Clan Wars II Guide, Decks & Tips

clash royale clan wars 2

Hey guys! Today, I will be providing you with the best tips for building decks and to succeed in the new Clash Royale Clan Wars II system!

clash royale clan wars 2

I will be discussing the following:

Before we start, I know that the Clan Wars II is unfair to F2P players right now. But I believe that Supercell will definitely improve the matchmaking algorithm as well as making it more F2P friendly in future updates.

However this update will also take a while, so till then, these tips will definitely improve your chances of succeeding in the game!

Now, with all that being said, let’s get started!

How to build decks for Clan Wars II?

Unlike Clan Wars I, Clan Wars II require 4 decks, where each deck is unique.

That means in order to succeed, you must have 32 max cards! As a F2P player, it’s not possible to have 32 max cards.

So how can you build 4 viable decks?

The first step, make up a skeletal deck, not a deck with skeletons, but the basic structure for each of them.

For this, we’ll ignore the fact that you need 32 unique cards, and take care of it later on.

Let’s go through the decks one by one.

Note: I won’t be explaining how to create a good deck in the general sense, but how to modify and craft decks which are already good, so that perform well within the constraints of Clan War II.

Deck 1:

Deck 1 should be your ladder deck.

It’s most likely to be your highest level deck as well as the deck you are most experienced with, so it makes sense to make this one your primary deck.

As simple as that.

Deck 2 & 3:

These 2 decks are taken together as they are going to be a bit similar to each other, as in they both will be your secondary decks.

  1. Choose a win-condition and deck archetype. You need to take into consideration the level of the win-condition as well as your skill of playing decks of that particular archetype. Also, it’s a good idea to choose different archetypes and dissimilar win-conditions.
  2. Create a deck that works well with the win condition. You can also choose the best decks that have a good reputation. Keep in mind that these decks don’t become too similar to each other.

Deck 4

Reserve the 4th deck for Boat Battles.

The reasoning behind is that the first three decks will focus on PvP battles and will need higher-level cards, as they are harder than the PvE battles and you can win with lower-level cards.

This deck can also double as a deck for PvP battles (if you have many high level cards), but saving it for PvE makes it so that you have 1 Great deck, 2 Good decks, and 1 Bad deck instead of 1 Great deck and 3 Mediocre decks.

The most important thing is that you should remember that Boat Battles are PvE and not PvP!

So some rules about building decks will be thrown out of the window!

Take the following points into consideration:

  1. The cards spawn in a fixed order where the 1st card is spawned, followed by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and the cycle repeats again. Thus it is extremely predictable. Also, cards always spawn in the same position so be aware of that and use it to your advantage.
  2. The towers only spawn cards when you damage them, so target one tower at a time. Also, you get +60 seconds after destroying the first tower, so take it down as quickly as possible.
  3. The time is less than normal battles. Thus, unlike usual decks, make these decks more offensive than defensive. Beatdown decks really shine in this mode.
  4. Spells and building are rarely seen in Boat defenses, so add Swarm units as well as building targeting units. Use swarms after you take down the swarm killer present in the both defense.

If you are against reserving a deck for Boat Battles, treat it similar to Deck 2 & 3 above.

Example Clash Royale Clan Wars II Decks

  • My Deck 1 is my ladder deck, which is a Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Battle Ram P.E.K.K.A. Battle Ram Bridge Spam deck.
  • My Deck 2 is a Clash Royale MortarClash Royale Miner Mortar Miner Zap Bait deck.
  • Deck 3 is a Clash Royale Graveyard Graveyard Freeze deck
  • Deck 4 is a Clash Royale Giant Giant Beatdown deck.

As you can see, each deck is very different from the others.

Choosing decks like these give you a lot of wiggle-room while modifying them to fit them within the Clan Wars II constraints.

Also, it is a good idea to choose cards/decks which have different counters as it will give your decks more variety and not easy to defeat.

Modifying decks

Once, you have decided which decks you want to use, it’s time to modify them.

What do I mean my modifying decks?

In simple terms, we will be switching cards with other cards that are close in function to them.

