Extra Deck Slots and New Friends List (June Big Update)

more deck slots clash royale

Today Supercell has revealed the first sneak peek of the huge Clash Royale June Update.

First off, we are going to have more deck slots and a better friends list!

more deck slots clash royale

More Deck Slots! New Friends List!

We were asking for the extra deck slots a ton of times and finally Supercell have made a response!

Extra Deck Slots: A Game-Changer for Strategy

One of the most significant updates coming in the June Big Update is the introduction of extra deck slots. Currently, players are limited to three decks, which they must carefully curate to adapt to various opponents and game modes. With the addition of extra deck slots, players will now have the flexibility to create and save multiple decks, each tailored to specific strategies or playstyles.

This newfound versatility opens up a wealth of strategic possibilities. Players can experiment with different deck compositions without the need to constantly dismantle and rebuild existing decks. Whether fine-tuning a deck for a particular game mode or devising specialized strategies to counter specific opponents, the extra deck slots empower players to adapt dynamically to ever-changing battlefield conditions.

Moreover, the introduction of extra deck slots is expected to foster creativity within the Clash Royale community. Players can freely explore new card combinations and experiment with unconventional strategies, enriching the gameplay experience for both casual and competitive players alike.

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Revamped Friends List: Forge Stronger Bonds

In addition to extra deck slots, the June Big Update brings a revamped friends list system designed to foster stronger connections among players. The updated friends list will feature enhanced social functionality, making it easier than ever for players to connect, communicate, and collaborate with friends within the Clash Royale community.

Among the key features of the revamped friends list is the ability to see friends’ online status and activity in real-time. This enables players to coordinate gameplay sessions more effectively, whether teaming up for 2v2 battles or joining forces in clan wars. Furthermore, players will have the option to send direct messages to friends, facilitating communication and strategy planning outside of matches.

The revamped friends list also introduces new social features aimed at promoting camaraderie and friendly competition. Players can engage in friendly duels with friends directly from the friends list interface, allowing for casual matches without the pressure of ladder rankings. Additionally, the update will introduce new social challenges and achievements, encouraging players to collaborate with friends to unlock exclusive rewards and recognition.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future for Clash Royale

With the June Big Update on the horizon, Clash Royale fans have plenty to look forward to. The introduction of extra deck slots and the revamped friends list system represent significant strides toward enhancing strategic depth and fostering community engagement within the game.

Players will have 2 more deck slots at level 8, meaning we are going to have 5 deck slots in total. This is such a insanely good news for hardcore players, who usually need to change decks.

Also, we are going to have another quality of life improvement!

You now can add friends to your friends list by:

  • Using LINE (Yay to Japanese friends!).
  • Inviting them via a link through any messaging app such as Email, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Skype etc.
  • Another awesome change is that you now can invite any one to your Clan sending the invite link. If they are already in Clans, they will be asked to leave the Clan first. Recruiting members is a lot easier now!

invite to clan


  • Players at all levels can join Clans now. Which means even level 1 player can join a Clan immediately.
  • You can copy the deck in any replay (Clan Chat, TV Royale etc) directly.


In Galadon’s video, he has 78/78 cards. 4 new cards confirmed!

4 new cards leaked

Thanks OJ for the super informative video (as always!).

Let me know your thoughts about the first sneak peek guys!