a hard time placing the Dart Goblin into your deck, or making a deck with him work.

That’s understable buddy!

I know how this card is hard to understand.

His problem is that it’s kinda hard to find great cards to match him with and to ensure he does a great job. But don’t be sad, now I’m here to help ya.

Choose his allies wisely.

The problem of the Dart Goblin is that he does not synergizes with cards, but with temporization.

‘Heh, does it make sense now? If it does not, let me explain!

The Dart Goblin can easily be compared to the Musketeer since they have the same roles. Let me explain the synergy difference there!

The Musketeer attacks every 1.1 second, while the Dart Goblin attacks every 0.65s.

It means that if you prevent the Musketeers from dying during 1 second after her attack, she’ll actually have attacked only once, while the Dart Goblin, if kept alive 1s after his attack, already attacked twice.

Fun fact: The Dart Goblin dealt more DPS than the Musketeer.

It means that a continuous attacker, like the Dart Goblin will be more efficient if you can protect it!

With a Musketeer (or a Mini P.E.K.K.A for example) you can’t be sure your card will deal optimized damages, even if you protect it. With a continuous attacker, your temporization IS rewarded overtime ! It changes things because your tempo cards will have an impact as long as your card does not die instantly.

Cards that synergize with the Dart Goblin

So, based on this concept, the Dart Goblin will synergize with basically the same things as an X-Bow.

Yes. Well, most of them, I mean, because he won’t synergize with the Bowler tho.

Let’s make a list of the best synergies available for the Dart Goblin!

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Ridah!

He helps the Hog by destroying the buildings while staying pretty safe if your opponent doesn’t have a Log, Arrows etc.

If your opponent uses the tRrnado, chances are that they’ll let the Dart Goblin attack the tower freely.

Also, the Hog cycle archetypes synergizes with the Dart Goblin playstyle a lot, because the Dart Goblin is potentially useless if you don’t cycle him.

Clash Royale MinerMiner

Miner deck archetypes synergizes well with the Dart Goblin for the same reason: Cycle and fast playstyle.

Clash Royale KnightLow-Cost Tanky shields

Knight and Ice Golem are great synergies because they are low cost (you can cycle the Dart Goblin faster) and can protect him !

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit

It damages units while giving the Dart Goblin enough time to attack 2 to 3 more times (1.5 second freeze is enormous).

Plus if the Ice Spirit is played far away from the enemy to freeze, it can tank an attack, letting the Dart Goblin attack 3 times more instead of 2)

Clash Royale The LogThe Log: The Log does not only damage ennemies, it also pushes them.

Damages of the Log + damages from the Dart Goblin + many Dart Goblin attacks during the log pushing + attacks during the time the ennemy troop is coming to your Dart Goblin = Massive damages.

Clash Royale FreezeFreeze

Well you shouldn’t Freeze just for the Dart Goblin, but he does quite some damages during the Freeze spell time.

You’d definitely like to freeze an ennemy push when your Dart Goblin is on the field !

Clash Royale TornadoTornado

It does quite some damages, and has an insane temporization potential, so it clearly is a great synergy !

Clash Royale Goblin GangSwarms

They also have a temporizing role because of the number of units they got, so they also have a great synergy with him.

But they’ll also take your opponent’s spells for your Dart Goblin.

Clash Royale Flying ZappiesZappies

They are a temporizing card which also has 3 units and some HPs, so of course they are a great card to synergize with him.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard

Same thing!

He buys a lot of time for your Dart Goblin to act, and also does some damages !

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard

His slow is huge and now even his damages are pretty good, of course it is a nice synergy too!

Clash Royale Dark PrinceDark Prince

The Dark Prince has nice AoE damages, tanking, and single-target damages.

Being helped by the Dart Goblin, he can be a threat!

He’s also pretty fast which is why he’ll synergize better than a Valkyrie with the Dart Goblin.

Clash Royale LumberjackRage/Lumberjack

A faster-attacking Dart Goblin is the key to a fun game. It is, in most cases, not that viable tho.

How to play the Dart Goblin ?