The reason behind this is if you have the same card in two decks, you change it in one of the decks, or if the card is lower in level (and you are short on gold/ have other cards more deserving of the upgrade) but its replacement is at a higher level (or can be upgraded it too).

An example of this is Electro Wizard and Musketeer.

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Musketeer

They have similar roles in most decks, but eWiz is more geared towards being a utility card with its stun while Musk is more geared towards dealing damage.

Use eWiz when you require the stun (like P.E.K.K.A. decks) while Musk when you need a more damaging support card (like Giant decks).

Choose which spells are better suited for each deck.

Expanding on the above example, Zap would work well with the Musk while The Log would work well with the eWiz, instead of the other way around.

Finally, take into consideration the synergy of all cards.

As an example, in a Fireball bait deck, if you need to use a Splash card, Skeleton Dragons would work better than Baby Dragon, freeing the Baby Dragon to be used in another deck.

Note: In most cases you should not modify Deck 1. But sometimes, you might need to modify Deck 1 in order to increase the average card level of the other decks.

Which is the best mode for winning more battles in Clan Wars II?

In Clan Wars II, the best mode for winning battles is by far the Duel, a.k.a Bo3 (Best of 3) mode.

This mode requires more skill than the standard 1v1 battles, but it is in fact more fair to F2P players than 1v1.

duel match clan wars 2 clash royale
New Bo3 mode

When you get matched up in a Duel, there is a good chance that the opponent, like you also has only 1 Great deck (with max cards) and 2/3 Good decks (with lower cards). This means that you have a more equal and fair chance of defeating them.

On the other hand in 1v1 battles, you can be matched up against a player with a max deck while you are running your non-max deck making it an unfair matchup.

The only time you want to be playing 1v1 battles is if you have 4 max decks (giving you a fair matchup) or you win the Duel 2-0 and other Clan Boats have an active shield.

Now that we have established that Duel is the best mode for winning and earning more fame in Clan Wars II, let’s see how we can increase your chance of winning the Duel.

How to succeed in the new Duel Mode?

Clan Wars II introduced the Duel mode, which unlike any other mode, is Best of 3 (Bo3).

This makes it the best way to find the better player among two in the game, and as established above, is in fact the best way to earn fame for your clan in Clan Wars II.

I will be talking about how you can maximize your chances of winning a Duel. Let’s break it down battle by battle.

Battle 1:

The first battle is the most important battle of the duel!

The results of this battle determine which player will be in control for the rest of the match.

It also has a major effect on your state of mind during the next two matches, because if you lose, you will be under a lot of pressure to win two consecutive matches, while if you win you will be playing more calmly as you know you have one more chance left.

Always start off with Deck 1 aka the ladder deck. There’s a high chance your opponent will also use their best deck (especially since they might be also reading this :p), and you need to be prepared with your best deck.

Play this battle as safely as possible, making sure that the opponent doesn’t gain an advantage and look for opportunities to seal your win.

Battle 2:

Once you are done with battle 1, you should have a vague idea about your opponent’s play style and tendencies.

Use these to your advantage!

Depending on the result of the last battle, you may be in a stressed position.

Try and calm yourself down (remember that it is just a silly game after all, and you are playing it to have fun).

Choosing the right deck is important for this battle.

Go with a deck which is quite different from the previous deck as the opponent will have to adjust themselves for this deck.

If possible, go for a deck whose counters were present in the opponent’s previous deck.

For example, if the opponent has already used Poison in their first deck, going with a Graveyard deck is a pretty good bet.

Battle 3:

I hope that y’all don’t have to reach this stage, but you do have to prepare for it.

This might be your easiest battle or your hardest battle.

At this point, ideally you should have a good idea about the opponent’s playstyle, and since you already know what cards he has used, you have the ability choose a good deck.

But this is true for the opponent as well.

This battle will be based on a combination of luck, skill and your ability to adapt. The best tip I can give you is play smart and safe, try to stay cool and play the best Clash you have ever played in your life XD.

That’s it folks! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this guide, found it helpful and have success and most importantly, fun while playing Clash Royale Clan Wars II!


Blaze Stone.

Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Basic Information

Guide by Krux

It has been four years of Clash Royale now. There are people who have been playing this game from the start and still grinding every day.

A bit more than one and half years ago, Clan Wars started in Clash Royale.

Clans have grown well in this time and Clan Wars are a good feature. Clashers were waiting for something new to come in the game. It was really needed too to spice things up. So here we are, friends.

The big update is scheduled next week—Clash Royale Clan Wars 2.


This is the most anticipated updates of this year in Clash Royale, or call it the last two years.

Clan Wars 2 completely revamps how clans compete against each other in the game. It will replace the existing Clan Wars. A new experience for the players awaits.

Let’s dive in and see what Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 is all about!


  • Whenever you will join a clan now, you will be one of the crew members on the Clan Boat.
  • Each clan will have a clan boat and the members will be on the boat most of the time.
  • Your clan boat will be sailing down the river along with other clan boats in the River Race.
  • There will be different River tasks that you can complete along the journey down the river. These tasks will earn you Fame and rewards for yourself and your clan.

download 2

River Tasks

There are four types of River Tasks that you can complete.

Completion of the river tasks will gain your clan Fame along with pushing your clan boat further down the river.

The four distinct river tasks are One-versus-one battles, Duels, Boat Battles, and Boatyard.

Let’s take a look at these, one by one.

One-versus-one battles

These are the normal battles that we play on the ladder. You will play against other players. The winner collects Fame for their clan boat.


This will be a new game mode in Clash Royale. Players will play against each other in a best-of-three mode.

The one with two wins will win the Duel and earn the rewards.

You will get a chance to choose your deck before each battle in the Duel.

download 3

Boat Battles

This is another new model in Clash Royale.

This is also a first experience for the Clashers as it introduces Player vs Environment gameplay in the game for the first time. In this, players can attack other clan boats in the River Race.

The clan boats will have a cannon as the defence which shoots elixir balls from the elixir tank beneath it.

You have to successfully take out all the defences to wreck the clan boat. This will slow down the attacked clan boat’s progress in the race and they need to repair it.

Same for you, if your clan boat got attacked, your clan will have to repair it to keep going.

download 4


The boatyard has to be used by clans with damaged boats.

Boats get wrecked after an attack by another clan boat’s crew and need repair.

You and your clanmates can repair your clan boat by completing tasks.

download 5

What is Fame?

In Clash War II, You can earn fame for your clan by completing the river tasks. The more fame you gain, the more you advance in the river race.

Losing a task will also give your clan fame, but it will be significantly lower than what you get when you win it.

After gaining a certain amount of fame, you complete the river race in Clash Royale Clan Wars 2.

War Gate

Your clan boat will reach the War Gate after the river race is completed. The clan to reach the War gate first will win the race and will get the best chest with the best rewards.

The chests will be floating on a wooden slate at the War Gate.

clan wars 2 colosseum

Clan War Leagues

Each war season will consist of several river races.

At the end of the journey, the clan boats will reach the Clan War Colosseum.

The colosseum is a huge arena packed with spectators from the Clash Royale world. This is the place where the Clan War Leagues will take place.

Huge rewards await the clans in the Clan Wars 2 colosseum.

clan war decks

Clan Wars 2 Decks

No Collection Day! No War Day! You will be using your own decks in Clan Wars 2.

The decks will use your own card levels. Now this has been done to avoid forcing players into cards they don’t play but also everyone doesn’t have many cards levelled up.

You will be making four war decks from your cards in Clan Wars 2. And one deck can be used only once in a day.

After using a deck, the deck will be gone into cooldown and you will be able to use it the next day.

This method makes it clear that you would require 32 unique cards to make the four decks.

This also justifies the in-game challenges which made us practice the different type of deck archetypes.

It’s a different story that the stubborn clashers played Hog cycle in those also.


The Trader

The trader is a familiar face in Clash of Clans.

He will be coming to the Clash Royale world or say we will be passing by the Clash of Clan islands in our boats.

The latter is more accurate in my opinion. You will meet the trader on the riverbank. He will offer you to exchange your cards.

You can use your trade tokens to exchange your cards with the brown businessman.

Hey Clashers! It’s Krux here, back again with some fresh breeze and another write-up on Clash Royale. We are continuing on the Clan Wars 2 topic in this article as there are some things that really needed to be talked about. Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 is the most awaited update in the game right now and also for more than a year as we saw nothing but only changing seasons. So it is obvious that the Clash Royale community is waiting for this new update anxiously.

We covered in the last article everything that one needs to know about Clan Wars 2 to start battling in the game when the update drops. But still, there are questions and doubts that people want to be solved. There were many questions in the comments. So here are the Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 FAQs to make your life easier. Let’s start!

CW2 faqs

Clan Wars 2 FAQs

by Krux

What is Clan Wars 2?

Clan Wars 2 completely reconstructs how clans compete against each other in the game. It will replace the existing Clan Wars. The old Clan Wars will be overhauled and new game modes will be introduced with new reward mechanism and other stuff.

When is the update coming to Clash Royale?

Clan Wars 2 is dropping on August 31 in the game. Be ready with your phones and wi-fi to update the app and see what is it all about.

What is in Clan Wars 2? Tell me more.

Ok, this question is tricky. Clan Wars 2 has a lot of new things included in it and it can’t be explained in two sentences. To get a clear idea what it is read the Clan Wars 2 Full Information section above!

How does the matchmaking work?

Each clan will have a clan boat in the new Clan Wars 2. And your clan will be matched with 4 other clans in a River Race. You and your clanmates will have to complete different River Tasks to get the lead in the race. You will be matched with clans which are in your league only. If your clan is in Gold II, then the other 4 clans will be Gold II only.
Then, the question arises what if there are 6,000 trophy semi-pros in a bronze league clan? That can happen but then that clan will win the River tasks and it won’t be in Bronze after the next two races. This way, they will go ahead.

How many tasks are there? Which can I complete?

There are four types of River Tasks in Clan Wars 2. And all the boat crew can do all the tasks. You can do any task as per your choice. They are 1v1, Duels, Boat battles, and Boatyard. All the tasks will require unique decks, and one deck can’t be used again on the day. You can use the decks again after the cooldown ends, i.e, the next day.

How many players in a River Race in Clan Wars 2?

There is no cap in the participation in Clan Wars 2 and all your clan members can play if they are eligible (King Tower 6, yes it has been reduced from 8). This is the same as the old Clan Wars where anyone could take part too. So an active clan will get an advantage over clans with only 20 out of 50 people playing daily.

What do we get from these tasks? Gems, gold?

You will earn your clan Fame upon completing the River Tasks. This is new in Clan Wars 2. Fame will push your boat further in the River Race. After the race ends, you will get a Clan Chest.

Ok, I got Clan Wars 2. But what about my Clan Wars stats? We played so hard to make our clan legendary!

Relax, your Clan War stats are not going anywhere. They will be on your profile. You can still show-off that you collected 142000 cards in OG Clan Wars but that number won’t increase. Also, the clan trophies will be there. It will get a reset and drop to one step lower in the league when Clan Wars 2 start, but not gone.

So No War day? What about War Deck?

There is no War deck. You can play with your four decks in the River Tasks. No collection day either. Your own cards will be used for Clan Wars 2. That means your own card levels will be there and using a level 7 Electro Dragon will cost you a win. This feature of Clan Wars 2 has mixed reviews as people are calling it Pay to win. But it also removes the burden of playing a forced deck in Clan Wars. You can practice your four decks and get better. While it is also true that we don’t have 32 maxed out cards and this is probably a bit Pay to win strategy.

Clan Wars 2 Decks

What else is coming with Clan Wars 2?

There are many other changes coming to Clash Royale in near time. The quests and daily gifts are getting removed, instead, there will be one daily gift. The rewards will be increased. The show will be changed. Also, there will be a new Videos tab beside the News tab, so you can watch CR videos right from the game.


So this was all about Clash Royale Clan Wars 2. I hope you understood all the features and game modes that are being introduced with this big Clan Wars 2 update.

Let’s see what fancy features it brings. Till then, stay tuned with Clash.World for more articles and guides. Clash On!