The Dart Goblin is the Middle Earth King.

So, we said, the Darth Goblin is a killing machine when you make the full potential out of his range. Also he’s got some pretty cool featuring gameplays you may want to use.

It includes:

Having the Dart Goblin behind a meatshield

(Just make sure he doesn’t eat it) like the Giant.

The Dart Goblin will be hard to kill without waiting for him to cross the river (= time for your win condition/meatshield or damages to the opponent’s defenses against it) or launching a spell against him (= elixir expenses and your opponent lost his joker so it will be harder to kill your king scientifically).

He is a counterattack card

Of course, if you use him in a push, you’d better use him as a counter attack card since he’s quite fragile.

He can destroy ennemy centered building

while being on your side of the map. So if your opponent uses a Log for example, it will only login your Dart Goblin. It doesn’t seem like it but it is kind of useful to know, since it’s a pretty good advantage.

He really shines when he is placed in the center of the map

and your opponent is trying to split push against you.

He is an insane defensive card against bridge spam decks and also in 2v2 mode 😉

He is the ultimate anti-graveyard card

since he can counter an entire Graveyard, and part of it while sitting behind your king tower.

He lets you :

  • Stay out of damaging spells range for a small time
  • Have a lot of safe space where you can put your other defenses to avoid them being frozen, since your opponent will most likely try to freeze your Dart Goblin.

The Mad Switching Trick

We’ll call it “The Night Switch” because it was OP. Except it still is.

What’s up guys, RohanReigns here and today I’ll be talking about one of the underrated cards in the game, the Dart Goblin. But luckily, Dart Goblin is slowly getting popularity especially in PEKKA decks.

In my opinion, Dart Goblin is a really useful card and can assist you greatly while defending or attacking.

Let’s look at his stats at tournament standard:

HP Damage DPS Hit Speed Speed Range Deploy Time
216 93 143 0.65 sec Very Fast (120) 6.5 1 sec

So here are some of the reasons why Dart Goblin, I think, is a pretty good card:

It is insanely fast!

Take it as a mini-xbow that moves!

It has amazing attack speed and very fast movement speed which makes it a usable card to slowly demolish mini-tanks like Knight and Valkyrie.

Dart Goblin synergizes very well with Ice Spirit and can kill glass canons like Musketeer and Ewiz safely. Also it can counter Skeleton Army and even Goblin Gang. Use it behind a tank while attacking and watch your opponent panic if he doesn’t have proper counters in hand.

It has got incredible range!

Slightly lesser range than Princess, Dart Goblin is excellent at defending as it can attack the units safely, without getting targeted.

He can’t be zapped but can be logged and arrowed. So it’s always better to place him down in front of King’s Tower while defending. This increases the chances of your opponents misplacing the spell and activating the King’s Tower as a result. Though this may happen rarely, placing him there is never a bad idea.

You can even place him far behind your Arena Tower where it can’t be logged.

That being said, Dart Goblin is a very good card as a defensive support.

It forces your opponent to react.

Although Dart Goblin do very little damage to the arena towers, he is a very good starting hand. Use him directly at the bridge and he will have already hit some few shots and died before your opponent could place his knight or any other card.

It’s more better to use him when you think your opponent is low in elixir, especially with a cheap tank like Ice Golem. This forces your opponent to use some elixir to defend and sometimes can make your opponent overcommit.

He is a cheap chip master!

Especially when he is leveled up. He does decent chip damage per deployment which may be sometimes crucial for winning. When paired with Miner, he is more than a chip card, he can wreck down a tower!

He is a spell-bait expert!

He perfectly fits in a spell-bait deck to bait your opponent’s log or arrows.

One easier way to bait their spell is by placing him behind a cheap tank like a Knight or a Ice Golem. It retargets units really quickly and switch from attacking a unit to the Tower instantly just like X-Bow.

So, most of the times, your opponent will use his spell to counter him because of how annoying he is!

Here is an example of a spell-bait deck with DG: Knight, Princess, Inferno Tower, Dart Goblin, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Gang, Rocket. (Wait, only 7 Cards here RohanReigns!!)

So guys, these were some of the specialities which makes Dart Goblin a usable card, especially in the current meta, where Graveyard and Night Witches are abundant.

Synergies with Dart Goblin:

Here are some useful and popular synergies with Dart Goblin:

Miner + Dart Goblin:

If your opponent decides to ignore the Dart Goblin even for some seconds, he will already have dealt some good damage on the tower.

Use this combo when you have generated some PEA(Positive Elixir Advantage ) and your opponent is low on elixir.

Any Tank + Dart Goblin:

While defending, knight+DG works well and so does Ice Golem+DG. PEKKA Dart Goblin deck is quite popular these days as that deck contains PEKKA, Battle Ram and Baby Dragon, which can tank for Dart Goblin while he whittles down hitpoints.

Hog + Dart Goblin:

Usually when your opponent counters your hog with an Inferno Tower, Hog+DG can help take that Inferno down quickly and this allows your hog to do some hits on their tower.

And if your opponent places down a troop like Musketeer or a Wizard to counter your hog, your Dart Goblin can take that unit down or can severly damage it.

Sometimes your opponent may place down a Inferno Tower early. In that case you can use your Dart Goblin to safely snipe that Inferno Tower from across the river.


Honestly I love this card since it was released and I like to use him in my decks, especially in spell-bait Miner decks. He is really a good card in my opinion and is super annoying too! Here’s the end of this post. If I’ve missed anything, include it in the comment section below!

Peace out! Clash on!

Yarn’s Section

(A bit obsolete)

The Dart Goblin has one fastest load-times In Clash Royale, meaning he can lock onto a new target very fast. When left alone, he can deal 400 damage to the Arena Tower. When at 1-shot HP, he still can do 200 damage (2 hits) to the Arena Tower If left alone.

Dart Goblin has an insane attack range, which is just a bit shorter than the Princess, 6.5 tiles, which is similar to the Royal Giant. He can outrange most Towers in Clash Royale, including the Inferno Tower.

At Tournament Standards, he has exact same HP as the Princess. He doesn’t die to Zap but Arrows and The Log.

On defense, with the help of the Arena Tower and his insane attack speed, he can easily deal with these cards: Mega Minion, Skeleton Army, Balloon, Knight, Valkyrie, Musketeer, Fire Spirits, Ice Wizard, Minions, Bomber, Guards, Witch, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, Wizard, Electro Wizard, Sparky.

He is also excellent against Graveyard. If your opponent uses Ice Golem to soak damage for the Graveyard, use your Ice Golem too to distract all of the Skeletons while your Dart Goblin is picking them up one by one.

clash royale dart goblin 2

Dart Goblin + Ice Golem is going to be one of the best combos to deal with Elite Barbarians. Use Ice Golem to kite Elite Barbarians to the opposite lane while your Dart Goblin is hitting them hardly in front of the King’s Tower. If your opponent sends in a huge Elite Barbarians push, you should take a look at this guide for more details!

Dart Goblin is so good in chip cycle deck. Ice Spirit + Dart Goblin can easily deal 1000 damage to the Tower. This is so devastating combo so you will need to react asap If you get attacked by it. However, this combo is very easy to counter.

Ice Spirit is the best counter to Dart Goblin. He tanks 2 hits from the Dart Goblin and freezes it for 1.5s.

Since Dart Goblin can 1 hit Fire Spirit, he is also a great Furnace killer. If your opponent places the Furnace in a bad spot, your Dart Goblin can easily take it out from your side.

Thus, consider place your defensive building 5 tiles from the river.

If your opponent places his defensive Tower 4 tiles from the river, place your Dart Goblin like the gif below so It won’t get hit by the Tower:

However, you will want to place your Dart Goblin like this to bypass the Tesla and hit the Tower:

Tombstone is probably going to vanish from the meta since Dart Goblin + Ice Golem is enough to deal with tons of popular pushes.

All of the information Clash.World used in this article was shared by Yarn from OJ. You should watch the video below for more details:

What do you think about the Dart Goblin guys?

Will you give him a special slot in your deck?